196 Podcast Answer Man – Outgrowing Shared Hosting And More

by Cliff Ravenscraft on February 10, 2011

In this episode, I shared the following:

Walter called in to share some of his thoughts on he Edirol R-09 Recorder. He does like that you can’t keep the usb cable plugged in at all times. Other than that, he loves the recorder. I share how I transfer my recordings to my show.

Dustin called in to share that he, also, recently purchased an Edriol R-09 Recorder. He hadn’t really thought this would be something that he would be interested in. However, after loosing an interview last week by recording into the computer, he decided to follow my advice of recording into a digital audio recorder instead.

Butch called and asked about .mp3 media hosting with Libsyn.com. He wanted to know what happens if you decide to stop paying for their monthly service.

Steve called in and asked if I had any advice for him to reduce the wet mouth sound that his headset mic picks up.

Ray is thinking about adding Q & A to his podcast and wanted to get my thoughts on services for collecting voice mail. I mentioned my post at http://PodcastAnswerMan.com/voicemail.

Santos called in to say that he, also, recently purchased an Edirol R-09 Recorder and he absolutely loves it. He also mentioned that he recently had an issue on his website where it said that there was a database error or that his server was unavailable. I got so excited about sharing my story about hosting that I forgot to answer his question about what to do with those WordPress Database Backups.

Santos, first and foremost, your hosting provider should have backups of your data and “should” be able to restore your site if things go terribly wrong. In a worst case scenario, if you have your database backup, you’d be able to reinstall WordPress and use that backup file to restore all your archived posts and settings back to where they were at during the last backup. Your hosting provider could help walk you through that restore process if you need it. In all my years of working with WordPress, I’ve had a ton of issues with hosting providers. However, I’ve never had to restore my site from any of the backups that I personally had.

One other thing to add. Backup up your database does not back up any theme files or photos that you’ve uploaded to your account to put into blog posts. I would also recommend going into your hosting account via FTP and backing up your entire WordPress directory about once a month or more often if you desire. I hope that you’ll never have to use it.

Now, if you are running into issues where your site is down from time to time, certainly, contact your hosting company’s support department. In this episode, I share how my own business had outgrown the use of “shared hosting” and that I made the switch to a VPS server with ServInt Hosting.

I don’t think I mentioned it in the episode, but I’m having a major sale on my digital products until Wednesday, March 23rd. CLICK HERE FOR DETAILS

PODCAST CONSULTING: I’m available for one on one podcast consulting and coaching. Whether you want someone to get everything set up for you or you just need a little help along the way, I’d love to work with you. I’m able to demonstrate using screen sharing technology during our call which makes it just like I was there sitting next to you at the computer. If you are interested, email me at [email protected] or call me at 859-757-1399.

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  • Overthinkingmompodcast

    Hi Cliff, just listened to your recent episode and your server issues. I want to say that although bluehost is okay, I had the exact same problems with them AND MY SITE IS SMALL. I know it was always down and slow because of my web host and not because of only using shared servers. I recently switched to a more expensive shared server company and it has been great so far (but maybe I’m still in the web host honeymoon phase). I’m not yet at a place where I make any money from my show and website, so shared is fine for me, but it is about picking a company that doesn’t oversell its servers. Glad to hear you have worked things out!

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for airing another question! Just a bit of clarification, my thought was not so much an offline backup of episodes from a personal standpoint, but more of an ‘available content’ standpoint. I do get the MP3 hosting versus domain hosting difference too. If for instance, I have some important content. Maybe an interview with a former or current President and I have a copy on my hard drive, on Libsyn, or even backed up in the cloud somewhere, but I then either fall on hard times or worse, merely pass away. The content would potentially only be available for as long as my bill is paid up, or it may reside on various portable devices and local hard drives of others who download it. I just thought that it should maybe be somewhere else. Similar to the way YouTube videos are just ‘out there’ for public consumption, but more like a public archived media site? Speaking of YouTube, I like your way of thinking as far as putting additional content on YouTube, but I’ve found that YouTube is blocked by many companies and even though I’d still upload content there, if I wanted to embed a video into a site I might use something that may be off the beaten path and that may not be blocked. Something that you might want to check on yourself is Viddler. The last time I checked (and uploaded content there) even though there is a size limitation, there was no length limitation. I’ve uploaded a 92 minute movie there (original content of course). Anyway, thanks again!

  • Jeff


    I’m a regular listener (Podcast Answer Man and your other podcasts), usually while I’m on a treadmill each morning for about an hour. I want to thank you for your excellent programs and the outstanding advice you provide in each episode. Your approach, quality of presentation, and facility with the many facets involved in podcasting, social media, Mac and iOS, etc., are all exceptional. I look forward to and benefit from the quality content you provide in each and every episode. Have a great cruise and we’ll see you on the other side!

  • I’m glad that you also found a hosting solution that is working for you. I hope it continues to go well for you for a very long time. Thanks for the feedback.

  • Thanks for the clarification. In Episode 197, Mark Tafoya called and said he stopped paying Libsyn more than a year ago and his content is still serving from their servers. Though, it’s not something that I would count on.

  • Jeff, thank you so much for the encouraging feedback. I really appreciate it!

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