235 Podcast Answer Man – Proven Strategies For Generating Serious Income From Your Podcasting Efforts – My BlogWorld LA 2011 Session

by Cliff Ravenscraft on November 12, 2011

My BlogWorld LA 2011 Talk
I am so excited to share my BlogWorld LA 2011 talk with you here in this episode of Podcast Answer Man. The talk was titled “Forget CPM! Proven Strategies For Generating Serious Income From Your Podcasting Efforts.” The audio of this is included in the podcast feed. However, I’m also embedding the video of my talk below.

I hope that the biggest takeaway, from my talk, will be the formula for success that I focus on within the first 20 minutes of my talk. It is my belief that if you do not have the solid foundation that I share in this formula, you will not be able to duplicate the success I have found.

Furthermore, if you follow the formula of success that I provide, I believe you will find that you don’t want to simply try to duplicate the streams of income that I have pursued, but you’ll become very creative in coming up with your own ideas for generating income in the process.

Here’s the video:

PODCAST CONSULTING: I’m available for one on one podcast consulting and coaching. Whether you want someone to get everything set up for you or you just need a little help along the way, I’d love to work with you. I’m able to work with you using screen sharing technology during our call which makes it just like I was there sitting next to you at the computer. If you are interested, email me at [email protected].

PODCAST VIDEO TUTORIALS: I also have a growing list of video tutorials that I have created based up on the the top things my clients have hired me to help them with. See the full list of tutorials by clicking here.

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  • Ian


    I’ve listened to quite a lot of your Podcast Answer Man episodes and this one is by far my favorite. You were clearly in your element speaking to these people, very confident and comfortable sounding, and you kept the topics moving in a timely manner, very easy and entertaining to listen to! Lots of people have already told you this I’m sure, but it was so easy to tell that you really care about this stuff and that adds so much to the presentation. Well done! 


  • Ian, thank you so much for this valuable feedback. You’re right, many people have told me this. However, I never tire of hearing it, because when I put my nose back to the grind, I sometimes lose sight of just how much I enjoy this type of thing (speaking) and how much of an impact it has on folks. Thank you for taking the time to share!

  • Cliff, I’ll piggyback on Ian here… I’ve listened to most of your public talks (though not all)… and in my opinion, this was by far and away your BEST one yet!  You were in the groove!  The presentation flowed really well and you were passionate, inspirational, and motivational — all at the same time.  I loved everything about it… especially the first 20 minutes. 😉  Keep honing this craft my friend, and I have no doubt that you will be keynoting soon.  – tom

  • KathleenGage

    Outstanding video. Great points and I especially love the part about “be in it for the long haul.” Far too many people think anything online is about press a button and get rich. Ittakes work and you conveyed that very nicely. Cliff Ravenscraft

  • KathleenGage Thank you Kathleen.   A friend of mine once said.. I don’t need Easy…. I just need WORTH IT! 😉

  • marcuskusi

    This is a very inspiring video. I am glad l watched it all. Thank you for sharing your knowledge, story, and inspiration with us. 

  • marcuskusi My pleasure.  I am thrilled that you enjoyed it!

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