317 Consuming RSS In A Post Google Reader World, Can I Read Books In My Podcast and How Do I Get Audio Clips Into My Recording?

by Cliff Ravenscraft on July 19, 2013


flIn this week’s episode, I answer two questions off the voicemail feedback hotline. First, I answer the question, “Can you read entire chapters of books in your podcast?” Next, I answer the question about how I you go about getting audio clips to play directly into my podcast recording.

My great friend, Erik J Fisher joins me for another fabulous social media segment as we discuss the consumption of rss content in a post Google Reader world.

Timestamps For Topics Covered
00:03:05 Personal Plug of the Week – MyKidsAdentures.com
00:08:02 Can I Read Entire Chapters of Books In My Podcast?
00:14:27 How do you get your audio clips to go directly into your recording?
00:18:43 RSS Reading Post Google Reader
00:53:49 Thank you to 9 people who used my BlueHost Affiliate Link

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- Feedly.com

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I appreciate the shout out Cliff! The Overwhelmed Brain in the house. I didn't realize you did posted my site. Very nice of you! I appreciate your continued guidance and inspiration my friend. 



Thank you so much for the reference to BlueHost and the shout out to my site on your podcast!  It's pretty scary being out there like this.  But working with BlueHost has been GREAT.  I couldn't be happier with them.  They got my site up and running with me, holding my hand through the whole process and leaving me to only worry about the content.

Thanks again.  Here's to the future Confessions of a Terrible Husband podcast


Just listened to this episode and wanted to answer a question you asked. You reminisced about Netvibes and wondered if it still exists. Yes it does! In fact, since it always served my purposes, I never left it and was glad to not be disrupted by the termination of Google Reader! :)


Google Reader is soooo last week.. haha! (a joke of course) Many Podcasters us Feedburner, Aweber and Mail Chimp to deliver RSS subscription by email - this means no need to check your RSS Reader any longer.

Cliff,  I'm kind of surprised that you don't offer  subscription by email for you Podcast's. 

Dave Stachowiak
Dave Stachowiak

Cliff, one more resource that your audience might want to consider on RSS options...

I heard about Fever on the Mac Power Users podcast recently with David Sparks and Katie Floyd (BTW, outstanding show for Mac folks). You guys briefly mentioned that Reeder now supports Fever, but I thought that others might want to hear a bit more about it.

Like you guys, I hate getting overwhelmed by RSS feeds and gradually have pared them way down over the years. I hate logging into an RSS reader and seeing thousands of unread messages. In the same way, I also hate missing cool articles that bubble-up and become popular. The problem with traditional readers is you just get a list - no way to tell what's really important to read.

Fever is cool because in addition to its support for the traditional way of reading news, it also ranks articles based on popularity (number of people commenting/sharing/writing about a story or topic) and then puts them into a "HOT" section and orders them by what is being most talked about online. By default, the app doesn't show unread counts, since it goes on the assumption that you want to read in priority of what's popular, not by scanning thousands of headlines.

So, unlike traditional RSS readers, this app encourages you to subscribe to as many feeds as possible so it can better figure out what's hot and what's not online. It's a bit of a mind shift change, but very cool once you get used to it. I find myself adding more feeds as the time and it does a better job each time I do.

Here's an example of an article that I really liked that bubbled up on my hot section tonight that I normally would have never seen:


When you add feeds into Fever, you either make them "Kindling" (your must reads) or "Sparks" (for high volume feeds - like Mashable - where you don't want to read every story but be used for popular recommendations).

I've been using it for about 3 weeks and I love it so far. There's also a great companion app for iOS called Sunstroke (third party developer). You can even see what was popular over specific timeframe...i.e. if I was on vacation last week or didn't read feeds, I could just click on a button for Fever to show me what was popular in my feeds from only last week. It keeps history.

The two catches with Fever are that it's not free (but I actually see this as a plus, since I suspect that means it's more likely to continue to be developed). It's $30 for an individual license. The bigger catch for some people is that you need to host the app yourself (there is not a hosted version) so you need to host yourself. I have a VPS, so people on shared hosting would want to check to be sure they can support it before making the purchase.

Here's the link (check out the FAQ as well, since there are a few advanced things people will want to know):


Not affiliated with or connected with the developer in anyway - just a really cool app that I haven't even begun to scratch the surface with yet. Based on my experience so far, I know at least some others in the GSPN community will really dig this app. Not perfect for everyone with the hosting requirement, but just the thing for some of the more geeky crowd.

On a broader note, I'm really happy to see the world moving on from Google Reader. Now, people are innovating again and cool things are happening with RSS. It was a monopoly for too long and we all got used to Google Reader just doing what it did - I'm excited to see what will happen with smaller developers coming up with their own products and making existing RRS readers better.

Hope this helps out a few other people like me who were always overwhelmed on RSS but don't want to say goodbye to it either...  =)

Dave Stachowiak
Dave Stachowiak

Hey Cliff, long time no chat - great to meet you face to face in San Diego a few months ago!

Thanks for a great show and I thought I'd pass along this resource as well for your caller about the copyright question. I'm not a lawyer either, but I teach graduate level courses and the question of copyright and plagiarism comes up often. As a result, was really happy to stumble upon this video a few years ago. I feel it does the best job I've seen of explaining copyright law in 6 minutes to a general audience than anything else I've ever seen:


Hope others find it of value too!

Cliff Ravenscraft
Cliff Ravenscraft moderator

@mo_flow That is awesome. Thanks so much for posting to let me know.  I really enjoyed it back when I used to use it. ;)

Cliff Ravenscraft
Cliff Ravenscraft moderator

@akaTGIF  Folks like me prefer news/blog content to be "pull" instead of "push."   I'd rather "pull this information" when I desire it rather than have it "pushed into my email inbox."

The reality is that the technically savvy folks can find ways to take any rss feed and have it sent to their email inbox.  Here's a Google Search that shows the many ways this can be done. http://gspn.tv/sqhl   My fee for my entire site is http://PodcastAnswerMan.com/feed

Cliff Ravenscraft
Cliff Ravenscraft moderator

@Dave Stachowiak Thank so much Dave for the recommendation and review of Fever. Sounds very interesting.  If I get some free time, I'll have to check this out.

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