330 Skype Is Shutting Off Access To Pamela And Call Reorder (UPDATE), Stats Addiction And More

by Cliff Ravenscraft on October 17, 2013

snskypeSkype Cutting Access To Software Recorders
I’ve recently been informed that Skype is shutting down it’s desktop API in December 2013. This will affect podcasters who rely on software plugins like Pamela or Call Recorder to record Skype conversations for their podcasts. Skype has a brief note about this on their support website. The developers behind the Pamela Plugin for the PC also have a post about this on their support website. I had Erik Fisher join me to talk about this subject in this episode. (Topic Starts At 00:48:42) (NOTE: SEE SKYPE UPDATE BELOW)

Skype Desktop API Update
Great news! Skype has decided to cancel it’s plans to stop supporting their desktop API after December of this year. In a blog post on 11/6/2013, they said, “Previously we shared that we would retire the Desktop API later this year. However, I’m happy to share that we will be extending support for two of the most widely used features – call recording and compatibility with hardware devices.”

This means that if you are using Skype recording software that works today, it will continue to be supported beyond December of this year!

Product Pages Get An Upgrade (00:07:23)
I’ll eventually get around to updating the listing for each of my digital training tutorials found on my products page. However, in this episode, I share what I’ve been working on as far as creating stand alone pages that are used to actually deliver these tutorials.

While I was creating these new pages, I updated my Inside The Studio tutorial with three brand new tutorials. In the episode, I shared my encouragement to get this tutorial at the $75 price while you can. I will be raising the cost of this tutorial to $100 VERY SOON.

Stats Addiction (00:18:14)
Erik Fisher and I have an updated discussion on the topic of having too much focus on our download stats and our iTunes Rankings. Listen to the episode to find out our thoughts on this.

Twitter Allows You To Receive DM’s from people you don’t follow (00:39:01)
Erik and I also discuss Twitter’s new functionality that allows you to “opt-in” to the ability to receive direct messages from anyone on Twitter, even if you are not following them.

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  • This is really helpful, Cliff. I use Call Recorder a lot. Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

  • Very interesting indeed, I actually lost a call with Vodburner and have since not trusted Skype for interviews. I use Google Hangouts and they have been working really well for me.

  • I have had good luck with Wire Tap Studio to record Skype Interviews.

  • JoshuaListon

    Last 15mins was essential listening! Thanks for the info Cliff. 
    I did feel a pinch though when yourself and Eric pretty much devalued “iTunes New and Noteworthy”… Not so cool! 
    For a lot of new Podcasters making “New and Noteworthy” (in particular the overall chart) is a great confidence booster and download booster! I think you guys could have handled the subject in a more constructive way! People don’t listen to PAM for “the brutal truth Cliff.” There are several other shows for that type of content! 
    I’m staying subscribed – but still… not cool Cliff…

  • ScottRoberts1

    I’ve used the free MP3 Skype Recorder to Skype record all my conversations for my podcasts and never had a problem. With my Windows laptop + MP3 Skype Recorder + microphone + a $2.99/month Skype subscription, I could record interviews anywhere there was wi-fi, to anyone in the world.
    For now, the “solution” would be to simply not upgrade to the newest version of Skype in December?

  • Glad you guys discussed the changes with Skype. I’m thinking about incorporating Google+ Hangouts. I was just about to upgrade Skype to do the Skype Out calls, but it may not make sense now.
    After the discussion about New and Noteworthy, I decided to take a look in the Education category and sure enough I was listed and didn’t even know. I guess it’s not such a big deal anyway. What’s most important is the feedback that I’m getting and that I’ve released a podcast episode consistently for 7 weeks now.

  • jamie_coyne

    Been using call note.  I like it.  I had just upgraded Skype to 6.9 and I just downgraded back to 6.8

  • Wow… talk about dashing my hopes against the rocks…  LOL!!!    I was so excited when I was featured on the New & Noteworthy sliding display first in the Comedy category and then in the overall Podcast category that I was telling everyone how great I was…   I even told my wife “See!   This is not a “fake podcast” after all!”   (A little joke between us…)
    Good to know, and I appreciate the insights of the episode!

  • In regards to software for recording Skype calls, I believe that using either Total Recorder on Windows, which I use, or Audio Hijack on OS X you should be fine. Neither are Skype plugins or use the Skype desktop API to do so. They both allow you to record any audio on your computer.

  • jhcorcoran I have been hearing that Call Recorder is mentioning that they do not use the Skype API and may not be affected.  I suppose we’ll know more after December.

  • Aehs01 Glad to hear that you have had good luck with Google Hangouts. 🙂

  • DennisFreitas Thanks Dennis.  This may be a good replacement solution for many.

  • JoshuaListon LOL – Dude, it goes to that whole argument of whether or not every kid gets a trophy. 🙂   Seriously though, I think MOST PEOPLE SPEND TOO MUCH TIME LOOKING AT THOSE STUPID RANKINGS and not enough time improving their show and building and building a relationship with those who are already listening.
    What you don’t see is the thousands of people that I see who are ADDICTED to what APPLE RANKING is telling them about the value of their show.   If I can help them avoid this pitfall, then I’m okay with people feeling like I’ve been a little too harsh.
    A little tough love and THE TRUTH may sting at times, but in the end, it is a message that I am passionate about.

  • ScottRoberts1 Scott, I am hearing a lot of people saying that not upgrading is a solution.  However, if they cut off the API on THEIR END, well, we’ll just have to wait to see what happens after December.

  • DevinDabney Devin, you are correct, New & Noteworthy is not all that important.  You are focusing on the RIGHT THINGS!  Keep that up and you’ll be working toward long-term success!

  • jamie_coyne Thanks for the report Jamie.

  • Media Fiasco Podcast Doh!  So sorry if I dashed any hopes.  It’s like my son who was a part of a soccer team who want a championship, where the whole team put so much time, effort and energy to play their best.  Then, only to learn that EVERY PLAYER from  EVERY TEAM, in the end, got the same trophy. 😉 
    Seriously thought, Congrats on the recent launch of your show.  I wish you great success in your podcasting journey.

  • TVtimesThree Thanks for the tips for possible replacement solutions for Windows and Mac users.

  • pongli

    Hi Cliff!
    Awesome podcast! I consider you to be the father of podcasts!
    Question, I notice that most of the podcasts that I listen to, from Podcast Answer Man to Pat Flynn to John Lee Dumas are all in interview format. Do you have examples of podcasts that are not done in this format? Why is the interview format for podcast is so common? And as an expert what advice can you give us if we decide to get away from the interview format?
    Thanks Cliff your answer would mean the world to me!
    By the way, the SoundFlower is a good idea. I might check this one out. Thanks!

  • pongli Thanks for the feedback.  Podcast Answer Man is not an interview format.  In fact, this episode, #330, didn’t contain an interview.  However, I did happen to have my friend, Erik, join me for much of the show more as a guest co-host for a bit.  
    With that being said, I have done a round of interviews recently (About six) which is very uncommon for me.
    Personally, I’m not a fan of the Interview Format.   
    Here’s a list of shows that are not interview format.  I’ll start with my own:
    1. http://PursuingABalancedLife.com
    2. http://FamilyFromTheHeart.com
    3. http://VirtualAssistantPodcast.com
    From Others
    4. http://michaelhyatt.com/thisisyourlife
    5. http://twit.tv/twit
    6. http://thebreak.sqpn.com/
    7. http://48days.com/listen

    Why are interviews so popular?  A few reasons.
    A) They can provide your show with extra exposure.  There is a chance the people you will interview will tell their community about being on your show, exposing you to a larger audience.
    B) Interviews can “possibly” raise your credibility.  By having a top level guest on your show, there is a chance that new listeners will see you as a more credible source of information because of your association with the guest.
    C) Having an interview can be a whole lot easier than coming up with your own unique content on a consistent basis.
    D) Low self confidence.  This is not true of all interview podcasts.  However, there are a number of them out there that are interview only because the host of the does not feel that they can bring much value to their audience on their own.

  • pongli

    Cliff Ravenscraft Thanks Cliff! Much appreciated! I will listen to them now!

  • JoshuaListon

    Cliff Ravenscraft JoshuaListon I did relisten to the episode …and yeah I admit it wasn’t as heavy handed as I first thought! Apologies if my tone seemed abrasive in my previous comment. 
    Let me ask you this though Cliff? If a student from your Podcasting A-to-Z made “New and Noteworthy Overall” and managed to hold that position for up to 8 weeks – and they were pleased with that result – Would you:
    A) Send them your congratulations? or
    B) Send them exactly what you said in episode 330? 
    Enjoy the show …and  Erik is a total champ. Take care Cliff.

  • Cliff Ravenscraft Media Fiasco Podcast    No problem Cliff, I’ll just chalk it up as the “Podcasting Participation Ribbon”     LOL!!!!    🙂
    Thanks for the encouragement and for all that you do.  While my show is certainly not for everyone (with some NSFW content), it is a true reflection of my humor and personality, and I really do look forward to digging up the weird news stories and presenting them.  It is not work for me… it is fun!   And I owe the decent audio quality and technical knowledge in large part to the PAM Podcast!    🙂

  • WebsiteLime

    Hey Cliff.
    I have to say that I was freaking out a little with your talk about Skype ending Call Recorder and Pamela compatibility. I’m a mac user and I was trying to find a solution but it seems like call recorder are quite confident that they don’t have a care in the world about this http://www.ecamm.com/mac/callrecorder/faq.html
    I’m pretty happy if it’s not an issue!


  • AshleyHasna

    Hey Cliff, 
    I’m in the middle of beginning my own podcast and was debating on whether to try a mixer or use computer software to record Skype conversations. This podcast sealed that deal. I just bought all my equipment this morning based off your “Equipment Options For Every Budget” tutorial from your “Inside the Studio” product. It was extremely helpful, so thank you. 

    My question now is how long do you think it will take to get your tutorial about guests and interviews (the one you said would basically be about Skype) up? I will definitely be your first purchaser because I’m a newbie to all this equipment. I’ll welcome any help I can get. Or do you have any other suggestions about how to learn to do a mix-minus with Skype, a computer, and a digital audio recorder? 
    Thank you for all your info! I couldn’t do this without it!

  • AshleyHasna Ashley, I’m thankful that you have found the materials so helpful.  I just sent an invoice for the Podcaster’s Guide to Recording Co-Hosts, Guests and Interviews.   If you change your mind and decide that you don’t want it, no problem, just email me and I can cancel the invoice. 😉

  • JoshuaListon I actually tell my students, before they even submit to itunes, that they should not get wrapped up in the rankings and stats and that New & Noteworthy is not as big of a deal as most people make it out to be.
    I always encourage my students to think about success as something other than rankings and download numbers.  That the goal is to create content that achieves the goals for which they sent for themselves in their “WHY I PODCAST” statements.

  • AshleyHasna

    Cliff Ravenscraft AshleyHasna Done! I’m more than happy to take advantage of that! Thank you so much! This will give me a huge jump when my equipment comes. Thank you again!

  • Donovan Adkisson

    Cliff, good episode as always.  One thing I wanted to mention is that though you may downplay the importance of showing up in the New & Noteworthy section of iTunes, it’s still important to some.  Furthermore, I heard you say that to show up in that area, one would simply need to be a new podcast and get around 500 downloads.  How accurate is that?  The reason I ask is my wife and I started a new podcast several weeks ago about wine.  I’ve only checked the download stats twice on this podcast, once about 2 weeks ago and then yesterday.  The initials numbers were around 30 for the first podcast, then about 100+ for the 2nd and 3rd podcast, which I attributed to bleed-over from my wife’s other podcast that she does about knitting which gets 150 to 250 each episode.  Yesterday, the new podcast’s numbers were in the 400’s to 900’s from the 1st to the 4th episode.  I had no idea what was happening, until I discovered that the show was now sitting in the New & Noteworthy section.  Of all the podcasts that I’ve had listed in iTunes at one time or another (probably about 8 different shows), this is the first one that has shown up in New & Noteworthy.  
    Knowing this, that’s the reason I’m curious how accurate your statement about just being new and getting around 500 downloads to get into the New & Noteworthy is.  
    Thanks again for the great content!

  • Donovan Adkisson I believe my reference of 500 to get to the TOP SIX positions of New & Noteworthy was for the “Business Category.”  You’d need much more or much less in other categories and sub categories.
    To my knowledge, all podcasts show up in “new and noteworthy” for the first eight weeks.  Most don’t make it to the top of the list that actually display in the main category listing page.
    Open this link: (Should open in desktop itunes) https://itunes.apple.com/WebObjects/MZStore.woa/wa/viewRoom?fcId=565441016&genreIdString=1321&mediaTypeString=Podcasts
    KEEP SCROLLING DOWN!!!! The list of “new and noteworthY’ in the BUSINESS CATEGORY seems to go on and on forever….    
    To get to the top 8 in that list, in the Business Category, you’d need about About 500 subscribers who are downloading 1 episode per week or about 100 subscribers who are downloading 1 episodes each day, Monday through Friday.

  • Donovan Adkisson

    Cliff Ravenscraft Donovan Adkisson Ok, I think I glossed over the  fact you were discussing the business category.  Oops, my mistake.  🙂

  • jaygoluguri

    Cliff, Today Skype announced that decided to revert back the decisions to cut off call recorded and hardware compatiblity APIs. So, all existing software call recorders would continue to function. Source : http://blogs.skype.com/2013/11/06/feature-evolution-and-support-for-the-skype-desktop-api/

  • EmmaNutrition

    As of Feb 2014 can you advise what to use to either record Skype interviews or alternatives to using Skype that will place the calls and record them? I’m very confused as call graph and MP3 player haven’t connected to Skype for me.

  • EmmaNutrition  Call Record for Skype – http://gspn.tv/callrecorder or Pamela for Windows – http://gspn.tv/Pamela  These are the only software options that I’ve recommended.

    Personally, I do a “mix minus” setup.  I have a tutorial called “Podcaster’s Guide to Recording Co-Hosts, Guests and Podcast Interviews at http://PodcastAnswerMan.com/products.

  • EmmaNutrition

    Awesome I’ll check out your podcast and great to have confirmation of what’s good. Thanks so much.

  • EmmaNutrition

    Oh wow I’ve also just noticed you have audacity training. I feel like I’ve just found my one stop podcasting resource. Fabulous 🙂

  • EmmaNutrition

    Thanks for your recommendations Cliff, brilliant.

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