335 Choosing Your Brand Name – YouTube Comments Changes & Twitter Losing Its Human Feel

by Cliff Ravenscraft on November 21, 2013

brand buiding crossword puzzleChoosing A Name For Your Brand
When creating a brand new podcast, I’ve noticed a large number of people who seem to get stuck when it comes to choosing the name of their brand and/or podcast. I am a huge fan of choosing a name that can clearly communicate the essence of what your podcast is about, even if the name of the podcast is the only thing they have to go by. However, there are a number of folks who would rather come up with a more creative approach to the naming of their podcast. In this episode, I share my thoughts on this topic, hoping to encourage folks to simply make a firm decision to choose the name that they like best and then to own it, love it and evangelize it. (This topic starts at 00:02:50)

YouTube Upgrades Comments With Google+ Integration (00:31:00)
YouTube has officially updated the YouTube commenting system. It should come as no surprise that they made the decision to integrate Google + into the mix. There have been a number of folks who have expressed dissatisfaction about the changes. Erik Fisher and I discuss what changes have been made, what others are saying about them and our own personal thoughts on the matter as well.

Twitter Losing Its Human Feel (00:52:38)
Twitter recently released a video explaining what Twitter is. Most notable to me was that they said it’s most like a newspaper. This fits with their branding as and “Information Network” and not a “Social Network,” something they stated publicly some time ago.

However, this is much different than the Twitter I originally fell in love with. It used to be a “social network” that helped bring the world closer by having everyone answer the question “What Are You Doing?” Erik and I discuss why we miss the old vision for Twitter.

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  • gspn , 
    My frustration as a non-podcaster, non-social media guru, non-company.  (I left this on ErikJFisher ‘s FB feed yesterday when he asked the question if we like it or not.)
    Yes, I’ve had my Youtube account for years. It wanted me to change from my username to my name. I refused. It wanted me to tie it to my gmail account and I refused. Then Google forced me to log into YouTube with an email not a username and password and it gave me a Google+ email account that I can’t remember. Then I had to update ever app on every device with that email and password. It is CRAZY! So I’m going from xforce11 to [email protected] . I’ve already signed the change.org petition on it! Just another example of Google not listening to their users and change the interface. I detest Google Drive with Google Apps. We have hundreds of users on Apps with hundreds of docs and organization is so difficult now.

  • xforce11 Erik actually read your feedback in the social media segment in this episode. 😉

  • JeffBrown

    In my latest post, I actually touch on the Twitter discussion (http://readtoleadpodcast.com/021). Despite Twitter’s early efforts, I’ve sort of always viewed Twitter as more of an information platform versus a social network. 
    As I point out in my post, as far back as 6 years ago, I was getting what I considered the equivalent of a Masters Degree-level education. Leveraging this platform as I did (and continue to do) is largely responsible for the new direction my career took at that time (that of a thought leader in the eyes of my colleagues and among those in my network). 
    I think the thing to reminder is, Twitter’s definition of their own platform in no way limits you to use it however you prefer. If it’s the place for you to connect with family and friends, then by no means should you stop doing that.

  • Cliff Ravenscraft xforce11 posted the comment mid-listen to the ep and still stand by it.  My examples of changes in google apps are just one area of frustration.  Our school district pays good money for google apps and some of their changes to apps and the interface make it less focused and harder to use.  I just have the feeling that google makes changes and do not get user input.

  • I am fine with the g+ updates for YouTube.  On the twitter front: very few of my friends use twitter.  Almost all use facebook.

  • padredavid Thanks for the feedback!

  • CarlosCue

    My view on the Google+ and YouTube merge is that no one is forced to use anything…it is free, if someone does not like it, they can simply opt out and not participate.

  • CarlosCue I’d gladly pay to just use a username on YouTube!

  • TroyRutter

    This was a great episode and great thoughts about the changes but I think you missed one thing. I oversee a YouTube channel for a company with very popular videos and we get hundreds of daily comments that are held in moderation. These used to come in under inbox and comments where they could be easily moderated and deleted if necessary. With the changes, you have to go to each video separately, which is time consuming. Granted some people say you should not moderate comments anyway and that is another discussion. But if you have hundreds of comments to moderate daily, going to each video separately is very tedious.
    I Don’t mind the change itself as much as the new moderation workflow.
    My take anyway. Keep up the great work!

  • TroyRutter Great feedback Troy. Thanks for sharing your experience.

  • I am going to try and start using Twitter with the rule of thirds. I haven’t used it that long and only knew of it as it is mostly used today. More personable updates to come.

  • James Kinson Thanks for letting me know how this conversation influenced you.  It stirred up quite the debate on my Facebook profile.  Link: https://www.facebook.com/cliffravenscraft/posts/10152030811671068

  • Greg Gerber

    I listened to the section on choosing a brand name twice, and I’m still not sure what to do.  I have published a daily e-newsletter for almost five years that reaches almost 16,000 people a day. It’s called RV Daily Report. I want to take that publication to the “next level” by launching a weekly podcast. So, I am tempted to call it the RV Daily Show or the RV Daily Report Show, but many people have told me that it implies daily content. 

    So, I’m considering RV Industry News: The podcast of RV Daily Report as an alternative name. It would provide excellent SEO, and I own that domain as well. The question is, would that dilute the brand I have created and cause confusion by naming my publication’s podcast by a different name?

    I also want to start a consumer-oriented podcast and really think Campfire Connection would be a great title because the campfire is where relationships are forged, great stories are shared and community is built. Others tell me that’s not really a good title for an RV-related podcast because the word “RV” isn’t in it. One person suggested RV and Campfire Connection, which I think defeats the catchy name. Another thinks RV Lifestyle Today might be a better name, and one combined the two to create Campfire Connection: The podcast about the RV lifestyle today.

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

  • Greg Gerber Greg, this is EXACTLY the type of questions that are covered in Podcasting A to Z.  Since I know you are already registered for the course, I look forward to answering these types of questions for you in the course.    In the course, you will notice that I go into great detail on my answers.  Much more than I can iin emails and comments on the site.

    Real quick though, I love “RV Lifestyle Today.”  When the forums are open, you’ll have a discussion thread devoted to you (Will make sense after you watch the introduction video when we launch), please post this question in there and then ask me why I like RV Lifestyle Today and to explain my thoughts on having a podcast that has a different name than your website.

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