349 Dealing With Negative Feedback – How To Come Back From A Podfade – DropCam Pro Review

by Cliff Ravenscraft on March 13, 2014

Thoughts on Negative FeedbackDealing With Negative Feedback
It’s been a long time since I last covered the topic of dealing with negative feedback. Earlier this week, I was listening to the Jillian Michaels Show and she had an episode titled Haters Are Gonna Hate.

In this episode, I shared about seven and a half minutes from Jillian’s show and gave a few of my thoughts on the importance of discerning the difference between when someone has a legitimate criticism of your podcast and whether or not the person is simply projecting their own issues and problems on to you. (This topic starts at 00:48:47)

I’ve actually talked about dealing with negative feedback with much greater detail in episode 106 of Podcast Answer Man. If this is a topic of interest to you, I highly encourage you to check out that episode.

While I have received my share of extremely negative and hurtful criticism over the past several years, I don’t usually share it in Podcast Answer Man. However, I did make an exception for episode 198 of Podcast Answer Man. If you want to hear a hater hating on me, I encourage you to check out that episode.

How Do I Recover From A Podfading Experience?
Jonathan Gaby recently sent me an email saying, “I started a podcast several months ago and have succumbed to the dreaded pod-fade. Ugh, I know right? How embarrassing and humiliating. So, how does one gracefully and with mucho class recover and restart the podcast?”

In this episode, I talk about what podfading is and I give several thoughts to consider when deciding how to move forward after you have abandoned your podcast audience. (00:08:22)

dcamMy Review of The Dropcam Pro
For the past several weeks, I’d been looking out for a new gadget to geek out on. I had always been interested in the Dropcam Pro wifi enabled cameras.

I recently decided to purchase a Dropcam Pro and I love it! In this episode, I share my thoughts on the this camera and the overall Dropcam experience. (00:32:43)

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I Appreciate Your iTunes Reviews!
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I am so incredibly thankful to those who have recently gone into my listing in iTunes to provide a five star rating and a written review of Podcast Answer Man.

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  • Hey Cliff, you filthy animal, I don’t even know why I listen to your Podcast.  As soon as I hit play on a new episode, it is as if you are hooking up a Dyson to my wallet.  LOL  Man, I had literally laughed out loud when you read those tweets.  I said over and over, WOW…

  • Chris S.  LOL. Thanks for the feedback Chris.  You know, I have some real doozies in my archives.  Maybe it would be fun to read some more of the things people have emailed me in the past.   For many of them, I’d have to give warnings for parents to take their kids out of the room. 

    I have come to understand some of why it happens, but the more successful you become, the more others will start to project their own deep rooted issues onto you with negative and very hurtful words.

    Often times, these folks will tell you that what they are sharing comes from a sense of genuine care and concern for your.  Oh man… Yeah, just know that it happens to everyone who veers from the path of the ACCEPTED NORMAL.

  • ChrisHoldheide

    Awesome episode Cliff.  I recently just encountered this issue myself and of all places when I released my second podcast episode.  I was really trying to do a big push for my new podcast and this person literally took all the wind out of my sail.  However I did go back and reply to this person and expressed my thoughts and told her that we obviously agree that we disagree.  What’s kind of interesting is that when I made the reply I never heard anything back and I think sometimes people just want to be haters so they can be heard and get their 15 minutes of fame.

  • Cliff Ravenscraft Chris S. I think that would be great to read off more from the archives at some point for some comic relief.

  • ChrisHoldheide  You are absolutely correct.  Don’t let this people keep you from moving forward.  You just need to keep making your own kind of music out there. 😉  Glad you enjoyed the episode!!!!

  • atlumschema

    Cliff. I feel bad because I’ve been listening and LOVING your show for a year and a half and don’t think I’ve ever told you how great I think it is. You’re so right that when people are satisfied they don’t feel the need to say anything. The negative thoughts get aired more – and when you’re on the receiving end it’s hard to see the comments objectively as constructive and right-hearted. But hey, I even enjoyed last week’s show! I just like hearing you get stuff out of your head – you have a great thought process that I can very much relate to so hey, it doesn’t matter what you say, it’s all about how you say! Anyway. Thanks.

  • atlumschema  Andy, I sincerely appreciate the fact that you took the time to tell you how much you enjoy the show and even epsiode 348.  Thank you!!!

  • Cliff you give me so many useful information for free that if I had the (economic) possibilities I would love to be ripped off by you xD

  • Mike Brookston  I love it!  LOL.  Thanks Mike!

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