355 Why You Should NOT Start A Podcast – My Thoughts Regarding Spencer Haw’s Blog Post On This Topic.

by Cliff Ravenscraft on May 1, 2014

just-say-noThis week’s podcast episode is unique in several ways. First, I made the intentional decision to not use any audio clips within the podcast from beginning to end. I did this as a means of motivation for brand new podcasters who may be struggling to find the right music or audio branding for their podcast. My thought is that if you have content that is worth creating, you should not let something as little as not having any music keep you from sharing that content with the world.

Also, I’ve never produced an episode of Podcast Answer Man that has gone this far over an hour in length. This episode is actually 1 hour and 52 minutes. However, I can’t see a way that I would have been able to share what was on my mind without spending this amount of time on the topic.

On Tuesday, April 29th, 2014, I was notified that my name had been mentioned in a blog post titled “Why You Should NOT Start a Podcast,” written by Spencer Haws. In his blog post, Spencer shared his “very real and raw thoughts” about his own podcast and why he thinks many people shouldn’t start a podcast.

A majority of this extremely lengthy episode is my full reaction to what Spencer shared in that blog post.

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  • Thank you Cliff for this! I hoped you had seen the post. I am looking fwd to listening tonite! It is on top of my playlist for work. 3rd is so boring with no podcasts to listen to.

  • visalawyerblog

    Cliff, so much valuable advice and suggestions. You actually turned my day around with your suggestions and positivity.

    Thank you so much!!

  • Great episode Cliff, lots of take aways on this one.

  • jChandanais  Well Jeremy, You and i get to spend nearly two hours together. 🙂

  • visalawyerblog  Wow! Jacob, that is such an honor to have been able to create content that actually turned your day around.   Thank you for listening!

  • Shelia  Thank you so much Shelia!!!!

  • Happily! Now if I had another PABL it would be a perfect shift, lol. Oh did you and Stephanie record together today?

  • Hey Cliff I think you meant April 29, 2014 🙂

  • MattMcWilliams2  Yep.  Thanks Matt.  Just fixed it.

  • AnthonyPresotto

    WOW. I have listened to about 3/4 of this podcast so far. I feel so much better about not having put out content on my podcasts over easter. I know I am losing people because I am not as consistant as I would like to be. But hearing what Spencer is getting with 27 podcasts over 2 years, it blows my mind and hope do do as well within my niche. Yes it’s not easy, I did bite off more than I should have with starting two podcasts, but the feedback I get from my subscribers makes it worth the effort.
    Thank you for all you do Cliff from education to motivation, I wouldn’t be doing what I am if it wasn’t for your podcast.

  • I think you identified a number of legitimate weaknesses in Spencer’s argument. I first heard about him thru Pat and was a subscriber of his from the first episode until a few months back, when I deleted it from my queue. There are other things about Spencer in particular which I believe make him a fairly weak candidate for podcasting. He’s a mumbler, he has some solid knowledge but doesn’t speak with much confidence, and his content was all over the board (lacked focus much of the time). So, it was time for me to move on from what he was doing.

    That being said, I bailed on this episode of PAM with about a half hour to go. I didn’t really care for your tone in this one, Cliff…a bit too much smug superiority for my taste. In small doses, that’s fine…when accompanied by solid information, which you always bring…but I would disagree that you couldn’t have accomplished what you needed to say in this episode in way, way less time. It just came off to me as a lot of haranguing and I finally had to stop listening.

    Just my two cents’ worth. I’m sure many other will disagree. 😉

  • Chuck Brown  I appreciate that feedback Chuck.  I figured I’d lose about 5% of my “regular subscribers” after the one hour mark.  This matches up with the amount of feedback that I’ve received and with your feedback being the first to explain that you bailed on the episode.  I’m sure that I’ll hear from at least five or ten others who will share that they didn’t like the length of the episode as well.

    What shocked me was the sheer number of people who not only listened to the WHOLE THING live, as I was recording, but there were about 30 people who also watched me FOR THREE HOURS as I prepared for the episode before hitting the record button.

    Also, about two hours after I posted the episode, I started to get a TON of positive feedback, immediately, from the episode.

    Since then, I’ve had a few say that they have already listened to it twice.  The second time was to take notes on the many insights they pulled out of it.

    This morning, I actually listened to the entire thing, myself.  I wanted to hear how it came across in the final product.  Outside of three or four misspoken words, I felt that this was one of my best episodes.

    I can understand how you can take the way that I communicated my points as “smug superiority.”  However, I prefer to think of it as more being “extremely confident in the information that I was sharing.”

    I attempted to not sound arrogant and condescending.  While at the same time, I had some pretty passionate and strong reactions to the many points that I vehemently disagreed with.

    As for the length of the episode.  That is my only regret for the episode.  Yet, while you are right, I could have got my ‘overall’ point in less time, I’m actually very satisfied with my decision to cover his blog post, line by line.

    As you know, I often open my show telling people what they are in for.  I never expect every subscriber to listen to every episode of my podcast.  I know that most do.  However, I’m always telling folks “If this episode doesn’t have what you are looking for, go ahead and delete this one and I’ll be back next week with something new.”

    In the end… We all need to create content that we love and that we are passionate about.   I never recommend going over an hour.  However, I felt this one warranted it. 

    I respect that you knew when you had enough and stopped the playback.  

    And I am EXTREMELY THANKFUL that you actually “TOOK ACTION” and left me your thoughts on the episode.

  • ShaneSams

    One thing I really take exception with in Spencer’s post is this statement: “…its MUCH less effort for me to write a new blog post than to produce a new podcast.”

    I TOTALLY disagree that its less effort to write a blog post.  Draft, find images, etc. It takes me an hour or three to make a really good blog post.

    I can turn on my  mic, roll for 30 minutes…done.  Yeah you have to upload it, but that is passive.  Add in a VA to transcribe and you have text.  

    I’ve even developed a system where I record a video…draw images during the video…use those images for the post…transcribe text…boom…. I get a video, audio, and multiple blog posts out of one 30 minute recording (its amazing  how many words you can speak in 30 minutes).

    I think Spencer is falling into a trap: that every single action you take must result in a sale.  It doesn’t.. I make nothing off my podcast…but it MAGNIFIES my sales because it takes my hardcore audience and makes them more hardcore!  They know me, they listen to me, they trust me, and when its time to sell on my blog…they buy.

    Its like coaching a football team… you lift weights and condition for 9 months to play 3.  You don’t get bonus points in football for benching 300 pounds, but you sure do have a better chance to score if you are stronger than your opponent!  Podcasting may not ‘put a point on the scoreboard’ directly, but it LEADS to points later! $$$

    Just my 2 cents 🙂

    Shane Sams

  • skrausse

    Cliff – first of all thank you for the PAM podcast! I am in the beginning stages of developing mine and your site and podcasts are both inspirational and informational (and very much appreciated).

    As for this particular episode I LOVE (ALL CAPS) it! I think it’s critical for anyone getting into any platform building project to understand that it takes time and consistent work. When I hit Spencer’s ‘disappointing’ numbers I’m going to be having a party! 

    IMO – this episode is worth the listen for getting a practical perspective around the real world case study you bring to it. You very plainly explain the how/why of his results (or at least a plausible scenario based on credible experience) which provides an excellent barometer for the rest of us.

    Thanks again,
    PS Okay… maybe it was a tad long but I listen in the office so it’s all good.

  • Spencer Haws

    Cliff…its me, Spencer!  I’m the guy you just gave a free 2 hour consulting session to 🙂

    I actually, just want to give a HUGE thank you, sincerely.  And I know that many people who have listened to this podcast will thank you as well.  I’ve never had an entire podcast episode dedicated to responding to my blog post (that I’m aware of), so that was pretty cool!

    I think this is a healthy discussion…and I think I was chuckling and smiling from ear to ear as you ripped to shreds many of my arguments! (And you did it nicely).

    However, I do think at least one of the main points of my blog post has come through loud and clear: People should look at all pros and cons before starting a podcast…and we both echo that sentiment.

    Here’s just a couple of responses/thoughts I had while listening:
    1. You are right, I have been equating podcasting to interviews!  I’ve been chaining myself unnecessarily to interviews…now that you say I can be “free”; I may tackle podcasting again as a solo voice…but only after some serious analysis of my business.
    2. I agree that I would see more results with consistent, weekly podcasts.  I have to determine if this is feasible for my existing business.
    3. I mentioned not being able to know if my podcast listeners were new or came from my blog.  You said Libsyn advanced is the answer.  I still disagree here.  Libsyn advanced just tells me what URL/browser/source of traffic.  It does NOT tell me if this listener is already a NichePursuits blog subscriber or on my email list.  So, people may come from PodcastAnswerMan.com to listen to my podcast…but they may have already been on my list for many months.  It happens.  But your points were very well taken overall.
    4. And yes, I have a “very large” email list as you described it. I’m not real social on twitter, facebook, so my stats there aren’t too significant

    4. I agree that a podcast listener is more valuable than a VISIT to a website.  I hadn’t really thought of it that way to be honest.  Podcasting has always been an after-thought for me (a small side gig that I do sometimes)… 🙂
    5.  And to clarify…we DID meet 🙂  Twice in fact.  Once at Social Media Marketing World in San Diego, 2013.  I was at the pizza party with you and Pat.  We also met at New Media Expo in Vegas at the beginning of this year.  Next time we meet, I’ll give you a big bear hug so you don’t forget 🙂

    Overall, you’ve given me and everyone some serious points to think about when it comes to podcasting.  
    Podcasting may not be right for everyone…now I just need to determine if I’m willing to put in the time and effort, and implement some of the suggestions you’ve given.

    If I come back to podcasting with a vengence…I’ll give you some serious props, Cliff!  Thanks again.


  • ShaneSams

    Ha!  That was a pretty epic rant Cliff.  Enjoyed it.

  • Good episode. I listened to the whole episode although in 3 parts rather than all at once.  It didn’t bother me that it was longer than normal because it was interesting and kept my attention. 

    It looks like he actually has well over 1000 subscribers. He says 200 episodes per day with spikes when he releases a new episode. The spikes range between 1500 and 2200 downloads. So the 200 downloads a day are new people discovering his show and most likely also listening to the back catalog.

    I’ve listened to more than half of his episodes and they are pretty good. If he hates interviews he should do a short form Niche Business tips show or maybe a podcast all about spreadsheets 😉

  • ChrisHoldheide

    Just got done listening to this episode and I can tell you I use to subscribe to Spencers podcast and I thought it was a great show but he never updated it often.  On top of that I found him through Pat Flynn’s podcast as well and even bought his product Longtail Pro.  Th only reason I stopped listening was because he did not put out a new episode every week like had hoped he would.

    To boot I started my podcast at the beginning of March and I can honestly say I would kill for the results Spencer has.  I have nowhere near the following Spencer has and I’m averaging 60 downloads an episode. On top of that up until episode 10 which is my latest episode the previous 9 were all solo shows and in the tenth episode I brought on my first guest and it was great. 

    Personally I’m actually a bigger fan of solo shows such as yours Cliff and and I would rather listen to you talk versus listening to an interview show.   Anyways just wanted to share my thoughts and I like your breakdown of Spencers article.

  • Your advice about growing an audience is very wise. Great advice. I think it relates to the 2nd part of the show in this way…

    …I mean no disrespect to Spencer, you, or anyone else out there. This is just an observation. There are a lot of sites out there devoted to social media marketing, making money via affiliate marketing, etc, etc. What these sites all seem to have in common is the view that THEIR purpose is to make money, and that the listeners are there to somehow make the owner money, and on down the chain.

    Now, there is certainly nothing wrong with making money, but let’s face it, there are a lot of sites about this topic.  

    In your answer about growing you audience, you hit upon the answer to this issue — an issue I see as a problem. Whether podcasting, writing, producing video, or whatever, your goal should be to deliver value to your listener/reader/viewer. That value may be informational, entertainment, or a combination of the two. But I think a good podcast needs to first seek to really be of value to the listener, and not be deemed a failure if it fails to deliver the required $$ amount.  

    Cliff, for instance, delivers really good info to help people get a podcast up and improve it. I think his income is simply a secondary effect of him helping people.

  • Chuck Brown  Chuck, while I was at lunch today, I realized that I forgot to respond to what you wrote about Spencer.   I actually do disagree that Spencer being a weak candidate for podcasting.

    I listened to some of his audio before recording yesterday.  He wasn’t mumbling during the portions that I listened to.  However, if he does tend to do that from time to time, this is something that could be worked on.

    As for speaking with confidence, I think that there are many different things that could be to change that.  I have a ton of examples of students who have gone through my Podcasting A to Z course where they completely lacked confidence in their communication during the first several episodes.    However, all of those who consistently produced a podcast episode, every single week, for more than 20 weeks, sounded like extremely confident speakers on the topic of their niche.  

    One thing that is CRYSTAL CLEAR is that Spencer should have NEVER put himself in the box of having an “Interview Format.”  I bet if he were to simply share some thoughts about the things that he is absolutely competent in sharing, he’d certainly speak with more confidence, more quickly.

    As for his lack of focus… It’s clear that his podcast wasn’t a focus for him.  Not to mention that one of the interviews that I heard was with someone that wasn’t that much of a “conversationalist.”  Boy, I’ve had a number of those in the past. 😉

    Anyway… I think that Spencer is a great candidate for podcasting. But if his desire to communicate through a podcast isn’t there, it’s just not there.  🙂

  • skrausse  Steve, Thank you so much for your feedback.  Yes… Certainly a tad bit long.   It’s not likely that I’ll do that again.  However, I am thrilled that you, and so many others, found the episode valuable and inspirational.

    I really appreciate you “taking action” by leaving me a comment here on the post!

  • ShaneSams  Thank you Shane.   I am thrilled that you enjoyed this episode.

  • Andrew McGivern  I’m honored that you listened to the whole thing.  I totally agree with you on the short form niche tips format.  and I LOL about doing a podcast all about spreadsheets. THAT IS AWESOME!

  • Some fair points. I believe he had potential to do better in regard to mumbling and speaking with confidence. I did generally appreciate his content, which is why I stayed with him for so long. It was a combination of factors that led me to unsubscribe. 😉

  • ChrisHoldheide  Chris, Thank you very much for your feedback and letting me know that your experience shows that my commentary was spot on.   I’m honored to have you as a subscriber and that you enjoy hearing me talk, solo, each week. 😉

  • Chuck Brown  Yeah, I’m getting similar feedback from many people who actually say that they also really enjoyed his content but also unsubscribed for various reasons.

  • I think you nailed it when you discussed the difference between visitors and listeners.  After listening to his podcast I started following him closely because he was doing so many cool things and was actually doing (building niche websites) what I wanted to do.  I even bought longtail pro.  

    I don’t follow him as closely anymore.  I like to listen to content verses read it.  So do many others.  I don’t just buy random blogger products.  I have to trust the person.  

    Without trust he is not making the sale.  He has my trust, but think of all the missed opportunities.

  • Hi Cliff!

    Wonderful episode. I thoroughly enjoyed throughout. I enjoy when two successful Entrepreneurs can have an open discussion about a topic where they have differing viewpoints. While I agreed with 100% of your viewpoints, I can feel Spencer’s frustration and wish he had invested in himself with a little Podcasting A to Z, as his results with 2 years of consistent content to a hungry listener base (as evidenced in his comments) would have been astounding.

    As always Cliff, you are a class act and conducted yourself in a manner that befits THE Podcast Answer Man!

  • My dog got the best walk ever!!  Nearly two hours.  I found your analysis fascinating Cliff.  I haven’t listened to Spencers podcast so was just taking your commentary as a bonus Cliff lesson on best practice.  I spent my first year of podcasting bieng relatively inconsistent with 8 sporadic episodes   From Feb this year, I vowed to be more consistent, haven’t missed a week and am up to 23 episodes – just passed 10,000 downloads most of which are this year.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that consistency is key.

    The best tip I got from this was that solo is good.  I’ve been doing a couple of solo episodes and really enjoyed them and got great engagement from listeners.  

    Cliff….I get such a lot from your podcasts and you sharing your insights.  Thank you.

  • cottageguru  Heather, thank you so much for your feedback from this episode.  Congrats on the recent momentum you have going with your show and the success that has come with it.

    I prefer solo episodes over all other formats.  My next favorite would be a show with two co-hosts, though, I can’t think of any that I am currently subscribed to.   My third favorite is a panel, like Leo Laporte’s This Week In Tech and Mac Break Weekly, though these are the only two like that I am subscribed to..   And my least favorite is the interview format.  While I am subscribed to three of these, I rarely listened to more than one episodes from any of the three every 90 days or so.

    The cool thing about podcasting is that you don’t have to be consistent with your format.  You can do a solo show for a few weeks.  Invite someone to co-host an episode or a segment of an episode.   And you can choose to do interviews as seldom or as often as you desire.  It’s all up to you. 😉

  • LourdesWelhaven

    I’m not even done listening to this episode and just have to comment…NOW…because this episode is so good.  (1) Cliff, I love your passion in this episode…you “brought it” …you “over delivered” in this episode….thank you!  (2) Ironically, I first learned of Spencer in a recent listen (not recent episode mind you…****my**** recent ***listen*** of one of their past episodes) of Empire Flippers (I just discovered Empire Flippers…they rock…I binged listened to all of their episodes…seriously…took it all in over the course of days and am listening again and again and again but I digress).  Because the Empire Flippers are my most recent podcast addiction and because they recommended Spencer so highly I googled Spencer to listen to his podcast…and now he’s ending it.  Drat!  How will I get to know you Spencer?
    I love to read, but the likelihood of my reading any blog consistently is pretty low…unless and until I have listened to so much of someone’s audio that I just can’t help myself but read all of their stuff.  You see, I’m so busy…I have to triage my reading and read only what I consider my “VIP” reading because there’s just so much of it and ***reading requires my undivided attention.****  Alternatively, I can listen to podcasts – – and “fall in love” with the podcaster while doing other tasks.
    I’m no finger pointer…I recently took a break from one of my own podcasts to retool and figure out what the point of it is…and/or if my time is better spent on other shows.  But I will never stop podcasting because I believe that nothing else builds a relationship with one’s tribe as being with them while they fold laundry, walk the dog, drive to work, cook dinner..day in and day out…listen after listen after listen.
    Thanks Cliff for an awesome episode…Ok…now I can go back and listen to the rest of it!

  • Spencer Haws  Hey Spencer.  I am so thrilled that you are thankful for the responses that I gave in my episode.  I had “one person” who thought that my tone was “a bit too much smug superiority” for his taste.

    This was not my intention at all.  I was certainly passionate about the things that I shared.  However, I certainly respect you and I believe you could teach me just as much about marketing campaigns as I could teach you about the medium of podcasting.      I’m thankful that you viewed my “shredding of arguments” as “done nicely.” 🙂

    And yes..  I agreed with you, wholeheartedly, with your point that “people should look at all pros and cons before starting a podcast.”  In fact, that would have been a better title for your blog post.  Though, admittedly, it wouldn’t have had the same response. 😉

    1.  YES…..  YOU ARE FREE from the interview format!  You can do 15 weeks of solo show where it is nothing but your voice.  Heck, in this episode, there wasn’t anything other than my voice (NOT EVEN ANY MUSIC).  Then, out of nowhere, you can drop in an interview that you are super psyched about.  Let’s face it, there are at least A FEW interviews that you might agree to put the excel spreadsheets aside for. 😉  At any time you want, you could bring in a co-host to a single segment of your show or you could bring in a co-host to co-host a five episode series on a specific topic.  THERE ARE NO RULES.  YOU ARE FREE. 🙂   

    2. It is a guarantee that a weekly release of your podcast (40 to 52 episodes per year) would DRASTICALLY change the results you are getting from your podcast.  And I agree, you do need to determine if this is not only feasible for you existing business, but also if it is something that you “desire to do.”

    3. Fair enough on the Libsyn stats.  I see where you are coming from.   Still though, while the podcast is great at attracting new people to your brand, it also has the benefit of taking your relationship with your existing audience (who will listen) to a deeper level through your physical voice.  Also, my experience with A LOT of successful blogger is that a majority of existing blog readers would prefer to read your blog and the opposite is true for those who listen to your podcast, a vast majority of those who listen to your podcast would rather not read your blog.   The point is that you reach the most people by getting your message out on both platforms.

    4. I figured you had a very large list.     Again, this is an area where you could school me a bit.   Imagine if I did a podcast episode titled “WHY YOU SHOULD NOT CREATE A MAILING LIST” and I mention that it may work for people like Spencer Haws, Pat Flynn, etc… But my results have been so-so compared to the results I get from those who listen to my podcast.    You know…. My consistency and effort with my mailing list is actually a parallel of your experience in podcast.  Though, I will say that my mailing list of less than 2,500 people has generated well over $1,000,000 in sales since I started it back in October 2010.  So I probably won’t be creating any such podcast episode.

    4b. I’m glad that I was able to introduce the thought of the value of a podcast subscriber as compared to the value of a “website visitor.”  Even more so, I’m happy that you agree.  Perhaps this will help motivate you if you decide to continue to commit to your podcasting efforts.

    5. I AM SO EMBARRASSED.  You would think that I would learn by now to not allude to whether or not I remember meeting someone.  I feel so horrible.  REALLY I DO.  I have my super lame excuses.   At these big events where I am meeting hundreds of people, I really try to internalize who each of these people are.  But when I meet about 200+ people at a multi-day conference, I’m lucky if I am able to come away with a real connection with more than 30 to 50 brand new people.  Believe it or not, but I am actually an introvert and I’m (on the inside) overwhelmed by meeting and connecting with all these people.   While I genuinely LOVE PEOPLE, when I’m in big crowds, I secretly desire to escape and have some alone time.  

    I am SO SORRY Specener.  I do look forward to seeing you at the next event and I do look forward to the big hug.  I only ask one thing.  Please don’t try to lift me up.   Had a guy, from Texas, who did that at NMX and he cracked one of my ribs on the first day of the conference. 

    Let me just say this.  Get rid of the interview format.  Heck, GET RID  OF ALL FORMATS.   Simply do whatever the heck you want and say whatever the heck you want.  The fact is that people WANT TO HEAR FROM YOU.  It doesn’t have to be all super valuable content that you spent hours putting together.

    Heck, you could keep writing your blog posts and then at the end of the week, you could get behind the mind and summarize your thoughts on them.  DO NOT READ THEM. 🙂  But you could just talk about anything that you are passionate about, FROM THE TOP OF YOUR HEAD and people will love you for it.

    I look forward to listening!


  • John Lee Dumas Thanks John.  Spencer replied and is encouraged by my response to take a different approach to his podcasters efforts. I’m looking forward to his next episode. 🙂

  • bibliosk8er  Could not agree more my friend.  The goal should be to deliver value to your audience, no matter what platform you are using to create content.   And you are correct, my income, I believe, is a secondary effect to the value I bring to others. 

    Well said sir!

  • akidd01  I love this comment.  This is true for soooo many people.  Thanks for sharing your thoughts Andrew.

  • ShaneSams  I enjoy your 2 cents!  Well stated. Thank you for the feedback!

  • LourdesWelhaven

    Spencer Haws  Please record a solo show.  I frankly don’t want to hear you interview anyone…I want to hear YOU.

  • Spencer Haws

    Cliff Ravenscraft Spencer HawsThanks again Cliff!  And don’t be embarrassed about the times we met.  They were pretty quick, and I wouldn’t have expected you to remember.  I know how conferences are, and I know I’ve met and I just can’t remember them all.  I’m sure we’ll get a chance to meet up in the future…

  • Spencer Haws

    LourdesWelhaven Spencer HawsThanks you!  I may be doing just that…Cliff made some excellent points in that regard.

  • LourdesWelhaven  The good news is that I do not believe that Spencer Haws is ending his show.  I know that he was contemplating it.  However, if you read the comment he left below, it may actually give it another shot with a format that is more fitting for him. 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing your feedback to the episode.  I am thrilled that you are enjoying it!

  • Cliff, I can’t believe how much I appreciate your 90 minutes on this topic. I just recorded my 11th podcast today. I have been consistent with two episodes per month until last month, I only got one recorded. Your podcast inspired me to stay consistent. My numbers from libsyn have also been fairly low, but even with 30 listeners, these are 30 very dedicated people to my message. It is absolutely worth my time to invest in these 30 and I believe that will only grow. Thanks for all that you’ve done for me.


  • I wondered what your take on this would be when I read Spencer’s post last week. There is a lot of stuff to take away here – from both perspectives.

  • Cliff, first of all thanks for the mention of my show. It’s not always easy to produce a new episode of my show each week, but I can tell you for sure it pays off. And the payoff is about more than just numbers of listeners and dollars (because for a long time those were both quite low). But from the beginning, I saw that the show was impacting people’s lives. And THAT payoff is in fact available right from the beginning of any podcast, from the moment you have even ONE listener.

    I loved this episode, and I listened to the WHOLE TWO HOURS… and then purchased GoGoInflight Internet access because I felt compelled to write this response right away.

    How’s THAT for a response?

    Also, it occurs to me that Spencer may have just puled off the most brilliant bit of link-baiting I have seen in a long time. And I’m not being critical of him, I’m tipping my hat to him. He probably got a HUGE boost in listenership as a result of this episode. Well, played, sir. Well played.

  • bedrock3  Congrats on your 11th episode.  That’s awesome.   Nothing wrong with low numbers.  If you have 10 people listening to your show, even that would be quite an honor.  You are staring with the right attitude.  I wish you continued success.

  • RayEdwards  Well played indeed.   Ray, you are one awesome dude.  I’m incredibly honored that you paid for GoGoInflight just so that you could write me this comment.  

    You rock sir!

  • Cliff Ravenscraft That just shows the value of compelling content!

  • Michael_Kickingbear

    Hi Cliff,

    In this episode (355) at about 39 Minutes in, you were talking about Spencer Haw’s listener numbers. At one point, you said that he shared a screenshot of his libsyn stats, but you were quoting his individual download numbers.  How did you get that information?  The reason that I ask is that If I consider advertising on someone’s podcast, I want to know their current numbers.  The fear I have is that they provide me false numbers.  Todd Cocoran’s Blubrry service at Raw Vice certify their statistics. I think this is a good idea, but I just don’t know how we can verify someones numbers when presented to us. Can you comment of this please?



  • Michael_Kickingbear My first piece of advice.  Don’t buy ads from someone you don’t trust.   

    Here’s the image that Spencer shared in his post: http://share.gspn.tv/Vkpa

    Note: Anything written in RED, I added to the image.   The “circles” represent the “PEAK” which easily tells me that those are the release of a new episode.  I was able to confirm this with the publication dates of his episodes from his rss feed.

    With all that being said, anyone with basic photoshop skills can fake any stats they want to report to you.  That is why I say that you should never pay to advertise on a podcast where you do not fully trust the integrity of the host to report accurate numbers.

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