358 Should I Use SoundCloud? Setting Boundaries With Your Audience? Co-Hosting Advice & More

by Cliff Ravenscraft on May 22, 2014

No Computer Keys Showing Denial Panic And NegativityWhy Every Entrepreneur Should Become An Expert At Saying No!
Recently, I received an email, from Gloria, that said…

“I Just spent the day listening to your podcast! So valuable and I feel so blessed to have found it!

In episode 321, you mentioned a talk you gave about four reasons entrepreneurs should say no. Do you mind sharing what the four reasons were?

Also any advice on how to respectfully decline the “Can I pick your brain?” requests? I am a motivational speaker and people are starting to ask me how to get into the industry (truth is, I got my first booking after 4 days! That wasn’t because of me, that was purely God!).

I know this is only going to increase once I start my podcast, as recently someone came up to me at a memorial service to try to network with me!

I don’t want to be rude, but have you found a way to respectfully, as a Christian, turn down people’s requests?

Any advice would be so appreciated.

God bless.

In response to Gloria’s email, I spent most of my time sharing the reasons why one should become more skilled at saying no. If you are looking for tips on how to effectively say no, I highly encourage you to check out episode 91 of Michael Hyatt’s podcast on this topic. (starts at 00:05:37)

Current Thoughts On Tagging
Ted called in a question about tagging .mp3 files. I spent a few moments of this episode sharing my current thoughts on tagging your .mp3 files with metadata. You can see my old tutorial on tagging by clicking here. (00:37:36)

Co-Hosting Advice
Alex called in to say that he started a movie review podcast with some friends and that it has been very successful so far. Alex has some interest in monetizing the platform while his co-hosts seem very opposed to the idea. He asked for my thoughts on this subject and I gave them in this episode. (00:43:15)

Should I Use SoundCloud?
Dana called in to say that she’s heard a number of podcasters mention that their shows could be found in iTunes, Stitcher and now on SoundCloud. She wanted to know if I thought that she needed to include her podcast on the SoundCloud platform as well. I share my response to Dana’s question in this episode. (00:53:48)

Submit Your Question For The Show
You can submit your questions by clicking here.

Podcasting A to Z
Do you want to learn how to podcast but don’t know where to start? Podcasting A to Z is a four week online training course that walks you through each step in the process of setting up a podcast. You not only get step-by-step tutorials, but you also have the ability to get answers to all your questions during the four week session.

If you have been thinking about starting a podcast, this is the course for you. Just head over to http://PodcastingAtoZ.com for full details. I look forward to potentially working with you.

Upcoming Event Schedule
220calOne of my favorite things about traveling to, and speaking at conferences, is meeting members of my community. I always make it a point to host a community meetup wherever I travel.

Below is a list of events that you might be interested in. If you can make it to any of these events, I’d love to have the opportunity to meet you. If you are not able to attend the event, but are in that area, I’d still love for you to come to the personal community meetup that I will host in that town.

Podcast Movement Conference
August 16-17, 2014 – Dallas, TX
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Platform Conference
November 9-11, 2014 – Colorado Springs, CO
Conference Link – Click Here
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Free Month of Media Hosting With Libsyn!
Because of all the years of sending clients to sign up for accounts with Libsyn, they have created an affiliate program only given to a hand selected group of podcasting experts. I’m delighted that I am now able to offer your ONE MONTH FREE when you sign up for a new account with Libsyn. Simply use promo code GSPN when you sign up! For my complete thoughts on podcast hosting, click here.

Podcast Video Tutorials:
I have a growing list of video tutorials that I have created based upon the the top things my clients have hired me to help them with. See the full list of tutorials by clicking here.

I Appreciate Your iTunes Reviews!
If you have ever read my blog post about how iTunes podcast ratings work, then you know just how valuable leaving a 5 star rating and/or a written review can be to a content producer.

I am so incredibly thankful to those who have recently gone into my listing in iTunes to provide a five star rating and a written review of Podcast Answer Man.

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  • hejfabiola

    GSPN amazing voce you have. I must work on my podcast voice! 🙂 thanks for a amazing show!

  • GSPN

    hejfabiola Thank you. I’ve produced over 3,200 episodes. So I’ve had lots of practice

  • Thanks for answering the question about Soundcloud.

    I have been thinking about if Soundcloud is worth it myself.

    Also, I asked a question in your group over at 48days.net and I would love your feedback. 

    I plan to submit a similar question for your show later.


  • DerekCOlsen Answer it there Derek.  I hope you have an amazing weekend!

  • rickrock_777

    thedannymullen GSPN Will do!

  • thedannymullen

    rickrock_777 GSPN minute 53ish. Starts discussion on SoundCloud

  • rickrock_777

    thedannymullen GSPN SoundCloud Thx! I have it bookmarked for later.

  • GuitarSightedAlex

    Thanks so much Cliff for fielding my question, it gave me a lot to think about and I decided it would be simplest to just hit the reset button before getting too far down the road.  So with that said, my wife and I just released our debut episode on Soundcloud and I hope to be on iTunes within the next two weeks or so.  Link is here if you want to listen 🙂 https://soundcloud.com/good-crowd-entertainment/mt001-x-men-days-of-future

  • I agree with you about SoundCloud. I’d like them to take their podcasting service out of beta. Then, I’d feel comfortable recommending SoundCloud to others.

  • crainbf

    We’ve been hosting our podcast on SoundCloud, (After using PodBean briefly.) and have had a great experience. We’ve done 28 episodes so far https://soundcloud.com/epicenterbitcoin. Admittedly, I haven’t used Blubrry or Libsyn so can’t compare it to them, but SoundCloud is definitely far superior to PodBean.

    The service is pretty cheap, has solid stats, the UI is great and it also has by far the best-designed sound player.

    I don’t know about the correlation between followers and plays, but we’ve gotten about 3,000 plays through Soundcloud itself. That’s about 17% of our total plays and I guess those people wouldn’t have listened to the podcast if we’d been on a service that only does hosting, but doesn’t allow discovery.

    Anyway, I’m not an expert on podcast hosting, but we do take our show seriously and for us SoundCloud has worked well.

  • crainbf Thank you so much for sharing your experience with SoundCloud.  I am thrilled to hear that it has been working out so well for you.

  • TrishJones

    Hi there Cliff. Thank you so much for your advice about SoundCloud. I saw a player on Pay Flynn’s site and guessed it was a SoundCloud player, and since I wanting to do the short answer daily podcast (might use hangouts though), I was very interested. Because of your clear explanation of SoundCloud, I’ll pass for now.

    By the way, I have recently re-fired up my podcasts having let them slip since end of 2012 (ouch!) and whilst I love hangouts, after doing some research on viewer numbers my heart was just swayed towards podcasting. Still unsure, I came to your site looking for your take on Hangouts and saw your video in the sidebar about “4 reasons why you should podcast.” Let me tell you, the exhale was huge! I went downstairs into my kitchen and I said “God, you know when the heart knows!” As if He doesn’t right! 

    Your 4 Reasons video is “THE” best on why you should podcast. Thank you!

  • TrishJones Thank you Trish.   Yeah, I am not a fan of Google Hangouts for building an audience.  I think they can be great for connecting with a “very few” people who are already a part of your audience. 

    I’m so thankful that you watched my video on why podcasting is the single greatest investment you can make to take your message to the next level. 🙂

  • TrishJones

    Cliff Ravenscraft TrishJones Yes, since my comment above, I’ve decided to keep my videos to ScreenFlow tutorials or similar videos to what you created on the 4 Reasons Why You Should Podcast. Gosh, I’ve just simplified my life!! 🙂

  • TrishJones

    Cliff Ravenscraft TrishJones Can I just ask your opinion on Hangouts just for the audio portion compared to Call Recorder or do you think Call Recorder best?

  • TrishJones Trish, please use one of the three methods found at http://PodcastAnswerMan.com/feedback to send this to me as an audio question and I’ll attempt to answer it on an upcoming episode of Podcast Answer Man.

  • TanaCorporon

    Just wanted to give my two cents about SoundCloud.  We absolutely love them, thus far!  My husband does a political morning talk show on a national AM radio station here in Denver, Monday thru Friday 5-8am, so storage fees were HUGE for us at other places (clearly not a real “podcast” but since a lot of people are not up and about at 5am, I create a downloadable podcast for them, commercial free, etc.)  SoundCloud was SO affordable for their premium service, and we have had zero issues, not to mention, so many people who have told us they found us on “SoundCloud” and became listeners.  
    We are in their podcast beta service, which I, too, hope will get out of Beta.  But I have to give kudos to them for not only the affordability, the ease of use (which each sound automatically uploads to several FB pages, twitter account, etc.), the great looking player, but also – anytime I’ve had a question…big or small, a GREAT customer rep person has gotten back to me usually by the next day.  
    My concern IS that if they don’t get out of Beta…what does that mean for us?  AND, since now this show has gotten so big here in Colorado, and Crawford Broadcasting has put people and advertising behind it, I’m thinking we might have to move to a “real” full podcast hosting place, which I’m assuming we’ll go to Libsyn (and will go thru your affiliation just because we think you’re Great!!), but what do you think about their RSS feed service?  
    This week I’m going to try to tackle setting us up on iTunes – we have 127 episodes to upload or submit.  Do I still go from Soundcloud to iTunes?  Or do you still recommend going thru Feedburner….OR, do you think since we’re already on Soundcloud, just use their RSS feed and go directly to iTunes??

    Planning on being at your conference in Colorado Springs this year!!! Glad you’re coming here 🙂

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