359 Should I Rebrand & Relaunch My Show To Take Advantage of New & Noteworthy?

by Cliff Ravenscraft on May 29, 2014


Rebranding Concept - Hit Red Target.Immediately after recording this episode, I announced to those who were watching live, in the chat room, that I would personally rate this episode about a 6 out of 10 on a quality scale.

Going into the episode, I was pretty excited about the content that I had planned for the show. However, I ended up doing one of my long-winded monologues that some may take as an extended sales pitch for my current session of Podcasting A to Z. That was not the intention.

I had plans to respond to a total of four listener questions. However, I only ended up getting to the first two.

Greg had a quick question about why I sell a digital audio recorder in my Podcast Answer Man Equipment Package.

Also, a listener, who introduced himself as Buck Inspire, called in to say that he’s been podcasting for several years and is not satisfied with the number of downloads that he’s been getting for his show. He wanted to know if I thought that rebranding and relaunching his show, for the purpose of making the most of iTune’s New & Noteworthy exposure, would help him achieve his goals much faster.

I went quite a bit overboard in my response to Buck. So much so, that I actually question the value of the overall feel of the episode. With that said, I didn’t say anything that I didn’t honestly feel about my review of where Buck’s show is today and what he could do to take it to the next level.

With that, I’m simply writing this to tell you that I don’t feel that this is among my best work as a professional podcaster. However, it is what I’ve produced this week.



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One word. "WOW!"

I loved this episode. Especially because I just started my own podcast, this content was very good to hear/observe.


Hi Cliff,

First off, thanks for taking on my question as I've been struggling with this recently.I did not expect a full deep dive into my show, but it was something I sorely needed.On the surface, my show and blog was made an example of what not to do.Although my ego was slightly bruised, I took a step back and realized you were genuinely trying to help.This episode was a textbook example of helpful and thoughtful constructive criticism.Thank you for your professionalism, detailed analysis, compassion, and respect.I know you are extremely busy and I truly appreciate it.

I took your advice to heart and adjusted some low hanging fruit.My audio player was moved to the top and I chose a cleaner interface.I added additional subscribe buttons to my other media channels and I adjusted my About page.But doesn't the world revolve around Southern California?I'm sure your good friends Pat Flynn, Amy Porterfield, and John Lee Dumas may agree.Haha.I'm kidding of course.Let's dive deeper into some of your most critical points.

I may be biased, but this episode was extremely valuable for me.I agree with your other commenter.You are being too hard on yourself.However this also shows your high standard of excellence.Unless all your listeners are professional podcasters with no confusion in their message, branding, and audience, I'm sure they got value as well.It may not be a 10 in their book as it is in mine, but I'm sure they would rate you higher than your 6.Can we split the difference at 8?

Next up, you were very hung up on my name.I totally see where you are coming from.Let me explain how that pseudonym came to be almost four years ago.My how time flies.Among my core group of friends, my nickname is Inspire.That is a whole story in and of itself.As I explored the world of blogging I gravitated toward personal finance as I am quite frugal and passionate about saving.Names like J$ and Mr. Money Mustache made me see that it was possible to be successful using a pseudonym.Throw in one Johnny B. Truant in the mix and I was ready to join that trio as Buck Inspire.The Buck is indeed a reference to money and I was a big fan of Buck Rodgers.I even used his cartoon image as my profile pic in the early stages of the blog.I also felt that using a pseudonym would give me the freedom to express my thoughts on money and my work issues.

Almost four years later, I now see that I lack the no holds barred personality and pushing the envelope points of view of the other three to be more successful.Was I setting myself up for failure?Delusions of grandeur?I do have to say, over the years, I have formed online and offline relationships and people now know me as Buck Inspire.Similar to how we all know you as the Podcast Answerman.Of course, my real name is missing in front of the AKA.I somehow convinced myself this would be good for branding and pushed to get this name in as many people's minds as possible.I do see how this makes trust and community building an uphill battle.Sadly, this pseudonym gave me the strength take action and start my blog in the first place.Almost four years later, I don’t know of any other way of getting my message out and my voice heard.

On the technical end, I loved how you broke down the audio quality of different portions of my first minute.I am embarrassed for publishing my show that way and apologize for my lack of quality control.I somehow thought the content would be valuable enough to offset the audio quality.I lacked objectivity and now understand my listener might already be gone after the first 30 seconds.

As for equipment, I use a Blue Snowball connected to an old MacBook Air and the first snippet where you gave me a 7 I was in a walk in closet which doubles as my recording studio.I swear I did not apply a reverb, but perhaps the small confined space generated it naturally.The segment where I reintroduced what my show is about was done through a PC with my Snowball through Skype and MP3 Recorder as I was trying to match the sound level of my interview as my earlier episodes had issues with sound consistency.Oddly, after doing this a handful of times, this quality never comes close to the quality I get when I am actually on with my guest.I may need to scrap this technique.I thought I was being clever, but obviously the results were below par.

Seventy-five episodes later you would think my show would be less confused and at a higher standard.That’s what prompted my listener question in the first place.Honestly, this current format is my third iteration.My first go at it was short inspirational commentary and anecdotes.Second, it was a casual conversation with a successful entrepreneur. Now you just heard the current (third) iteration with its more defined interview format.I loved the audio branding so much that I never changed it even though it conflicted with the current format.I now see the error in my ways.

Final Thoughts

I totally agree that the Buck Inspire Podcast means nothing to most listeners.Once again, I wrongly convinced myself that this would be great for the blog and branding.Only now do I see that a more meaningful title makes more sense.My ego was at work again.Thank you for reminding me to not forget my existing audience.It is a privilege that they take time out of their busy lives to give me a platform.I was momentarily blinded by stats and was trying to keep up with the Jonses.Thank you also for your kind words on getting out of the comfort zone, new job, and being a father.It was very thoughtful.Finally, It was an honor having my show put under the Podcast Answerman microscope.Keep up your great work helping people get to the next level.

Stay Inspired!




I think you are being a bit too hard on yourself. I found this episode very insightful and helpful. Especially the way you broke down the components of Buck's show and explained your thoughts on each part. It was great stuff.


@buckinspire I got value from this episode thanks to your question the the insight that it drew from Cliff. Thanks for your humble and thoughtful response in the comments as well. Man, an inventory of 75 shows! I wouldn't let those go. Maybe just make your own developmental story of the changes in your podcast part of the show too. 

Cliff Ravenscraft
Cliff Ravenscraft moderator

@buckinspire I am so thrilled to hear that you found great value in the episode and that I had not offended you by going into such a deep dive into my thoughts on why you may not be achieving the results that you desire.

Thank you so much for the very detailed response to this episode.  I have no doubt that many people will find your followup to this episode valuable.

I wish you great success as you continue along your online content creating journey.  


@gaplauche Very observant.  I was nailed by hackers and never found time the time to find a better theme.  I totally agree that using a free WordPress theme greatly reduces my professionalism.  Will correct this ASAP.  Thanks for the feedback!

Cliff Ravenscraft
Cliff Ravenscraft moderator

@gaplauche Yep, the website could use a little tender loving care.  However, I think that he's has a significant overall branding issue with the name and focus of his podcast that would make the website a much lower priority of things to work on. ;)

Cliff Ravenscraft
Cliff Ravenscraft moderator

@JDSutter Thanks JD.  I may have been a bit hard on myself with this one.  I guess I'll wait to see if Buck responds.  I'm going to be really embarrassed if his name is Buck Inspire. :)


@SteviePuckett Thanks for your feedback Stevie.  Love your idea about making a developmental story about changes to my podcast part of the show.  May need to implement that real soon.  Thanks again!

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