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  • LegalSeagullPodcast I got my chair at IKEA

  • Brian Wallace

    I agree.  I love the new logo!

  • Brian Wallace Thanks Brian!!

  • You could switch entirely to YouTube for your live-streaming video. I’m a contributing developer to the . This plugin lets me place a single embed on my WordPress site and the embed automatically shows the countdown to my next YouTube live event, and shows the even when I’m live. There’s no page refresh necessary from countdown to live, but a refresh is currently required between events. But you never have to change the code.

    I’m working on implementing AJAX so viewers will never have to refresh the page.

  • I’ve just finished recording my 85th podcast episode…it’s called ‘I Feel Like an Impostor’. Yes, I suffer from it – but I plough on every week regardless. Thanks for the inspirational kick in the butt. It’s going live tomorrow.

  • atlumschema Awesome.  Keep putting out what you have experienced and what you are learning along the way and there is no need to feel like an imposter.  Just be yourself. 😉

  • I cite that very quote from your show! So much truth and wisdom in the cliff. Thanks!

  • FYI: here is Episode 85: I Feel Like an Impostor 😉


  • ChrisJones629

    Cliff Ravenscraft,  I listened to this episode last weekend and listened to it again this evening as I am preparing episode notes for my wife and my first podcast episode with content.  (I followed your recommendation you gave me in our coaching call to start a podcast.)  Some of the topics we will cover feel way out of our area of expertise.  But we plan on heeding your advice to share our experiences up to this point,
    share what we are learning along the way, and share
    the things we hope to achieve.  Thank you for this charge you gave about how to not be an imposter!  It was perfect timing for us!

  • ChrisJones629 Thank you for sharing how this topic helped you in the content that you are creating.  Congrats on decision to move forward with confidence that you can help others with what you already know and what you are learning along the way.

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