380 Are Podcasters Narcissists? & New Interview Request Procedure

by Cliff Ravenscraft on November 6, 2014

Man holding up a picture frame around his headAre Podcasters Narcissists?
From the time I started getting involved in social media, I began hearing people talk about Narcissism. Not that I was a Narcissist, but that just sharing about your life on social media seemed to be a very narcissistic thing to do. Someone had posted a comment on last week’s episode about Narcissistic Personality Disorder and suggested that episode 379 was a bit over the top.

I’ll admit that I do feel that I can go overboard when sharing my own journey. However, I genuinely struggle with that and feeling called to share my life, online, in an authentic way that can help benefit others. With that said, I figured I’d take a closer look at symptoms of Narcissistic Personality Disorder. In this episode, I share the thoughts that I had as I was reading through these symptoms.

New Interview Request Procedure
I have been blessed to have gained quite a bit of attention and exposure for my business over the past several years. As a result, I am often presented invitations to be a guest on other podcasts to share my story. In this episode, I share why being a guest on other podcasts is among one of my favorite things to do and why I have done so few podcast interviews so far this year.

More importantly, I share how I intend to get back into a regular routine of making myself available for these opportunities with my new podcast interview request procedures. If you want to hear all the geeky details, click play now.

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  • Hey Cliff, quick observation about your gradual shift in show context and format – the feedback you’re receiving is both praise  (you be you) and flak for changing.  Change is good…. keep stretching your boundaries. 

    Almost every Thurs or Friday evening I’m driving home from downtown Los Angeles listening to Podcast Answer Man Like our favorite TV programs – each weekly episode has been adopted into my weekly routine.  #AutoPilot

  • akaTGIF I appreciate at that Byron.   I’m thinking about some exciting possibilities for the future.   I prefer to keep changing and evolving. It keeps things interesting for sure.
    So honored to be a part of your weekly routine.

  • MarcoW

    Hello Cliff, I love listening to YOU talk about your world. My favorite podcast of yours is Pursuing A Balanced Life, where you walk around discussing goals, ideas, plans etc…

    However, I think that PodcastAnswerMan should be about podcasts & everything to do with podcasting. Yes maybe a mention of your life in passing, but it is supposed to be a podcast about podcasting.

    You were right not to use the PodcastAnswerMan intro/outro music this week, because this was actually the ‘Cliff Ravencraft Show’.

    Don’t get me wrong, I would be a subscriber of a new ‘Cliff Ravenscraft Show’ , but I just believe it should clearly be a separate podcast.

  • JarenBarnes

    Hey brother, I’m really enjoying the new Intro and outro… It feels so personal, it’s like we’re just having a one-on-one convo.
    Im with you regardless of what direction you go into in the future, thanks for being faithful to the Call of God on your life!

  • Hi Cliff, as a new podcaster I REALLY enjoyed this episode.  Your authenticity  and honesty in sharing who you are and your wisdom on how to deal with that kind of feedback. Thank you for  encouraging us to share our message without making excuses or feeling like we have a narcisstic disorder 🙂 Besides. its your show, why can´t  you talk about what you want? Am a new listener to you on podcasting tips, but this was just as helpful.  P.S *confession* I  modelled your  “Taking your life to the next level”   tagline 🙂 and last week I actually talked about the 5 Love Languages  on my show…Thank you from a new regular subscriber. God bless you.

  • MarcoW Marco.  Thank you for the feedback.  I actually have enjoyed not doing the music at the opening and the end of the show.  I may continue with this.  We’ll see..

    If Podcast Answer Man had to always be about podcasting and everything to do with podcasting (the technical stuff), I would simply have to stop producing the show.

    My passion is more in line with WHAT A PERSON CAN ACCOMPLISH WITH THEIR PODCAST and how to manage relationships, time, and everything else that comes up as a result of the success of having a podcast with a very large following.

  • JarenBarnes Jaren, You’re the 2nd person to comment on this.   Come to think about it.  I am enjoying it a great deal more.  It just seems so much more natural and authentic feeling.

    I do see the value in a consistent audio branding as well.  

    I’ll continue to give this though.  If I were recording a show today, I’d probably do it without the music again. 😉

  • TheGoalsCoach Nancy.  Thank you so much for this feedback.  I feel strongly about this show being whatever I want to talk about as well.   I’m just so excited to know a new person to the show finds the type of value that I am hoping to convey in these types of episodes.

    I’m so encouraged by your feedback.  Thank you!

    I wish you great success with your show!

  • MarcoW

    Cliff Ravenscraft I hear you loud & clear Cliff.  I just wonder what I would think if I were a totally new podcaster & this weeks show was my very first introduction to the PodcastAnswerMan…. would it be what I had expected, would it be what the shows title had implied it was going to be?

  • MarcoW, It’s interesting that you ask this question.  I was at a cocktail party here at the Platform Conference this evening.  It just so happens that I met two people tonight who are brand new to my podcast, within the past two weeks.

    That had heard about me from Michael Hyatt and when they learned that I was speaking at the event about podcasting, they decided to listen to my show to get a feel for who I am and what I do before coming to the conference.  Both of them are very interested in the possibility in starting a podcast within the next 90 days.

    Both of them told me that they absolutely loved the two most recent episodes and it made them want to learn more about podcasting.   As a result, they browsed my site, saw my free tutorial and are planning to take my Podcasting A to Z course in January.

  • Cliff, this article just popped up on my flipboard: http://www.womenshealthmag.com/life/are-you-a-narcissist 🙂

  • Cliff, I hear you loud and clear in this podcast.  Too many people do not realize how valuable they really are and choose to see themselves as less not realizing they are short circuiting themselves in how much they can really achieve.  There is nothing wrong with some “humble swagger”.  As Ray Edwards says:  “motions follow emotions”.  There is a lot of wrong teachings going out out there that are accepted as “normal” and anything that goes against this accepted behavior and teaching, will be seen as radical and divisive.  Well so be it, sometimes it needs to be that way in order to reach the people that need to be reached.  Thanks for sharing your message and of your time.

  • PS:  Our calling from God is a true walk of Faith.  Like you mentioned,
    what you see in the natural will be totally different in the
    Supernatural.  Walk in faith, look for the next step and only the next
    step.  The answers will come over time.  Enjoy the journey, after all, it’s temporary.  Eternity will reflect on what we did down here in the temporary.  PEACE!

  • I loved the discourse on narcissistic personality disorder and you addressed the Rob Flores comment in exactly the right way. Two words came to mind as I listened to you: authentic and human. Authentic for not straying from who you are, and recognising there are traits in your personality that could lead to issues if they were expressed in excess, which they are not. Humanness (is that a word?) for sharing feelings that we all experience – occasional jealousy and envy, and an enjoyment of praise. To me, and to many of your listeners I am sure, your openness is refreshing and honest.

  • Thank you so much for the feedback Heather. This is certainly in line with what most everyone else has shared with me as it relates to what I talked about in this episode. I really appreciate that you found the feel of this episode as refreshingly honest. 😉

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