403 – Podcast Patent Victory – Picking Up Where Serial Left Off – And Much More

by Cliff Ravenscraft on May 6, 2015

311patentPodcast Patent Victory?
The Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), reported that they had successfully convinced the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office to invalidate key claims in the so-called “podcasting patent.” You can read more about this on their site by clicking here.

Picking Up Where Serial Left Off
I recently subscribed to the Undisclosed-Podcast.
From their website: “The Undisclosed Podcast is a listening experience that reframes, enhances or otherwise shifts everything you’ve come to know about the State of Maryland’s case against Adnan Syed, especially as you’ve come to know it through listening to Serial. In order to do that, we intend to revisit the case from the beginning, looking at all the available evidence. Not only will we look at the evidence that was presented in Serial, but we will also provide new evidence that we’ve uncovered in our investigation. We have combed through police and court records that the Serial team did not possess during the podcast, and done much, much more to get to the truth. Accordingly, we aspire to present the best possible version of the events as we believe those events to be. We will also present theories that we believe the evidence best construes. Perhaps most importantly, we will provide you with all of our evidence as part of that process.”

Other Topics In This Episode:

  • More mainstream media attention given to podcasting.
  • Ijeoma lands her first paid advertiser. (Contract Example Mentioned)
  • Why I purchased the domain FitnessAnswerMan.com

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    • Michael W. Geoghegan


      I’ve bee listening for a while and wanted to provide you with a big picture observation.

      You resenting you’re listeners comments, then taking them to task in a podcast episodes is not a act of of Grace.

      last year I noticed you’ve been taking on and sparring with a few of
      you’re listeners. Disappointed to see you taking on the trolls head on.
      Cliff, this just does not look good.

      Professionally – has this crossed the line of bad taste?

    • Cliff – you mentioned putting up the contract for sponsorship/advertising. I don’t see it up yet. Thanks!

    • Ryan, thanks for the heads up. I’ve added it to the notes. Here’s the direct link: http://share.gspn.tv/apEK/Sponsorship.jpg

    • Michael, I can certainly see where you are coming from. I’ve had two others who have reached out to me with a similar concern.

      Personally, as I look back on this issue, I’m on the fence about how I feel regarding the decision to bring up the trolls and argue my defence on a few of the topics that I’ve shared in the past few months.

      I know that I’m not going to change the mind of the troll and even responding to them or giving them any attention only serves to “feed them.”

      In episode 389, I did read the comment from one such troll who wrote “I’ve been following your Dayone Journaling. One thing is clear you’re not a health and fitness expert, not even close…” and “You’re pawning yourself off as legit in Health and Fitness when you are not.” This is the episode where the other two folks shared similar feedback as to what you have shared here.

      However, I have had hundreds of folks email me and tell me just how valuable that episode was to them.

      I had folks who told me that they were also dealing with criticism from others and were thinking about throwing in the towel with their online efforts. They said this episode convinced them that they needed to reconnect with their reason WHY for doing their podcast and to just keep moving forward, focusing on those who are benefiting from what they are putting out into the world.

      There were also a number of folks who reached out to tell me that they hadn’t yet had to deal with any trolls at this point. However, they were certainly dealing with their own, internal, limiting beliefs about their credibility in the niche for which they were podcasting about. They mentioned how this episode helped them grow in their self-confidence.

      Have I crossed the line of bad taste? With over nearly 3,300 podcast episodes published since 2005, I’m absolutely certain that I’ve crossed the line on a number of occasions.

      I do regret most of those occasions and have learned a great deal about myself and areas of my own life where I have much room to grow. I sincerely appreciate feedback like this.

      I doubt that I’ll be highlighting the comments of trolls, or other listeners who disagree with me, again any time soon in my show(s). I do know that that I am capable of putting better content out into the world.

      Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts.

      Sincerely, Cliff

    • James Phetsing

      The irony of you downplaying the production quality value of Podcasters taking their Podcast’s to the highest level; Ala big productions such as Serial Podcast and other featured on NPR, PRX, WNYC, etc.

      Of all people Mr. Take it to the next level is marginalizing Podcasters taking their work to the next level.

      I havnt noticed the PAM format changing since your adoption of “Take everything you do to the next level.”

      Cliff, are you on the slippery slope not practising what you preach?

      Just sayin, you cant really skate around the obvious irony.

    • Hey Cliff, I’m dying to hear your talk from NMX. I can’t remember whether you mentioned that you’d release it on Podcast Answer Man or Pursuing a Balanced Life. I’ve searched YouTube to no luck. I’m loving content about growing audience deep and can’t wait to hear your comments on this subject. Love your stuff, Cliff. Thanks

    • James, I’m not against podcasters who are taking their production value to the next level. I’m a huge proponent of this. However, what I sometimes speak against is when a podcaster sees the success of another podcast and then simply tries to duplicate their success by completely adopting their format.

      Examples are as follows:

      My friend, John Dumas, has had amazing success with his Entrepreneur On Fire podcast. Many podcasters were so enamored by the consistent report of large monthly download numbers that they decided to abandon their weekly show format and to move to a seven day per week release schedule.

      This shift backfired in almost every situation. Many burned out and simply quit producing their show. Some lost a significant number of regular subscribers because they simply couldn’t keep up with the number of new episodes and they simply unsubscribed.

      The other big example of this is when SERIAL and STARTUP first came onto the scene. Yes, they were VERY POPULAR SHOWS. Everyone “thought” that the success and appeal of the show was the well scripted and super highly produced narrative story telling format of these shows.

      I’ve argued, from the beginning, that this is a great format, but that the format of the show was not what made these two shows popular. In both instances, it had so much to do with the promotional value they got from their coming out of This American Life / NPR. On top of that, each show was telling AN AMAZING STORY that captured the hearts and attention of those who checked out the show. Yes, the way these stories were being told was SUPER AWESOME. However, I’ve argued that even if the format were (less produced), the shows would have done just as well due to the promotional value of where they came from and with the stories that were being told.

      However, this didn’t keep many podcasters from abandoning their normal podcast format and opting to attempt to duplicate the highly produced narrative story telling of these two shows. In fact, for a few weeks, a few of my podcasts that I subscribed to had episodes that were based upon this new format. In each case, the host boasted about the fact that while previous episodes had taken about 2 to 4 hours to produce from beginning to end, these new episodes, produced in this fashion, had taken between 20 to 35 hours to produce from beginning to end.

      Thankfully, none of these podcasters gave up. However, ALL OF THEM did drop that format, explaining that there simply wasn’t enough return on hours spent to keep up with that format for their shows.

      My point is that people shouldn’t shift the format of their show every time something new comes along. In fact, when I say “Take everything you do to the next level,” I really mean “everything” and not just your podcast production.

      As for me not practicing what I preach, I encourage you to go back and listen to episode 390 (http://podcastanswerman.com/390). In that episode, I explained, in great detail, what I was doing to take my life to the next level in 2015.

      During the first few episodes of 2015, I made it very clear that I was putting less emphasis on my business pursuits this year and was making my health and physical fitness my #1 priority in my life.

      Since November 14th, I’ve worked out six days a week, every single week and I’ve made a commitment to doing this for the rest of my life. This Thursday will be six months of keeping this commitment.

      I’m in the gym three days a week doing one hour of SUPER INTENSE STRENGTH TRAINING and every other day of the week I’m doing HIGH INTENSITY CARDIO EXERCISE. I’m very much practicing what I preach.

    • Curt, Thank you so much for your interest in hearing this talk. The talk went extremely well. I was planning to publish the recording from NMX soon after I got back from Vegas. However, NMX has a much lower turnout than I expected and as such, I petitioned the guys at Podcast Movement to allow me to do this same talk in Texas this August.

      As such, I don’t to air this talk on my show prior to giving that talk at Podcast Movement. I will record the audio of my talk from Podcast Movement and will release that version of the talk in Mid August.

      I hope you can understand and I appreciate your patience. I promise, the value of the content from this talk will be worth the wait. 🙂

    • I totally understand and respect your decision. Another way God is teaching me patience. 🙂
      I went back to episode 254 and your speech on why podcasting from Platform conference and listened a couple times. I’m getting the most enjoyment from engaging with my guests from the past year. Loving it and looking for more ways to build those real relationships. Thanks for all you do!

    • Thank you so much for understanding Curt. August will be here before we know it. Until then, I encourage you to ASK LOTS OF QUESTIONS any time you get a chance to engage with any listener of your show. Asking questions keeps the conversation going and helps you learn more and more about that person. Learning more about that person allows you to understand even more ways that you can bring more value into their lives. So whether they email you, leave a comment on your blog/shownotes or if they leave you a comment on Facebook, respond and end that response with a question to keep the conversation going.

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