408 – A Lapel Mic for the Roland Recorder AND Marc Maron & The President of The United States Take Podcasting To A Whole New Level

by Cliff Ravenscraft on June 23, 2015

The Sony ECM-CS3 Lapel Mic Works Great with the Roland R-05 Recorder
In this episode, I demonstrate, from the field, just how well the Sony ECM-CS3 lapel mic works with the Roland R-05 Recorder. In fact, for this part of the episode, I’m actually riding my bicycle at relatively high speeds with little to no wind noise whatsoever. This section starts at 18 minutes and 26 seconds into the episode.

Marc Maron & The President of The United States

I was blown away when I saw a link to the article in Vanity Fair that shared the behind the scenes look into how Marc Maron prepared for his podcast interview of President Barack Obama.

I was like… What? Marc Maron got The President of The United States of America to agree to do a podcast interview? And then, when I clicked through to the article, I discovered that President Obama actually went to Marc’s home and did the podcast interview in his homemade podcast studio in the garage! INCREDIBLE.

I spend the first several moments of this episode explaining why I think that this is such a huge deal. You can listen to the episode on Marc’s website. You can see some photos Marc posted by clicking here.

A Question From Twitter

Lacey asked me the question embedded above on Twitter this morning. I spent some time answering her question starting at 43 minutes and 45 seconds into the episode.

In answering her, I did mention that you could hook up an ATR-2100 microphone directly to a Roland R-05 Recorder using a Hosa XVM-105F cable. However, I did mention that if her Audio Technica microphone was a condenser microphone, this would not work.

Also, I mentioned that if she is just starting out and wants to record Skype interviews, she doesn’t need a Roland Recorder. Instead, she should just plug her Audio Technica into the computer and use a program designed to record Skype audio to record the interviews. For Windows users, I recommend PAMELA and for Mac users, I recommend CALL RECORDER.

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  • Crazy amazing about the lapel mike. I noticed it picked up car and lawnmower noise and a tiny bit of bicycle noise.

    How well does it work while driving?

  • I can see using this not for podcasting, but for dictating blog posts, dictating a book you’re writing etc – definitely clear enough to upload to a service like Rev.

  • Ali Jarshiran

    Cliff, you sooooo over use “take it to the next level” you have worn it out. DUDE, are you conscious of this?

  • It’s fine in the car. Episode 611 of Pursuing A Balanced Life started in the car. You can listen to it at http://gspn.tv/pabl611

  • Yep. For sure.

  • I’ve had maybe one other person tell me that before. I disagree though. It’s a big part of my message. I love the concept of taking everything we do the the “next level” and it’s sticky. Whenever most people hear the phrase, they often think of me. I like that. Sorry you don’t.

  • Today’s show was amazing. For the first time ever I had to pause you to go listen to President Obama on Marc Maron’s podcast. I did come back to finish your show immediately afterwords though. πŸ˜‰

  • Brian. I am thrilled that you enjoyed this episode. I have a good feeling about the next three episodes that I pre-recorded and are scheduled to be released over the next three Mondays while I’m in Europe, on vacation, with my family. πŸ˜‰

  • Michael Mayer


    A 50k ft perspective and observation about this next level concept:

    1) You quietly without any notification in your podcast’ shut down gspncommunity.com. Is this taking everything you do to the next level?

    2) Gspn.tv, let’s face it, this entity is on hold. Be
    honest there’s no production network here. Is this taking everything you
    do to the next level?

    3) Podcast Answerman is on the back burner. There is no
    possible way you can say you’re taking Podcast Answerman to the next
    level. Is this taking everything you do to the next level?

    4) Yes you’re taking your health and fitness to the next level. Much respect for making this transformation.

    5) Recently in a recent Podcast Answerman episode you
    reaffirm your commitment to content creation… however you definitely
    fell off the waggon on this commitment! You know this is true. Is this
    taking everything you do to the next level?

    Just saying Cliff….. just sayin.

    I’m going to assume that you’re going to a object to the
    above observations. You may even consider this trolling behaviour on my

    Yes I’m calling you out for what I perceive to be your
    shortcomings. Is this trollish behaviour? No it’s perfectly reasonable
    as you host a public podcast.

    Please note: refer to many of your podcast episodes were your judgemental, critical of other podcasters an online personalities. E.G. you often criticize other new media producers in Podcast Answerman episodes. Just clarifying the troll thing buddy.

    Let me guess you’re going to read this and say thank yourself “whatever.” Ha!
    I mean no disrespect its just that it’s so ironic that you don’t practice what you preach.

  • Michael, I’m not sure why people, such as yourself, care so much about what I do or do not do. Interestingly, several folks saw your comment here and “flagged” it. This means that it was removed from my site and put into my moderation queue.

    I could have just deleted this and moved on with my day. I probably should have.

    Other people criticize me for defending myself against those who criticize me. Pretty ironic. πŸ˜‰

    Anyway, I decided to “approve” the comment and respond to each of the items you posted.


    1) Yes, I did shut down my gspncommunity.com community site. Over the years, I’ve hosted a total of three major online community forums for the gspn.tv community and have had thousands of members that had posted hundreds of thousands of posts in those forums.

    When I first started out with these forums, they were very much needed for the purpose of creating online environments of community. I started this when MySpace was the hottest social network and such online forums (PHPbb and Simple Machine Forum software) were all the rage.

    Due to security flaws, in spite of the fact that I remained diligent with keeping up to date with security patches, I was forced to fight against hackers and spammers in these forums which is why I had eventually moved from one platform to another.

    With each massive spam/hacker attack, I had lost a significant number of subscribed members who unregistered as a result of the spam or who chose not to register for a new account on the new platform that I switched to.

    On top of that, social media services such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Buzz, Plurk, LinkedIn, Google Plus, Pinterest, and a massive number of other services provided tons of opportunities for the average person to take place in online environments for engagement around shared passions.

    Eventually, the need for a separate online social network (or forum) for gspn.tv was simply no longer there. When I made the switch from Simple Machine Forum to the Ning Platform (that’s what was running gspncommunity.com), The total number of registered members was down to just over 700 members.

    In 2010, the ning forum was very active. However, as Facebook and other social platforms became more and more dominant, the amount of engagement dropped. By 2014, the community site was being visited by less than 50 people per week.

    Here in 2015, the only people who were logging in consistently were alumni members of early sessions of Podcasting A to Z who were logging in to gain access to archived discussion forums from their session of Podcasting A to Z.

    A few months ago, one of my online administrators approved a “new member request” to the ning platform. Within two hours, that user account sent a private message (SPAM) to all 700+ members who were still registered with the forum.

    This generated HUNDREDS OF EMAILS from members informing me that they had received spam from my community site. I responded to every single email with an apology.

    Since the forum was no longer in active use, I made the decision to completely shut down access to the gspncommunity.com site for anyone other than those who are Podcasting A to Z alumni members. I made this decision to protect over 700+ members of my community from ever having to deal with a spam message again from the service.

    Times change. The tools to build relationships with members of our community change with those times. I consider my active use of social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, etc as a means of taking my online community engagement to the next level.

    Today, though these social media platforms, I’m directly connected to more than 20,000 members of my online community.



    2. Podcast Answer Man and Pursuing A Balanced Life are my main shows in the gspn.tv network. These two shows are still being produced very consistently.

    Stephanie and I just released an update on Family From The Heart where we talked about the future of that podcast. That show will continue, however, the frequency of new episodes is admittedly less than what it has been in the past and will remain so for this season of life.

    GSPN still has up to 30 shows with well over 3,000 podcast episodes in its archives. These older shows still get thousands of downloads every single month. There are people who are just discovering shows like the Virtual Assistant Podcast, Business Tech Weekly, the Twilight Saga Podcast and more.

    There are thousands of people who are finding these shows, starting with episode 001 and moving their way through all those archived episodes.

    GSPN, as a network, is still Entertaining, Educating, Encouraging and Inspiring many tens of thousands of people, from all over the world, every single week with it’s content.


    4) Yes, I am taking my health and fitness to the next level. I appreciate the respect that you shared for this transformation.

    This is not simple task.

    In this season of my life, I’m working on A MASSIVE LIFESTYLE OVERHAUL. I communicated, at the beginning of this year, very clearly, that I was going to be cutting back in many of areas of my life, throughout 2015, to actually shift my priorities to the OPPOSITE EXTREME.

    For nine years, I put my work, content production, online community building, financial and business growth, etc all above my own health and physical fitness. Unfortunately, often times, I even put those things above my family life.

    As the result, I achieved AMAZING SUCCESS in my business and branding pursuits. However, that success came at a great cost.

    I intentionally decided that in 2015, I would GO TO THE OPPOSITE EXTREME. I would put my health and fitness (and my family) way above and beyond all those other things.

    I plan to get back to those other priorities, but when I do, I hope that my time spent at this opposite extreme will allow me to come back to those other priorities with more balance.

    This is all a part of taking MY WHOLE LIFE to the Next Level.


    3 & 5 are related: Podcast Answer Man is not on the back burner.

    Yes, Podcast Answer Man has been a lower priority in 2015 as mentioned in my response to item #4. The actual content of the show had suffered as a result during the first half of this year.

    However, I did recently reaffirm my commitment to content creation. Yes, this past week, I went a week and a half without an episode. However, on Monday, I recorded and published THIS AMAZING EPISODE of Podcast Answer Man.

    I feel that this episode, number 408, was taking the show to the next level.

    During the same day that I recorded episode 408, I also recorded episodes 409 and 410. In fact, I was up until 3am the next morning preparing for and recording those two additional episodes.

    The next morning, I prepared and recorded episode 411 and then did the show notes and scheduled each of these three episodes to be released on each of the following three Mondays.

    I did this because I am getting ready to head to Europe for a vacation with my family. Yep, you guessed it, I’m taking the Ravenscraft family vacations to the next level. πŸ˜‰

    I could have announced that I was leaving the country and taking a few weeks off. But I didn’t.

    And personally, I’m very proud of the content that is contained in these next three episodes of Podcast Answer Man that are scheduled to be released.

    Yes.. I am taking PAM to the next level.


    As for your calling me out for what you perceive to be my shortcomings? Might I suggest a different hobby?

    I can assure you…. You have only scratched the surface.

    Trying to call me out on all my shortcomings could be a lifelong pursuit with potentially no end in sight. I do feel that there are better things that one could put their mental powers toward.

    And yes, your comment does border on trollish behavior.

  • Cliff, Great episode! Thank you for the advice given. I”ll have to give that lav mic a try. I’m wondering how well it will work with my recorder. I’m using the Tascam DR-40 which uses both 1/4″ and XLR input.

  • Loved this episode Cliff and just want to thank you for inspiring me to go to the next level.

  • Clark Gaither

    Hi Michael! I have found that perspective is everything. You should try getting some. I might also suggest getting it from a lesser height of 50,000 ft. Here is a quote which has served me well – “We don’t see things the way they are. We see things the way we are.” ~ Anais Nin

  • Podcastcoach

    Michael, When you are on an airplane you are told to put the mask on YOU first before placing a mask on your children. Cliff is taking care of Cliff so that there will be GSPN tomorrow. Cliff critical of other people? Seriously? He has said time and time again (quoting Dale Carnegie) that he doesn’t go negative.

    I mean no disrespect its just that it’s so ironic that you don’t practice what you preach + Just saying Cliff….. just sayin = Trolling

    Send him a private email but saying this publicly is trolling. Not helpful.

  • James Phetsing

    Here is the irony; you scrutinize many and you you scrutinize often.

    The visitors of you’re site will be the final judge as to whether or not you practice what you preach “take EVERYTHING YOU DO to the next level.

    Sometimes taking you’re copywriting to the next level doesn’t actually flatter you’re brand.

    Clever copywriting to inflate the truth is weak.

    Guarantee you’re master minds NOT gonna tell you what they really think….. GUARANTEED.

    Sorry scrutinizing (trolling) from you’re audience isn’t alway complementary.

  • Cliff, I agree with you. It’s a catchphrase that you have used a long time and it typifies your whole message. Part of branding, and it works.

  • Thank you Heather!!!

  • I don’t think the DR-40 has plug-in power. If you look at http://tascam.com/product/dr-05/specifications/, you’ll see that the DR-05 specifically states “plug-in” power. However if you look at http://tascam.com/product/dr-40/specifications/, there is no mention of “plug-in power.”

  • Thanks Dave. In all fairness, I can see where some may say I have been critical of others. Episode 355 comes to mind, where I spent a very long time arguing against every single point made in a blog post that was titled “Why You Should Not Start A Podcast.” I wasn’t really being critical of a person though. Instead, I simply spent a great deal of time, passionately, making a case for an alternative viewpoint of what they post said. πŸ˜‰

  • Podcastcoach

    Cliff, these look interesting for recording on the go as well https://www.indiegogo.com/projects/instamic-the-smart-small-gopro-of-microphones#/story

  • I am very interested in this project. Not enough to become a backer, but will be interesting to learn more when they become available.

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