419 – Four Questions That Will Help Grow Your Business

by Cliff Ravenscraft on September 16, 2015

Four Questions That Will Help Grow Your Business (00:23:49)
While I was in the UK for the New Media Europe Conference, I ran into several people who told me that they were working really hard to grow their business and with little results to show for it. When I asked them what they were doing to grow their business, I found a common theme. I found that nearly all of them were hyper focused on growing the size of their audience. I’m all for growing the size of our potential customer base. However, I do believe that there are other important things that we should be focused on if we desire to grow our business.

In this episode, I talk about the four questions that will help you grow yourself, your influence in the world and your ability to serve others. For if you achieve this, I think you’ll see your business grow as a result.

The questions:

1) What is the one best thing that I can do to make myself more valuable to my existing and future customers?

2) What is the one best thing I can do to add significant additional value to previous customers?

3) What is the one best thing that I can do to add additional value to my existing clients?

4) What is the one best thing that I can do to build a deeper relationship with someone who is within my target audience?

“The best way to help promote this show….” (00:02:23)
You have probably heard a number of podcasters out there begging people for iTunes ratings and reviews. I have seen a growing trend where podcasters are telling their audience that this is the single greatest thing that they can do to help get the word out about their show. This simply is not true. At the opening of this episode, I share what is the single greatest thing your audience can do to help promote your show.

New Media Europe Review (00:13:20)
Also in this episode, I briefly share some thoughts about my experience at New Media Europe this past weekend. It was a great event and I’m so thankful to Mike & Izabela Russell for inviting me to do the opening keynote for the event.

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  • I loved this episode! This is the Cliff Ravenscraft that I like to listen to. I want to hear your thoughts on business and mindset and life. And even very specific (brave) opinions like the one about “The best way to promote this show …” (that I’m also tired of hearing).

    As I told you when we met at New Media Europe (!) I’m one of those listeners who thinks podcasting equipment and news is okay, but what really interests me is what the business (and life) coach Cliff has to say.

    For me that’s still Podcast Answer Man. You’re still talking to us who have had, who have, or who are starting a podcast (I’m in both the first and the latter category). I think podcasters is a very special group of people.

    Here is a non-technical question for the Podcast Answer Man (that I might send in):

    In one show you said that you had had students who started a podcast about something they were passionate about which generated business for them – although their business was in a completely unrelated field. I’m considering to do the same so I’m interested to hear more about that. (I would podcast about finding your passion and starting a business, but my service is portrait painting and illustration.)

    (Sorry for long comment, you don’t have to answer!)

  • Reba Rogers

    Re: Scrutinising your peers podcast intro’s methods and techniques. Really Cliff, I question the delivery method you used. A bit grandiose my friend. Seriously, you could have actualized you message delivery without scrutinizing your peers as you did. The Bla-bla-bla comment was distasteful and the reason I am writing this.

    Here is the deal, if you openly and frequently scrutinize (which you do) it’s open season on returning the favor to you. It cuts both ways.

    Re: Relationship Schmoozing. I disagree with you Cliff. Spending time providing value to Internet Marketer Influencers is not a good use of my time. For example – how many people on average do you promote on PAM? The return on investment in spending time schmoozing Internet Marketer Influencers is zero to marginal at best. I instead would use a skilled Media Agent to land me mainstream media and press gigs.

    This feedback is my view and opinion e.g. my thoughts on two of this episode’s segments. I am not attempting to change or influence the mindset you have…. I simply wanted to provide you with my thoughts.

  • Anna, Thank you for the feedback on the episode. Next week, I plan to discuss the shift in focus that happened in episodes 409 through 418 and why I plan to go back to creating the content that comes from the heart moving forward.

    In fact, because I had pulled away from sharing business mindset stuff in Podcast Answer Man, I moved more of that over to my PABL (Pursuing A Balanced Life) podcast.

    In fact, just today, I produced what I think is the most valuable podcast episode that I’ve produced this year. Would you do me a huge favor? If so, please listen to the episode found at http://gspn.tv/pabl623.

    I’m thinking that my review of “The One Thing” would have been a perfect fit for Podcast Answer Man.

    Now, if I had shared it in PAM, I would not have spent the first 22 minute talking about other PABL stuff at the start of the episode.

    However, I believe that every PAM subscriber should benefit from what I shared in my full review of “THE ONE THING” and yet if I beg my audience to go and listen, the reality is that even if 100% of my audience wanted to do so, only 30% would actually do it, if that many.

    Starting with this episode (419), I’m going back to the content that I feel is the most valuable thing that I have on my heart to share, regardless if it has anything to do with setting up a podcast.

    Again, I really appreciate the feedback you gave to me at NMEU and here in this comment.

  • I posted a picture of my podcast ranking #4 in the Medicine category today. I said:

    “So close to the top spot in the Medicine category! Do you know how you can help?
    Tell at least one person today about this podcast!
    Take their phone, help them download an app and the show! Report back here who you told!”

    Two people have reported back so far:
    “Global Brigades group from University of Houston and Middle Tennessee State University!! (about 40 people)” and “My premed advisor”

    I’ll take it! Thanks for the wisdom as always Cliff!

  • SO AWESOME! Rinse & Repeat. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Vernon E. L. Smith

    Great episode, Cliff!
    Soon after listening to it, I saw a Tweet from a respected podcaster saying “The best way…”. I respectfully told him that I don’t ask for reviews on my show, and gave him a link to this episode for a good explanation why I don’t.
    Not as moving or influential of a story as Ryan and Anna have, but I thought it might be worth sharing.
    Have a great day, Cliff!

  • I’m happy to see the message spreading. Word of mouth is “the best way” to help promote our shows. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Cliff, I’m a couple of weeks late to the party but I made it! I truly appreciated the information about the best way to encourage listeners to share a podcast. I found it valuable enough that I shared the episode with a private group that I belong to consisting of 160 professional bloggers, podcasters, and video creators. Keep up the great work. I truly appreciate the great length you go to in an effort to build a relationship with your listeners. -Tom

  • Tom, I am thrilled to hear that you enjoyed this episode. Thank you so much for sharing the episode with so many folks. I’m truly honored by this gesture. I hope you have a fabulous weekend!

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