432 – Year of Identity – Part 1

by Cliff Ravenscraft on January 15, 2016


The Year of Identity – Part 1
This week’s episode may end up being one of the most confusing episodes that I have ever produced. This episode is a crossover episode between The Cliff Ravenscraft Show and Podcast Answer Man.

As you’ll learn from listening to this episode, I have been contemplating several significant changes to my professional identity and the types of products and services that I feel led to create moving forward.

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  • Jack Warren

    Hey Cliff: I’ve been thinking about this a long time. I do not disagree at all with what Michael Hyatt has said or with your feelings on this issue, but I do think that the conclusions you’re drawing and the (tentative) direction you’re setting are off course. Just because people tune in to hear you doesn’t necessarily mean that they don’t want some kind of podcasting content (not always technical!). This is not an either/or situation.

    That being said, your desire to pursue a different path is not one to be ignored. It’s just that I don’t think that the Podcast Answer Man format is the forum in which to achieve what you’re looking for. And I can sense in what you’ve been saying for months now that, while you’re restless, you’re reluctant to give up your spot as one of the preeminent voices in podcasting — especially as it accounts for the majority of your income. At some point you’ve got to make a separation between these two paths.

    Just my two cents here, but I think you’ve got at least two choices. The first is to keep Podcast Answer Man and make some changes — shorter episodes, less frequent release schedule, etc. But continue to produce it as part of your repertoire. Option two would be to sell Podcast Answer Man and make a complete break. I think the brand still has a lot of value and someone might be willing to purchase the rights from you.

    Please take all of this in the spirit in which it was intended. I agree with Michael Hyatt — I like to listen to you. But I also agree with some of the comments you’ve gotten — I would like to know that when I tune into a show called “Podcast Answer Man” that I’m getting some podcast content.

    Best wishes, Cliff.


  • Jack, Thank you for your feedback. I appreciate that you took the time to share your thoughts. I think you’ll be interested in what I share in Part 2 of this story. BTW, if you are interested, you can subscribe to The Cliff Ravenscraft Show and get part two right now as episode 635 of that podcast. πŸ˜‰

  • Jack Warren

    Ha! This is funny, Cliff. Doing what my wife always points out — answering before I hear everything. I wrote the preceding comment at about the 2/3 mark of the episode. Then you threw some curveballs. I think most of my answer still may have value, but your thinking has obviously changed just a bit.

    As I said previously, best wishes.

  • Yeah… When you get through part two, you’ll see just how much thinking had changed and what shifted it. πŸ™‚

  • Musanete Sakupwanya

    So Cliff ended the show on a cliffhanger…! πŸ˜€

  • Yep. πŸ™‚

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