465 – The Science of Achievement & How I Am Applying It To My Business

by Cliff Ravenscraft on September 1, 2016


In this week’s episode, I share a few additional insights that I had picked up at the Tony Robbins event that I attended back in June. I have accomplished more in my business, and other areas of my life, in the past two month than I have in the past two years. I talk about “The Science of Achievement” and how I’ve been applying it to my business.

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  • dangeek

    I would definitely sign up to the business vlog for $10/month

  • Thanks Dan. That is 1 – Nine more to go. πŸ˜‰

  • Troy

    I would sign up for the Cliff’s Notes! $10/Month would be a bargain!

  • Thanks for letting me know Troy. You are the 2nd person to respond. I’ve added you to a list to notify if this becomes a reality. πŸ˜‰

  • Brian

    Yes I would be interested

  • Brian, Awesome. I’ll add you to my list of those who would be interested. Can you tell me your last name and email address? If you’d like, you can email me at Cliff {at} PodcastAnswerMan.com

  • Brian

    I have emailed you

  • I’m in Cliff!

  • I would be interested in signing up

  • Thank you for letting me know. I’ll reach out to you if I decide to pursue this.

  • Thank you for letting me know Joe. I’ll reach out to you if I decide to pursue this.

  • Mark Dowding

    I don’t know about a vlog, but I’d be interested in this.

  • Mark, I’m confused. If not a vlog, what is it that you are saying you would be interested in?

  • Mark Dowding

    Audio updates basically.

    It’s partly my opinion and my selfish reasoning. I have always prefered your audio work to your vlog work. This is where the selfish reasoning comes in.

    Most of my content consumption is done when I’m driving to and from work (so a two hour slot each day) or when I’m walking my dog (another hour per day). If I hear something that I want to follow up on, I make a note and do it when I have a quiet moment in my schedule.

    I like your content, but a vlog is an investment in time that takes away from other things. As I said purely selfish reasoning.

  • Awesome Cliff, I love to hear you so enthusiast about this product and what it can brings to your business and your community. I know exactly what you mean when you say that your mind is raising all the time new ideas to produce with this tool and I like it.
    I’m looking for a membership plugin for WP and then I checked Kejobi but it’s far too expensive for my little business. Do you have any membership plugin to recommend me? or maybe some of your listeners have also a suggestion for me.

    Thanks for sharing such valuable episode Cliff ! Have a nice day.

  • I have heard many people mention “Wishlist Member” – http://member.wishlistproducts.com. I have also heard of Amember. https://www.amember.com.

    I don’t have any personal experience with either, other than if installed on a WordPress install that hosts a podcast, using this plugin can cause issues with the podcast rss feed(s) due to them becoming password protected.

  • Ben Hildebrandt

    I am totally in for your Vlog. That would be the best way to spend $10 a month!

  • Thank Ben, I will let you know if I decide to do this or something like it. πŸ™‚

  • Phil

    Cliff, I wanted to say, your teaching to not view things as worse then they are played out today!

    I got a new theme and it was great, minus a code error that wasn’t letting one of my highest ranked pages display. I was about to go and spend all afternoon working on this error instead of doing the recordings for the product I am working on!

    I stopped and asked myself, is this the really that bad? And I said, nope, e-mailed the theme support and let it rest. End result, the audio is getting recorded instead of me sitting on stack exchange trying to reverse engineer a theme.



  • Phil, I am so thrilled that this message played a valuable role in helping you stay focused on what was most important, understanding that the issue wasn’t as bad as you could have allowed yourself to imagine. πŸ˜‰

  • Phil

    Thank you, I am using your journey through weight loss as motivation. When I met my wife I was 170lbs, 10 years later I’m 255lbs. It’s motivating to see others who are making the change. I’m using what you taught and what Ray Edwards covered in his latest podcast around mental attitudes to keep me going!


  • Yo Cliff! I’m in on your paid vlog. Want to learn more from you and get into that brain of yours.

  • Jonathan. Thanks. I have added you to a list of folks to notify if I decide to pursue something related to this idea.

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