471 – Why I Switched From Aweber To ConvertKit

by Cliff Ravenscraft on October 14, 2016


I’ve finally done something that I’ve been wanting to do for more than a year. I’ve moved my mailing list to ConvertKit (Affiliate Link) and completely deleted my Aweber account.

In this podcast episode, I invite my great friend, Mark Mason, to join me so that I can share all the reasons for this change in an actual conversation.

After listening to the episode, be sure to go to the landing page that we mentioned at the end of the episode. Mark has put together some amazing email marketing tips and at the bottom of the page, you can opt-in to our free six-day e-course that demonstrates the power of email marketing.

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  • Hey Cliff — super fun being on the show. Thanks again for having me. Looking forward to the next time.

  • Always awesome to have you on the show. Looking forward to a future episode on HelpScout. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Mark Dowding

    I’m now listening to some of these shows out of pure “how does it work” interest. I doubt I’ll ever need such sophisticated mailing list software. But its interesting to hear how it works, how it compares and what can be done with it. This has geek appeal.

  • Phil

    Cliff and Mark, thanks so much for doing this episode and Cliff, holy moly. It’s really getting creepy how each episode is literally related to a topic I am dealing with at that exact moment. I have ConvertKit as my e-mail software and I’ve been meaning to set it up “right” for a while now.

    I’m just so darn overwhelmed with working 60+ hours and only being able to put 15 hours a week into the business.

    I always listen to your podcast on Saturday when I am mowing my yard and this podcast gave me just the prompting I needed to prioritize the following actions.

    Send an email to my list segmenting them using an action trigger.

    Line out 4 different e-mail sequences for my list and to begin to add past articles and e-mails to the segments.

    Focus on looking at my sequences and how I move from one sales funnel to the next

    Figure out more lead magnets to draw in subscribers.

    Mark and Cliff, thanks so much. And Mark, I have no clue how you keep up with the IB and your work. Every time I listen to your podcast your traveling somewhere. I loved the podcast episode with you recording on the plane and under a blanket I think?

    Keep up the good work both of you!


  • Phil


    If you ever go down the email software path use ConvertKit. It’s ridiculously easy to use and its very powerful. Plus Cliff has an affiliate link!

  • stephen

    I use a CRM called Contactually that provides many of the same features from the CRM perspective. With the information you provided, I’m considering a switch from MailChimp to ConvertKit.

    I was entertained by the criticism of Cliff’s mailing list tag line, yet it was very successful (16k from 200 subscribers). I would call that very effective copy. Yes, he has outgrown that now, but for that time it was spot on!

    Thanks for the info.


  • Geek appeal for sure. I never dreamed I would want this a few years ago. But then again, ten years ago, I never dreamed I’d even have my own business. You never know where things will lead. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Thanks Phil. I’m still geeking out on all the options in front of me. However, I’ve taken some massive action this week. Will share in this week’s episode.

  • Thanks for the feedback Stephen. Yes, it was extremely effective at building a list of were eagerly waiting to buy my next products/services. But yeah, it’s certainly time to take my email communiations to a whole new level.

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