Why You Should Create An Audio Podcast Within 90 Days!

by Cliff Ravenscraft on November 7, 2013

pam-itunesAre you seeking clarity on which channel you should choose to launch your online efforts? Do you already have a loyal online following and seek clarity on what you can do to take your online efforts to the next level?

In this video, I will make it crystal clear that the single greatest investment you can make to take your online efforts to the next level would be to create an audio podcast within the next ninety days.

This video is from the talk that I gave at the Platform Conference in Dallas TX on Monday, November 4th, 2013. I hope you enjoy…

After watching this video, are you convinced that you need to create an audio podcast within the next 90 days? If so, I encourage you to start, right now, with my free Learn How To Podcast Video Tutorial.

I would be honored to work with you in the next session of my Podcasting A to Z online training course. If you go through this course, you will have a podcast up and running by the end of the four weeks. Simply go to PodcastingAtoZ.com for full details.

Update 01-08-2014 – Click Here For The Audio Only of The Talk!

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  • tokyotony1111

    Great presentation! Very much from the heart. I was so influenced by this that I was inspired to start my own podcast, but I realize, I already have one.
    Just one piece of advice. Your graphics and you don’t look the same. You wear glasses but your graphic doesn’t. Be you!

  • tokyotony1111

    Great presentation! Very much from the heart. I was so influenced by this that I was inspired to start my own podcast, but I realize, I already have one.
    Just one piece of advice. Your graphics and you don’t look the same. You wear glasses but your graphic doesn’t. Be you!

  • tokyotony1111 Thanks for the feedback.  To learn where the graphic came from, check out http://PodcastAnswerMan.com/profilepicture.

  • LehmanCreations

    Cliff Ravenscraft I was talking to a friend of mine who was at platform and asked her what she thought of your talk and she said “he ROCKED” she said she raised her hand to say she was going to start a podcast with in the next 90 days. I told her i learned most of what i know about podcasting from you!

  • LehmanCreations That is awesome. Thank you for sharing this with my Andy!  I wish your friend great success in the launch of her new podcast!

  • LehmanCreations

    Cliff Ravenscraft She will do an awesome job at it!

  • Cliff… dude… you absolutely rocked our podcasting faces off at Platform!  Thank you so much for bringing the WOW!  I appreciate you brother!!

  • FrankGustafson Frank, thank you so much! I am so thrilled that I had the opportunity to get to meet you face to face at the conference.  I very much appreciate this encouraging comment.

  • “Stand up if YOU are going to create a podcast in the next 90 days”  Cliff, that was a great presentation.  In comparison to your about me presentation that has many similar points, I can see where you applied several of the principles from SCORRE for this delivery.  My two favorite points were the part where they stood up, and the podcasting is simple, but not easy question.  Great job, you are really taking your presentation skills to the next level my friend.

  • Cliff Ravenscraft  You CRUSHED IT! I watched your video on the sidebar of your site where you mention similar talking points. There is a drastic difference in your delivery. You definitely took it to the NEXT LEVEL! Congrats.

  • Dwayne Brown Thank you so much Dwayne!  I am so thrilled with what I took away from the SCORRE conference!

  • JoshuaListon

    This is truly great stuff cliff! A few good laughs in the mix makes all the difference 🙂

  • ClarkBuckner

    First of all, congratulations Cliff on taking your speaking skills to ‘the next level.’ You were outstanding at the last Platform conference but now you’ve broken through to a whole new level. Way to go!!
    Secondly, I am thankful to know you and a handful of others in this space of podcasting and online media syndication. You all are the real deal and you’re leading the charge. It’s been fun seeing where you all have gone over the years, and I am even more excited about starting my own career in marketing/branding and incorporating podcasting in this mix. 
    Thank you!

  • JoshuaListon Thanks for watching it Joshua!

  • ClarkBuckner You are in for a wonderful and fulfilling journey Clark.  But know this… it’s a great deal of investment and hard work on the front end.  Just don’t give up brother!  Keep pushing yourself through to the next level.   Thanks so much for watching and for the encouraging feedback!

  • It was amazing to see your passion on stage. Very inspiring! really enjoyed meeting you! See you in Vegas.

  • alexdesigns Thanks Alex.  Looking forward to Vegas !

  • I have yet to see this video presentation, but I have recently had a chance to catch up with a few episodes of Podcast Answerman while installing a swing plate kit on a printer (don’t ask and don’t click on the following 8 page instruction link
    https://www.laserpros.com/pdf/HP%20Laser%20Jet%204200%204240%204250%204300%204350%20Swing%20Plate%20Replacement%20Instructions.pdf ). While listening, there was mention of how a person could continue to focus on what they were doing while still listening to an audio podcast. Just a quick note and a +1 to say I did just that. I was able to complete the task and got to listen to great content at the same time. Keep up the good work Cliff!

  • ButchGibson Thanks Butch!  Very glad to hear that you enjoyed the content!

  • Great video Cliff! Thanks for the inspiring talk.

  • You knocked it out of the park Cliff! It was you and a handful of others that inspired me and my wife Ana to take up podcasting and I can say that with each show I have listened to since 2010, you and Stephanie both continue to inspire us, motivate us and lead by example in taking everything (as you always say) to the next level. Thank you my friend for all that you do for all of us and keep up the great work!

  • WOW. I am blown away. Literally.
    It’s been on my list for a few months and I’ve been targeting a first week of January launch. I am thinking earlier now.
    Thank you for everything you do. Everything!

  • Cliff Ravenscraft ClarkBuckner Thanks for emphasizing the realities, but also the hope.  Investment and hard work up front.  It’s like running a marathon – hard work for months, but then a big payoff at the end.

  • SteveBorgman My pleasure Steve! Thanks for tuning it and providing feedback!

  • Jeff Bradbury (@TeacherCast) Thank you so much Jeff!  So glad you enjoyed it!

  • tafairchild Wow! Thank you so much for this encouraging feedback!

  • MattMcWilliams2 Thanks Matt!  Make it happen!

  • Frank Lipski Frank, not sure how this got stuck in my spam filter. Just found it.  Thank you!

  • boyrista

    Loving this content so far. Where else can I get these statistics you’re spouting out? I would love to stay up to date each year as the numbers change.

  • boyrista

    As I’m listening to this I can’t help but think…… is there an audio file of this presentation? =]

  • boyrista  For Transportation Stats check out http://www.census.gov/compendia/statab/cats/transportation.html.

    I saw the 450 Million Active English Language blogs in a number of places, including here: http://www.hattrickassociates.com/2010/02/how_many_blogs_2011_web_content/

    YouTube Stats came from http://www.youtube.com/yt/press/statistics.html

    iTunes stats came from personal conversations with people from Apple.

  • boyrista  Great question..   Here you go… http://share.gspn.tv/TFVS

  • boyrista Updated the post above to include the link to the audio as well. 😉  Thanks!

  • marknoldy

    I’m sold! Time to hone my niche…

  • marknoldy Excellent!  I wish you great success with your podcasting efforts!

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