500 – How We Created A Business Around Our Podcasting Efforts

To celebrate the 500th episode of The Cliff Ravenscraft Show (aka Podcast Answer Man), I invited a very special guest, my wife Stephanie, to join me. In this episode, we share our “Origin Story” or “Our Podcasting Journey” of how we turned something that started as a hobby into a very successful online business. We hope you enjoy!

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499 – My New Video Studio Gear & Next Level Live Workshop Announcement

In this week's episode I talk about some of the new video hardware that I got for the video productions that I do in my studio. Also, I give the first mention of my “Spend The Day With Cliff” package and my upcoming Next Level Podcasting Weekend Workshop right here in the Next Level Studio Training Space.

Mentioned In This Episode:
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-Email me if you are interested in a “Spend The Day With Cliff” session.
-Roland V-1HD Video Switcher – PodcastAnswerMan.com/RolandVideo
-datavideo HDR-1 h.264 video recorder – PodcastAnswerMan.com/VideoRecorder
-BlackMagic Web Presenter – PodcastAnswerMan.com/WebPresenter
-Ecamm Live Software – PodcastAnswerMan.com/ecammlive
-Canon HF-G40 Camera – PodcastAnswerMan.com/hfg40
-Shure PSM300 IEM System – http://PodcastAnswerMan.comPodcastAnswerMan.com/iem

*If there were any additional links or resources that I mentioned in this episode that you do not see listed above, please leave me a comment below and I'll gladly update the post.

Below is the video that demonstrates my new video gear in action.


498 – Life Management: How Do I Fit It All In?

Jerry, a listener to the podcast, recently sent me an email that contained the following statements.

“God is using your podcast to help change my life – not an exaggeration. I just listened to “Will Watching TV Make or Keep You Poor?” and loved every minute of it… It might be something you've already done somewhere, but I would really like to hear you talk about how you fit all of life in; how you get the “big rocks” in, as I'm sure you know the parable of the jar and the rocks, sand, and water… You talk about working so hard, watching all this TV (and all these movies), listening to a ton of podcasts as well as other things AND having what sounds like a healthy family life…

I go to work, come home and spend some time with the family, struggle through a few things, go to bed too late, get up early and do it all again without really being able to make any headway. What little time I actually give to these things, I mostly end up jumping from one project to the next without anything to show for it.

A lot of this, I think, comes from just not knowing what I should be doing at given times and wondering if I've given enough time to the most important things, which is why I'd love to hear how you do it.”

This episode contains my response to Jerry's question.


497 – Will Watching TV Make or Keep You Poor?

Recently, a friend of mine posted a quote from John Rohn that said “Poor People Have Big TVs. Rich People Have Big Libraries.” Over the years, I've seen a number of successful entrepreneurs who wear the fact that they don't watch television as a merit badge. I've even heard a few folks who have passed judgement on those who might enjoy binge watching a television series on Netflix.

In this episode, I share my very authentic response to this Jim Rohn quote. After that, I share a total of eight benefits that entrepreneurs can get by enjoying a great television show or more every now and then.


496 – How much personal information should you share in your podcast?

In this week's episode, I answer a question from a listener who's mother had been diagnosed with dementia and where the content was sort of a journal of the mom's progress. Family members had expressed concerns about the details being shared in the podcast and this person wanted my thoughts on how much personal information is okay to share in a podcast.