507 – Pricing: They Are Not Paying You For An Hour of Your Time

In this episode, I share some thoughts about the mindset of what people are paying for when they hire you for an hour of one-on-one coaching and/or consulting. When people pay you (whatever amount), they are not paying for an hour of your time, they are paying for access to the years of experience, knowledge and wisdom that you bring to the table.

I hope that this episode will inspire you to create a document where you can begin to take an inventory of all the value that you bring to the table. As you continue to grow, learning and experiencing new things (Including Failure), you'll be able to add to this list, increasing the value that you have to offer others.


506 – 7 Ways That Doubling Your Rates Will Double Your Success

The concept of “pricing” was one of the greatest sources of anxiety for me in the early days of building my own online business. Over the past decade, I've seen that “deciding how much to charge” is a huge pain point for others who are creating products and services.

Almost everyone undervalues what they do and have to offer and, as a result, charge way too little. In this episode, I share what I have learned from my own experience with pricing over the years. I explain why people actually want to pay you more money. Listen to this episode to learn seven ways that doubling your rates, overnight, will double your success.


505 – Live Event Planning

In this week's episode, I'm joined my great friend, Tim Schmoyer from VideoCreators.com.

Tim has been working on the plans for his own live event and invited me to lunch to talk about how things went with my Next Level Workshop this past weekend. He wanted to know what I sort of things that I did that went really well, what would I do differently, etc.

I figured that there might be some of you who will eventually host your own live events and that our conversation would be valuable if it were recorded. That is what you are getting in this episode. Two friends, who each operate a very successful online business, sharing ideas and thoughts about planning live events.

I hope you enjoy.


504 – The Fear Involved With Creating New Products And Services And Apple Podcasts New Tags

In this week's episode, I talk about the fear that is involved when you step out to expand into a new product or services offering. I also share how I get through the paralysis that can occur when doubt, anxiety and fear about whether or not this next venture will work or not.

I also share few huge announcements that came from Apple regarding some exciting new features to the Podcasting rss feed specifications and the much anticipated podcast stats analytics from those who listen via the Apple Podcasts Apps.

Note: New audio intro for the podcast created by my friends at Music Radio Creative.


503 – Audio Branding – Creating An Intro For Your Podcast

In this week's episode, I talk about what “Audio Branding” is and the step-by-step process that is involved in getting a professional intro and outro for your podcast. I also share my own history of audio branding over the past 12 years.

If you are ready to take the audio branding for your show to the next level, I encourage you to check out my exclusive audio branding package with Music Radio Creative at PodcastAnswerMan.com/audio.

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