How To Market Your Business With A Podcast Without Directly Selling Anything!

by Cliff Ravenscraft on May 13, 2013

As a member of the Podcast Mastermind I have had the privilege of watching, first hand, as Cesar Abeid effectively integrates the marketing of his business within the Construction Industry Podcast.

What I love most about Cesar’s approach to integrated marketing is that he has not turned his niche podcast into full out commercial for his business. While at New Media Expo, Cesar was interviewed by Amanda Coolong of TechZulu. I encourage you to watch the following video and allow it to inspire you on how you can promote your business with a podcast without directly trying to sell anything.

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  • excellent!

  • Your Money House

    Outstanding positioning with the podcast.  A simple lesson for lots of business owners or enterprise executives!

  • jaredeasley Thanks for the comment Jared!

  • Your Money House Could not agree more. Thanks for the comment.

  • Thanks Cliff for this. I owe much of my results to what I’ve learned from you. Thanks for all you do!

  • secureplay

    Great seeing a non-marketing, marketing podcast.
    Thank you.

  • Way to go Cesar!!!  Great testament to the power of a podcast. 

    “Podcasting is a yes business” love that part!

  • Cynthia OhSoPinteresting Thank you Cynthia!  Podcasting is truly a “yes” business!

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