416 – My New Favorite iPad App For Playing Sound Clips & Why I Advise Against Doing A Daily Format

by Cliff Ravenscraft on August 18, 2015

iJingle Pro – Play All Your Audio Clips From Your IPad
iJingleLogoAfter many years of searching, I have finally found a solution for playing audio clips and jingles from my iPad. Actually, I have Fr. Roderick Vonhogen to thank for introducing me to the iJingle Pro App for the iPad.

Yes, there have already been a number of iOS apps that were designed to do this. However, my experience has been that most of them have suffered from one, or more, of the following three issues.

1) There is a slight delay between when you press the button and when the audio clip actually starts playing.

2) Getting audio clips from your computer to the iPad app is simply too complicated and/or time consuming.

3) The application simply has a terrible and/or ugly user interface.

Well I’m happy to say that the iJingle Pro has overcome all three of these core issues.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 9.49.35 PM

First, the app pre-loads the audio clips into the iPad’s memory when the app is running so that it will “instantly” play the audio clip the second that you press the button assigned to that clip.

Second, the app has DropBox integration. I simply created an “audio clips” folder in my DropBox account. I drop my audio files in that folder and it is simply a breeze to pull them in from DropBox right inside the app.

Third, the app is beautifully designed, it looks elegant and it is feature rich.

Simply put, I  feel that this is the best designed app of its kind.

iJingle Pro is currently priced at $10.99 in the App Store and worth every single penny, and then some. I now use this application for playing all audio clips in my all of my own podcast productions.

Note: There is a slight learning curve that comes with using this app.  It is not immediately clear how you get the audio clips from DropBox to display within the columns of buttons in the app.  However, once I was able to figure it out, it is now a breeze to load new audio clips. 

I recently made a step by step tutorial for my Podcasting A to Z students that shows the basics of how the i-Jingle Pro app works.

I’ve made decision to go ahead and share this tutorial here on my site as well.

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Why Do I Advise Against A Daily Format? (Starts at 00:14:12)

One of the students in my current session of Podcasting A to Z asked the following question…

Cliff, I have heard all about being in New and Noteworthy in iTunes as a way to get noticed by people and that iTunes tends to rank your podcast based on downloads. It would seem to me that shorter, more frequent episodes, would help me rank higher in iTunes. I know you don’t concentrate on numbers and I don’t plan to either but getting found is half the battle and it seems like this might be a good strategy towards that goal.

I also know that the podcasts I love to listen to, I wish were produced more frequently and sometimes I wish they were shorter. I wish I had new content from Amy Porterfield every day.

Sometimes, I need to listen to Podcast Answer Man or Pursuing A Balanced Life with many interruptions as I squeeze in 15 minutes when I shower, 15 minutes when I walk the dog, 15 minutes while I drive to work, etc.

Obviously, these are my personal experiences but I am an ordinary guy and imagine there are many people just like me. I figured that if I produce an hour to an hour and fifteen minute show once a week, why not split it into 5 pieces and give content in smaller bites all week long? Ultimately, I trust your opinion (which is why I am in this class!) and will follow your guidance but I wanted to share my logic and see what you thought of these points.

I shared my full response to this student’s question in this episode of Podcast Answer Man. The topic starts at 14 minutes and 12 seconds into the episode.

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  • Hi Cliff. I record my podcasts on Audio HiJack (two tracks, 1st mine, 2nd my guest). Is there any way so my guest will hear jingles that i’m playing? Audio from OS X or connected iPad should go then to my ears and to skype.

  • Marcin, I’ve never played around with the Audio HiJack setup. I’m sure that there has to be a way to make it work. However, I don’t have any experience in this area to give you advice on how to accomplish it. Sorry.

  • Great ep and thanks for the mention Cliff, I appreciate you! One thing I will note about daily INTERVIEWS, is it allows you to build a ton of amazing relationships with incredible people. Thanks to EOFire’s format, I now have over 1000 super connections with successful Entrepreneurs, as opposed to 150 if I had done weekly…Definitely see your point about breaking up topic based shows…doesn’t make as much sense…

  • John, Yes, there certainly is the benefit of all those great connections. You’re an anomaly my friend, one of those “exceptions” to the rule. Not that there really are any “rules” in podcasting. 🙂 I appreciate you brother!

  • Ditto!

  • Thank you for this excellent episode, Cliff. Lovely to see you this weekend. The topic of scheduling often comes up, hotly debated, in my own podcasting communities. That is why I feel this episode is such an important one (listened to on the way to #nmeu in Manchester and consequently discussed at length there with others!). When I was regularly commuting to a ‘normal’ job I would’ve appreciated the EoF daily format (had it existed back then) however today, as a content creator and as a listener, the longer, less frequent formats now suit me and I’m happy to fit an episode in throughout my schedule – the joy of recorded media! Ultimately I suppose it comes down to the listeners needs and what the content creator is able to accomplish?

  • Thanks Rob. I’m thrilled you enjoyed this episode and that it inspired you to take the conversation offline with others. 😉

    As I shared in the episode, I agree, those who have extremely long commutes who would be happy to have a daily episode of their favorite podcast, they would be just as fine to consume a longer, weekly format of that show and could then benefit from the diverse amount of other valuable content online.

    I find that having too much of my favorite “go to podcasts” can often keep me from experiencing the life changing content that others are creating. 😉

  • Cliff! Great episode. I downloaded iJingle Pro and you’re right! I absolutely love it! The Dropbox support is definitely a HUGE plus! One thing you forgot to mention though is, how the heck to we get the audio into our mixer and recorder? I noticed that it looked like you were connected via Bluetooth to your mac. Is this how you drove audio to your Mac and through your mixer? Thanks in advance, Cliff! I hope I am not over thinking this but I can’t figure it out. Lol.

  • Okay, After doing some research I found a way to sort of rig bringing in audio into your Mac, through your mixer and into your recorder.

    If you connect your iPad to your Mac using the Lightning Connector, then launch QuickTime Player, Got to File and Select New Recording, from he Drop-down button by the record button, select “From iPad” and Presto! You’re done! I am sure there may be an easier way to do it if you buy other connectors etc but this is a quick and dirty way of doing it. I hope this helps someone as I have been breaking my head over this for the last couple of hours! Lol

  • I use an audio mixer and record into a digital audio recorder. I bring audio out of the headphones jack of the iPad, into my mixer, which then sends audio into my digital audio recorder. I can also split audio output of the mixer and go into the analog audio input of the computer. if the computer does not have a 1/8″ audio input, you can use a Griffin iMic USB sound card http://gspn.tv/imic to bring the audio in.

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