176 Podcast Answer Man – Look At What YOU Can Do! And Telephone Interviews With An iPhone

by Cliff Ravenscraft on September 2, 2010

Look At What YOU Can Do!

In this episode, I decided to take a brand new approach to recording this show. I decided to take a “Build It As You Go” approach. I still need to go back and listen to this myself to see how it sounds for myself. I’d be happy to hear your thoughts in the comments section here on PodcastAnswerMan.com. Basically, what I did was start the show and just before I got into my first topic, I hit the pause button left the recorder waiting for me as I figured out what my first topic would be. Once I knew, I would simply click to continue the recording and start off on that topic. I did this for each new topic in the show. I have a suspicion that this will be extremely noticeable in many sections and not as notable in others. The only thing that really concerns me is the idea of giving everyone the breakdown of what will be covered in the episode at the front of the show. I suppose if I decided to do this again, I would simply record the intro the the show at the end of my recording and then just move that to the front in post production.

The first official topic covered in this episode was related to an email I received regarding episode 174 of Podcast Answer Man. The email said…

First of all I want to thank you for your show and advice on the forums–they have been very helpful with getting my podcast started. However, I just listened to 174 of PAM and I was very disappointed. I understand how excited you are about the sponsorship, but you even admit it yourself that you need to have been doing this awhile to do that sort of thing. I’ve always felt that your show has been geared to those that are new to podcasting or still inexperienced–therefore 174 would be of no benefit to them (or me). To me, the episode sort of came off as “look at what I can do, and listen to these other people talk about me”. I’m not trying to be mean, just for the future I think there might be better ways of tackling this, either a blog post or maybe a small portion of the show and not an entire episode.

Just some of my thoughts. Let me know if I’m completely off my rocker here. Keep up the good work!

The title of this week’s episode is in response to this episode. First off, this podcast is designed for ANY PODCASTER. I certainly answer a lot of questions from brand new podcasters on a regular basis. However, a majority of my listeners here have been podcasting for at least a year or more. Some have even been podcasting for nearly one year longer that I have. The second point that I would like to make is that my number one desire is to encourage and inspire EVERY SINGLE PODCASTER, no matter how long you have been doing this, to take your podcast to the NEXT LEVEL, to kick it up a notch or two. I’ve recorded more than 2,300 individual podcast episodes personally and I’m always trying to improve my show, trying new and innovative things. Whenever I share a story, explaining a major milestone or a success that I’ve achieved, I hope that it would not be so much of a “look at what I can do,” but more of a “Hey, if I can do this, you just might be able to pull this off as well!” I’m very thankful to report that many of the things that I have been able to achieve have, indeed, been duplicated by other podcasters who had been inspired by my stories to try something they would have never dreamed possible until hearing me talk about how I did what I did.

If you are happy with the status quo of where you are with your podcasting, then this show is not for you. Let’s keep raising the bar for ourselves. If an episode comes along that doesn’t apply to your personally, please understand that it will likely be a favorite episode for another podcaster out there. No matter what, I encourage you to DREAM BIG!

Next up, Tony Rinkenberger sent me an email with a link to a Mashable Article titled 15 Essential Back To School Podcasts. It was funny because Tony’s email subject was “Podcasting is INDEED Not Dead!” I can attest to that as just this week, I experienced the 2nd most profitable single day in my career as a podcasting and new media consultant/coach, with more than $7,000 in podcasting equipment sold in a single day!

Who are these people buying all this podcast equipment? Are they just throwing their money as a passing fad? Well that’s not how Dean Soto feels about his experience. I share a very cool testimonial from Dean and openly accept his invitation to be a featured guest on his podcast. His show is enough of a success that he just ordered a second Heil PR-40 package from me this week.

James Dibben sent in a question about podcast artwork.

Mitchell Boxeth called in and asked me a question related to my Plus Membership program. After answering his question, I mentioned that I have a video training tutorial on >HOW I DO PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP (Update 1/25/2013 This is no longer available).

(00:49:11)Finally, I share a question from Keith Parsons about how to use your iPhone with a mix minus to do phone interviews in your podcast. I’ve included a diagram of how to set this up. I used THIS CABLE and THESE ADAPTERS to make it work. I personally do not use my iPhone for phone interviews. Instead, I use the JK Audio Broadcast Host. However, I do know that it is possible to use the iPhone as shown in this diagram. (Update 1/25/2013: Skype has improved a great deal since this episode was released. Today, I do recommend people try Skype for phone interviews first, before going through the expense of getting a JK Audio Broadcast Host)

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  • Cliff, NEVER stop sharing the business side of your podcasting career! Those of us who want to follow in your footsteps need the encouragement. We need to believe it can be done.

    We also want to know that you are successful in pursuing your passion.

    Here is to many years of bigger and better success for you and your family.

  • Thanks for that feedback James. What did you think about my build it as you go approach? I listened back and really only noticed one place where you could easily tell that I had paused for several minutes between subjects.

  • I only noticed once as well. I'm sure it was the same spot. I certainly didn't notice the first one that you pointed out.

    It seems like a nice way to do your PAM episodes. You can combine the planning for the show with the actual recording. It will keep the content fresh in your mind. To some it may seem like a step backwards by not delivering the show live but the reasoning behind it is very solid. This is the revenue driving part of your business and you want to deliver the absolute highest level of content in this show. You want every minute loaded full of valuable content. A busy chat room with questions will pull your attention away from your thoughts causing a disconnect.

    Anyway, that's probably more input than you wanted but hey, you get what you pay for I guess, lol.

  • I appreciate that feedback. I thought it would have a lot more noticeable pause spots, but I was surprised only to find that one. After hearing it, I believe I know how I could even avoid that in the future.

    As for the live stuff, you are spot on with my reasons for taking this off the live show schedule.

    Thanks again for the input! I may try this “Build As You Go” style to show prep and recording again next week. It also helps that I'm actually building my show notes as I go as well. Just take a look at the show notes from the last two episodes to what I used to produce. 😉

  • Yeah, I noticed that RIGHT away. It's an upgrade no doubt. There is this perception that because you are doing a live show the content is going to be better. Probably not always accurate. It's proof of how skilled someone is at broadcast media but it doesn't automatically mean content is better. I'm sure anyone in the business as long as you would agree the less distractions the better the show.

    That's why so many radio guys are leaving for podcasting. Less interruptions = better content!

  • Brad Smith

    I wanted to thank you personally for your podcast. I've been listening for about a year and finally started my own podcast last week. Also I recently transitioned to full time entrepreneur – which was a big step. Thank you for what you do!

  • Wow! Brad, that is awesome! I hope you find a great deal of success in your new career path! Congrats on the launch of your podcast!

  • MarkDeJesus

    Love your show Cliff and love how I can utilize your past episodes as resources. I am wondering if anyone has used this system for iphone calls on the show? I have been troubleshooting this setup, as people calling in is more convenient than skyping, although I am running into more skype users too. I am having trouble getting my microphone voice to come through to the phone caller. They hear my voice through my phones on board phone mic. I have all the settings the way it says in the picture. Also, when the person talks, I am getting their voice back in only left channel. Am I missing something?

  • MarkDeJesus Mark, I am aware of a few people who are using this method.  I can’t recall anyone specifically.  I don’t use this method myself.  If you would like, I could refer you to a consultant who can help you troubleshoot this.  If you are interested in a referral (they do charge for a consulting fee), please email me [email protected] and I will connect you.

  • MarkDeJesus

    Cliff Ravenscraft MarkDeJesus Thanks Cliff will do!

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