Media Coverage For Podcasting – KUSI TV’s Good Morning San Diego

by Cliff Ravenscraft on March 27, 2014

Most of you know that I flew to San Diego this week to speak at Social Media Marketing World. I had the incredible honor of being invited to promote my talk on KUSI TV’s Good Morning San Diego new show. The following is the video recording of that segment.

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  • Great job, Cliff.

  • captjeff  Thanks Jeff.  It was so much fun.

  • FarsidePodcast

    I agree with captjeff.
    Thanks for sharing the video, Cliff!

  • amyjohall115

    Hi Cliff! Thanks so much for taking time with me during Social Media Marketing World. You are truly a gem!

  • FarsidePodcast  My pleasure. Thank you for watching and commenting. 😉

  • amyjohall115  It was great to talk with you.  What an amazing event.  Wishing you success with all you do!

  • JohnReddoch

    Great interview Cliff…keep promoting this wonderful tool to help us all get our message out.

  • eleanorbeaton


    Awesome interview. Your session was definitely one of my favourites at #SMMW14, and you totally reinforced my desire to launch my own podcast. I started my career as a radio journalist and can’t wait to get back to the medium. 

    On another note, I think you should start another podcast…Podcast Evangelist. Thanks again for delivering such great value.

    Eleanor Beaton

  • PaulColaianni

    Ha ha, that was great! Love how podcasting keeps trickling into the mainstream. I’ve never seen you so low key man! 
    Thanks for representin’ Cliff.

  • JohnReddoch  Thank you John.

  • eleanorbeaton  Thank you so much Eleanor.  Actually, I sort of see Podcast Answer Man as my “Podcast Evangelist” podcast. 😉  I look forward to hearing about the launch of your show!  Please send me a link when it goes live.

  • PaulColaianni  Thanks Paul.  Yeah, I had to hold back my passion just a bit.  Traditional media can only handle me in four minute sound bite chunks. LOL   I hope you have an amazing week!

  • Wow!  This is such great publicity for you and the podcast community… Very happy for you Cliff.  More success to come your way.

  • Anthony Tran  Thank you Anthony.  I’m excited to help promote podcasting to the mainstream. 😉

  • SeunToyobo

    Hello I jst saw ur website and video. I am from africa n I wanna create a podcast. I need a mentor.

  • SeunToyobo  Thanks for the comment.  So glad that you found my website.   I see that you are looking for a mentor.   You know, when I was looking for a mentor, I turned to podcasts and listened to people’s podcasts that inspired me.  I used those people as my mentor.  They didn’t even know they were mentoring me, but I looked to their content as my source of encouragement, inspiration and motivation.

    Now if you were inferring a request that I would be your mentor, I am afraid that I would not be able to mentor you in a one-on-one relationship as I have a number of other projects that I am committed to.

    I do, however, encourage you to get plugged into some online groups with other podcasters from around the world.
    There is a good group of podcasters on Google + at

    There is also a good group of podcasters on Facebook at

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