How To Assemble A Cowboy Studio Softbox Lighting System

by Cliff Ravenscraft on April 13, 2011

I am so excited to announce that I have just purchased the CowboyStudio 2275 Watt Digital Video Softbox Lighting Kit. If you have seen any of my videos from the studio here, you have probably noticed that I have not had the best lighting setup.

I recently shared that I had just upgraded my sound for my videos quite significantly. I figured that I would go all the way and take my video productions to the next level with a decent entry level lighting kit.

Since the instructions for setting this system up are severely lacking, I spent the evening creating this video to show exactly how to set up this lighting kit, knowing that several of you will purchase it for yourself (Affiliate Link Here).

I had not really played around with light placement in this video as my main objective here was to get the light kit set up and to show you how it is all put together. However, you can still see a major improvement in the lighting when you compare the beginning to the end of this video. See photos below for comparison:

I am very satisfied with my CowboyStudio 2275 Watt Digital Video Softbox Lighting Kit.

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  • Anonymous

    Right On time Cliff… I was in the market for a studio lighting solution.

  • Yep… If only people knew what went into fifteen minutes of video or five minutes…or 30 seconds. Jim Sutter

  • Awesome. Glad to hear that it helped meet a need.

  • Indeed

  • Robb Bailey

    Cliff, you think this setup would work well with a whiteboard for a background?

  • Robb, I’ve not given that much thought. Though I supposed if you had enough angle to put the lights off to the side to avoid the reflection fo the light in the whiteboard, it might work. But that’s about as much confidence in that setup that I can personally give.

  • I’m using the Kodak Zi8. Check out

  • Anonymous

    Cliff, I really enjoyed the this Cowboy Studio report. I would like to purchase something like this down the road, and I think this product could work nicely. When I am ready to purchase, I will be sure to use your affiliate link. Also, I love the idea of a Podcast Answer Man only YouTube channel. I have already subscribed, and I am looking forward to more additions to the channel. Keep up the great work.

  • Jeremiah, Thank you so much for everything!!! For the YouTube subscription, For the future consideration of my Amazon Affiliate Link, and for your general support of the content and community of! I’m blessed to have you as a member of the Community!

  • Thanks, Cliff. You helped me make a decision to purchase this product with your before and after images.

    Great work.

  • I am so thankful to hear that! I still use mine all the time and LOVE IT!

  • Lisa

    Hi Cliff – I just purchased this lighting kit and am having some interesting challenges. The light looks great through my Zi8, but using my Logitech c910 webcam for live video the light is very dull. I suspect the rendering logic of the Logitech doesn’t like the florescents. Any suggestions?

  • I’m primarily and “audio guy.” I know that many webcams, especially on the PC, have settings that you can tweak for color and lighting. That would be one thing to consider.

  • DavidGinn

    Hey Cliff, Thanks for the video, it was very helpful. A couple of notes about my assembly: first, as you know the boom light cord is extremely short, so I threaded the end of the power cord through the lower (larger) hole of the boom joint and used a zip tie to secure an extension cord to the top of the boom stand; second, the top of my stand arms have a threaded nipple which prohibits a good flush seat when the light is attached. So, I carefully drilled a 3/16″ hole through the plastic inside the light joint to give enough clearance for the nipple which allows a more secure fit.
    I wish I’d found your affiliate link before I purchased. So since you’re an audio guy, let me get your advice and affiliate link for a good quality, affordable wireless lavaliere mic.
    Thanks again,
    David Ginn

  • JeffreyGoodReq

    Thanks for your review! Your post helped me make my decision on what to buy.

  • JeffreyGoodReq

    Thanks for your you post, Cliff. Your information (and the related pictures) help me decide what to buy.

  • RichardNichols101

    Hi Cliff, I just watched this video and was wondering about a quick follow up. I’m more into photography, and just getting started. I like the packages from Cowboy Studio. Since your video was shot in 2011 how has the equipment held up? I understand the price vs quality, and am also not looking to move it much. Thanks

  • RichardNichols101 It’s still up and running here in my studio.  However, I NEVER take it out of my own studio.  If you “EVER” have to break it down and take it somewhere, I’d recommend going with a more professional lighting set that is built better.

  • CompanyFounder

    Thank you, Cliff.  Your video was very helpful in the set up of the Cowboy Studio lighting.  The directions that come with the set are not helpful at all, so undoubtedly, your video saved me a bunch of time and frustration.  Much appreciated.

  • CompanyFounder My pleasure.

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