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by Cliff Ravenscraft on January 26, 2012

UPDATE: On February 6th, 2014, I announced that I had shut down the Podcast Mastermind after two years. I have left this post here, to serve as an archive of how I announced this organization that I led for two years. If you would like to hear why I shut down the Podcast Mastermind, even though it generated just over $57,000 for my business in 2013, then I encourage you to listen to the full explanation in episode 344 of Podcast Answer Man.

Original Post Below:

Are you self-employed or desire to be?
Are you willing to invest in your future success?
Are you willing to commit to your personal & professional growth?
If so, please consider The Podcast Mastermind…
What Is A Mastermind?
The concept of the mastermind group was formally introduced by Napoleon Hill in his book, “Think and Grow Rich.”

In the video below, Hill defines the mastermind by saying that “A group that consists of two or more people, who work in perfect harmony for the attainment of a definite purpose.”

Please watch this video, and then I’ll highlight a few key points below.

Key points from the video above:

  • The mastermind is the principle through which you may borrow and use the education, the experience, the influence and perhaps the capital of other people in carrying out your own plans in life.

  • The mastermind is the principle through which you can accomplish more, in one year, than you could accomplish without it in a lifetime, if you relied entirely on your own efforts for success.

  • When you form a true mastermind alliance with others, and work with them in a spirit of perfect harmony, you can draw freely upon the spiritual forces within you in carrying out your plans and desires.

  • The mastermind principle can give you absolute protection against failure, provided always that your purpose, in using this principle, is beneficial to all whom you influence.

  • Control your mental attitude and make yourself friendly and agreeable with everyone whom you are closely associated if you expect friendly cooperation in return.

  • A negative mental attitude can bring you nothing but failure.

  • Remember always, you are where you are and what you are because of your mental attitude in which you relate yourself to other people.

  • Your mental attitude is the one and the only thing over which you have complete control.

  • Success in the higher brackets of achievement is something that can be had only by taking others along with you.

  • The best definition of success is this: “Success is the knowledge with which to get whatever you want from life without violating the rights of others and by helping others to acquire it.”

  • Your only real limitation is the one you accept and set up in your own mind.

I have studied the work of Napoleon Hill for several years now with a spirit of discernment. While I don’t always agree with the “higher power” with whom Hill attributes many of the truths he teaches, I have come to experience that every statement made above is undeniably true.

One of my favorite verses from the Bible is Proverbs 15:22 that says: “Plans fail for lack of counsel, but with many advisers they succeed.”

Nearly every great achievement that I’ve made personally and professionally can be tied to the reality of the mastermind principle at work in my life.

Napoleon Hill said that there is no such thing as something for nothing. Everything, including your personal success, has a price that must be paid. He suggested that if you want to move forward on a path toward success, he suggested that you do three things:

1) Decide definitely where you wish to be and what you wish to be doing during the next three years.

2) Decide how much money you desire to be making and what you are going to do to earn it.

3) Involve yourself in a mastermind group.

I’ll be the first to tell you that you that you can do all of the above without any financial cost to you whatsoever. However, if you are a podcaster and you want to take your personal and professional life to a level you never dreamed possible, I encourage you to consider joining The Podcast Mastermind.
Description And Benefits of The Podcast Mastermind

Key Benefit #1 – The Mastermind Group:
The initial goal of The Podcast Mastermind is to grow to 100 podcasters, where each member has committed to being a part of a smaller mastermind group of no more than ten individuals. Each mastermind group will have two 90 minute meetings per month.

Within these mastermind groups, each individual is invested in the personal and professional growth of every member within the group!

The greatest benefits of The Podcast Mastermind include the synergy created by the accountability that comes from working on your goals in collaboration with others, the ability to use the experience and knowledge of others in your mastermind group and the invaluable feedback and support of other podcasters.

What Does This Mean To You?

– Dramatic improvements in both your personal and your professional life.

– You will have more focus and greater confidence in yourself and your abilities.

– You will have more clarity about what to do next.

– You’ll have the momentum and energy that you need to sustain you through those rough spots.

– You will experience less false starts and spend less time learning through trial and error.

– You will have a deeper understanding of how you are perceived by others.

– You will sharpen your leadership and communication skills.

– You will be giving and receiving support in a warm and friendly environment.

– You are going to achieve your goals faster than you ever thought possible.

The following are the specific goals for each of our group meetings

– To include lively discussions that will stretch each member to grow in their personal and professional life.

– To be a source of motivation and energy that helps give members the momentum to push through all the obstacles that stand in the way of them accomplishing their goals.

– To help members sharpen their leadership and communication skills.

– To be a place where members can give and receive support in a warm and friendly environment.

– To be a place where authentic conversations happen that help build genuine relationships and friendships among the members of the group.

– To have an element of accountability that will help each member achieve their goals faster than they ever thought possible.

– To become the number one meeting that each member looks forward to attending.

Key Benefit #2 – The Podcast Mastermind Success Seminars
There will be a minimum of one Podcast Mastermind Success Seminar each month. These seminars will be led by hand-picked experts who are going to share with you top tips and information that you will need to ensure your personal, professional, and podcasting success.

These seminars will be held via GoToWebinar or a telephone conference calling service depending on the guest expert and content being delivered.

Unlike the two monthly mastermind group calls, you are NOT REQUIRED to attend these Podcast Mastermind Success Seminars as they are presented live. Each of these seminars will be recorded in high quality audio for the teleseminars or in HD video for the webinar sessions.

The entire catalog of the Podcast Mastermind Success Seminars, including all Podcast Answer Man digital training products, are available as a global benefit to all members of the Podcast Mastermind.

Key Benefit #3 – The Podcast Mastermind Online Member Portal

The most important function of the exclusive Podcast Mastermind Online Member Portal is its ability to allow members to stay in touch with other members of their mastermind group between the two monthly scheduled meetings.

One of the dangers of not staying in constant contact with other podcasters is that you may find something that works for you and stick with it. This may sound great. However, this approach will ultimately cause you to fall behind the curve and miss out on amazing opportunities to grow your brand and improve your productivity and effectiveness.

Every Podcast Mastermind member will post and describe a minimum of one valuable resource that they have found each month. These resources can be anything such as a web or mobile application, a WordPress plugin, an online service, a piece of specialized software, a book, etc.

The Podcast Mastermind Online Member Portal will also be the place where members will access all the recorded content mentioned in Key Benefit #2.

Key Benefit #4 – Amazing Promotion of Your Online Efforts to Others!
Over the years, I’ve developed a rather significant and extremely loyal online community around the shows that I produce. As I get to know each individual of The Podcast Mastermind more closely, I will come to understand their goals, hopes and dreams.

There is no doubt that as I create content for my various shows, I’ll be looking for natural ways to promote the online efforts of those within The Podcast Mastermind.

Also, as I have continued interactions with others through my one-on-one consulting/coaching and other various business pursuits, I know that I’ll be confronted with those “divine appointments” where I will be able to make a connection to folks that would have never happened had I not been so closely connected to those within The Podcast Mastermind.

The best part about this is that every member of The Podcast Mastermind is also a podcaster. This means that each and every member comes with an online community of people that they influence as well. I am sure that you can understand how the close connections and synergy with the other members of The Podcast Mastermind can take the promotion of your online efforts to a whole new level.

The Podcast Mastermind Is An Exclusive Organization!
Not everyone who applies for membership in The Podcast Mastermind is accepted. We are looking for very specific characteristics in those whom we consider for membership. Please look over the list below to see if you exhibit the main qualities we are looking for.

– You are a success-minded individual with a positive mental attitude! If you consistently see the glass half empty, you need not apply.

– You are a highly motivated individual. You have dreams and a determination to see those dreams become reality.

– You have a desire to gain more focus and clarity in your life and/or your brand.

– You have a willingness to commit several hours per month to your own personal and professional self improvement.

– You have a commitment to your own personal success as well as the success of every individual in your mastermind group (up to 9 other people within your group).

– You are unwilling to settle for an “ordinary” life. You are eager to pursue a life that fulfills you on new levels.

– You are passionate about your life and the work you do.

– You acknowledge that you have fears about the uncertainty of the future, but you are committed to moving forward, in spite of your fears, to progress through the plans you have set out to achieve your goals.

– You have a willingness to operate outside of your comfort zone when the need arises.

– You have the ability to graciously receive help, advice, criticism ,support and encouragement.

– You have the ability to graciously give help, advice, criticism, support and encouragement.

– You are willing to be held accountable to the goals you set for yourself.

– You are an active listener who seeks to first understand the real issue before offering advice.

– You take responsibility for your own success, and you refuse to place blame elsewhere for any failures you encounter.

– You are willing to invest time, money, emotion, willpower and energy into taking better care of yourself and creating the life you want.

– You are willing to give as much as you receive from the Podcast Mastermind Group.

– While circumstances may change, you have a very good idea of what you wish to be doing during the next three years.

– You are willing to make a make a minimum of a one-year commitment to The Podcast Mastermind should your application be accepted.

– You are willing to commit to the required attendance of the two 90-minute monthly mastermind group calls.

Are You Ready For The Podcast Mastermind?
If you struggle with several of the statements above, you may not yet be ready for The Podcast Mastermind. There are many people who are not yet ready to pursue success in their lives.

Prior to September 2007, I was not willing to take myself seriously. It sounds crazy, but I was actually afraid that I might succeed! While it was so easy for others to see the potential within me, I struggled to understand my value and my need to become the leader that I was designed to be.

Just like Henry Ford, my wife was among the first of ten individuals within my first personal mastermind. Through their encouragement, I overcame my fear of both failure and success and left my career in insurance behind. If you have not heard my full story, I encourage you to watch the entire video found at the bottom of my ABOUT PAGE.

When I took the bold step to leave my career in insurance and pursue my calling in life, did I find immediate success? Absolutely not! I failed hard and failed often. In 2008, my first year in business for myself, I had experienced more all-consuming fear, anxiety and doubt than I’d ever experienced in my life, combined, up until that point.

I recently released THIS PODCAST EPISODE where I shared, publicly to the whole world for the first time ever, the most scathing, negative and critical piece of feedback that I had ever received in all my podcasting history. If you LISTEN TO IT, you’ll hear that it is only due to the mastermind concept that I made it through those challenging times and pushed through to where I am today.

UPDATE: On February 6th, 2014, I announced that I had shut down the Podcast Mastermind after two years. I have left this post here, to serve as an archive of how I announced this organization that I led for two years.

If you would like to hear why I shut down the Podcast Mastermind, even though it generated just over $57,000 for my business in 2013, then I encourage you to listen to the full explanation in episode 344 of Podcast Answer Man.

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  • [email protected] I absolutely love that you got a bumper from my great friend 48DaysTeam , Dan Miller. 😉

  • MyResidualLife

    @timarthur @GSPN Thanks for weighing in, Tim!

  • cmaxw

    @MyResidualLife @GSPN Are you kidding? This is more than just about podcasting. It’s a great place to hook up with great minds and WIN!

  • cmaxw

    @MyResidualLife @GSPN In fact, all of the things that I’ve gotten out of this has benefitted my web dev business as much as my podcasting.

  • WebMarketeur

    @MyResidualLife @GSPN If you don’t already have an accountability to anyone, don’t think it twice. The members are really encouraging 🙂

  • dhartzler10

    @MyResidualLife the #PodcastMastermind is the best financial decision I have made for my biz this year, hands down! Thanks @GSPN

  • prolificliving

    @GSPN I was cleaning up some files, and came across those videos @anneso87 & I made for you, Cliff! 🙂

  • anneso87

    @prolificliving @GSPN right, I totally forgotten about those. That was so much fun.

  • anneso87

    @prolificliving @GSPN right, I totally forgotten about those. That was so much fun.

  • anneso87

    @prolificliving @GSPN right, I totally forgotten about those. That was so much fun.

  • SteveKloyda

    @MyResidualLife @GSPN It’s a YES! Outstanding group of people. Wonderful resources and ideas to take your life to the next level.

  • GSPN

    @prolificliving @anneso87 I plan to use them to promote my next Podcasting A to Z course. You guys are too cool! Love the new photo Farnoosh

  • prolificliving

    @GSPN @anneso87 Hope to see them in action and thank you – gonna go shorter next week :))))!!

  • TeeMonster

    @GSPN Cliff…this is a test. Are you following me on Twitter. (Twitter says no.)

  • ArchieWinningham

    That little video is a priceless gem that will ALWAYS be a relevant tool for success. You know, like the Podcast Answer Man! GO CLIFF!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • [email protected] Archie!

  • [email protected] Ravenscraft  Well, it’s 3 months into TPM, and I could not be happier.  Here is the amazing thing — I already loved it, and Cliff just announced that he is taking it to the next level.  GSPN Never ceases to amaze me.  Talk about OVER-DELIVERY and EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS.  This guy is OFF THE HOOK.  
    But here is the best thing — Cliff’s real motivation is that he wants to help people that he careas about do something that he cares about.    It is amazing how much that comes through in everything about TPM.
    I love The Podcast Mastermind — great work Cliff!

  • Cliff, if it wasn’t for “Podcast Answer Man”, I’d probably still be thinking and wondering if I could ever produce a podcast, instead of getting ready to release my fifth episode. I’m not a computer novice, but I’m no expert either, and I had “no” (zero) experience doing anything related to using a computer for recording a podcast. I really appreciate all the valuable information I was able to absorb from your Podcasting A to Z course and your other materials. I know without any doubt I wouldn’t be at the level I am right now in podcasting, without your help and guidance. I’m sure you expedited my growth and knowledge by at least 3 years. But even greater, since joining the Podcast Mastermind group, I’ve been able to take that knowledge to levels I couldn’t have imagined. Through the interactions with you and the other members of the Podcast Mastermind group I learn new things every day. Being able to tap into the combined experience and knowledge of everyone in the Mastermind group has saved me hours of frustration, because we all benefit from each other’s mistakes. I know I’ve saved probably thousands of dollars in this process, because everyone knows the right equipment, software, and services to purchase, and which to avoid. It is such a blessing to be able to interact with others who have a similar passion for producing quality audio content. It’s motivating and inspiring to see and hear how each person in the Mastermind group is seeking to grow their individual brands. I know years from now I’ll look back on this time and recount great friendships, and realize what an extraordinary moment in time we shared together. Thank you so much Cliff for being generous enough to share your gifts with us, and helping us to share our gifts with each other.

  • DreamJobGuy

    @GSPN Congrats on the upgrade! Mind sharing who you host with?

  • GSPN

    @DreamJobGuy check out http://t.co/WgxJyfy6 I’m still using ServInt, just upgraded to $129/mo VPS hosting package.

  • DreamJobGuy

    @GSPN Awesome! I will check it out for sure! Thanks for sharing!

  • It’s been three months since the launch of the Podcast Mastermind and it has been very exciting being a charter member.  I must say that each meeting with my mastermind group is the highlight of the week for me.    I enjoy being in the virtual company of my mastermind group and it is exciting to watch everyone progress along on their individual journey.    I’ve been podcasting for a little over two years, but it is time that I bring that hobby to an entirely new level that allows me to use my passion for something more significantly rewarding in my life.   Being surrounded by others along a similar path has enabled me to establish goals and be held accountable to tackle them.   Cliff is an amazing leader and the entire mastermind group benefits significantly from his knowledge and passion for his work,   

  • It’s been 3 months since Cliff launched the Podcast Mastermind. I felt it was time to stop back and give everyone an update on my experiences so far. There is really only one word I can use to sum it all up: “WOW!”
    The last time I left a comment on this topic, I offered: “within the first week, I felt like I had gotten the full value of my fully paid annual charter membership cost .”
    2 months more into membership in the Podcast Mastermind, in addition to my prior comments, I’d add that the Podcast Mastermind has saved me countless hours of trial and error when it comes to strategy, skill, and technique. I’ve also saved a sizable amount financially by directing my money towards equipment and services that are beneficial and effective, rather than wasting it on offerings that will not accomplish my goals. 
    The members of the Podcast Mastermind are a giving bunch of folks that endlessly share advice, resources, and time with each other, all with the common goal of helping fellow members to achieve their goals. Had I opted to grow my shows and audience by relying on my own current knowledge and resources, I would have seen significantly less progress than I am currently observing. The Podcast Mastermind has accelerated my progress and taken my roadmap and mindset to an entirely different level.
    The effort that @Cliff Ravenscraft has put into the Podcast Mastermind is astounding! Each week it gets better and better, as Cliff focuses intently on its effectiveness, and makes slight modifications and tweaks where needed to provide every single member maximum benefit.
    Whether you have yet to launch your podcast or are a seasoned podcasting veteran, there is no doubt in my mind that there is value for you in the Podcast Mastermind. if you are passionate about your topic and content, membership in this incredible group can help you can achieve levels of success that you never thought possible.
    I have made several friends that I talk to multiple times a week. It’s so incredible to do life with such a super bunch of folks. We strive to help and inspire each other as well as hold each other accountable for our goals.
    If you have podcast success as a goal, contact Cliff today to inquire about joining the Podcast Mastermind. It is by far the best personal and professional decision I have made in the last several years. 
    Thank you Cliff for taking on the monumental task of starting and nurturing the Podcast Mastermind, and then simply knocking it out of the park!

  • [email protected], Thank you so much!  I am very thrilled with the progress you are making at http://crimsoncord.org.  I remember you sharing your passion for this project when we sat down for dinner in LA.  It trills my soul to see you getting your message out to the world!
    I appreciate the testimonial of your thoughts after the first three months of membership!

  • [email protected], Thank you so much.  It means so much to me to hear that the mastermind group meetings are the highlight of the week for you.  It’s been fun to be on this journey with you.  Looking forward to see where your voiceover and other podcasting work takes you.
    Thank you for the value you bring to The Podcast Mastermind!

  • [email protected], thank you so much.  You spoke about The Podcast Mastermind being a “giving bunch of folks that endlessly share advice, resources, and time with each other, with the common goal of helping other members to achieve their goals.”
    You my friend are right up there, at the top of the list, when it comes to these members.  I so appreciate the amount of time you spend helping answer other people’s questions based upon your in-depth IT knowledge.
    You my, my friend, “Bring It” when it comes to adding value to organization as a whole.
    Thank you!

  • [email protected] Ravenscraft As one of Cliff’s many happy clients and a longtime listener and fan, I jumped at the chance to join his Podcast Mastermind group. Just 3 months into it, and meeting motivated and successful people from all over the world learning to podcast as part of building their businesses and bright futures, the Mastermind has already exceeded my expectations! Sure we talk about the technical aspects of podcasting and building our websites, SEO and branding, etc.,  but the Mastermind discussions are not just limited to just those kind of topics. The members are experts in a WIDE range of topics, around which they’re creating podcasts. Having this diverse group of experts as members, we discuss finance and business topics, books, branding, you name it. And members are now organizing calls and even in-person meetings, beyond the Mastermind meetings organized by Cliff.  Everyone is focused on SUCCESS, not just their own but every member’s success. Because Cliff has organized the Mastermind into smaller groups of 10 or so members, you get to know your Group members and their projects and plans really well (and they, yours) which results in specific, honest, laser-guided advice for you. Cliff facilitates each smaller group online meeting, and he is extremely involved in all the discussions. You get access to his expertise that you would otherwise have to arrange with him in a private consultation (I know). Cliff has not created one of those dime-a-dozen online masterminds you get spammed about all the time, with a massive forum and generic “Mastermind”. Nope, in his genius and hard work, Cliff has created a “Success Machine” for you. This is your start-up incubator. I know he has plans for even more enhancements. So apply, jump at the offer to join, and prepare to finally push past those obstacles that have held you back in your podcasting, online, and even life, success. You’ll get out of it way more than you even put into it, guaranteed!

  • [email protected]_B Thank you so much Rich!  I have appreciated working along side you on your journey to make something happen with your desired online endeavors.  I’ve seen many people in your shoes, as it relates to life’s responsibilities and busy schedules, who would have already given up on pursuing their dream of building an online brand that they are passionate about.
    It is your determination to continue to push through every obstacle that comes your way that, I believe, will set you above all the others who may pursue a path similar to you.  I appreciate the value that you bring to the group.  I’m looking forward to seeing you achieve more than you ever dreamed possible.

  • ManCaveRadio

    [email protected] Ravenscraft As listeners of Podcast Answerman already know, Cliff is the real deal. We took his A to Z course when initially launching our podcast. The interaction and free tutorials were so helpful that we signed up for the course a second time, and we were glad we did! So when he offered Podcast Mastermind, it was a no-brainer to sign up for continued personal advice from Cliff as well as other people with passion and experience in podcasting. It’s been three months now, and we continue to find value in the group interaction and online discussions — this is a great way to receive no-holds-barred ideas, feedback, and inspiration from knowledgeable people!

  • [email protected] you so much Jesse!  It’s been interesting to watch you and your son, JJ, create the Man Cave Radio brand and to see where it is today.  It’s quite a journey you two are on and it reminds me a lot of how it was for me to find my area of focus and branding.  Looking forward to the road ahead!

  • Oh where do I start.  First of all thank you, thank you, thank you Cliff (he is the real deal) and my Mastermind for being an accountability to me and the push that I need.
    For those of you who are thinking about joining the Podcast Mastermind, I would STRONGLY encourage you to move forward with that decision.  The one thing that I desired coming into the Mastermind was Accountability and Clarity.  I can tell you that I have been given both.  Imagine a community that brings in experience and resources from all over the world, and seeks to help each other in direction and celebrating each others accomplishments.  No matter where you are in your endeavors with Podcasting (much less even you’re other life goals)  the podcast mastermind is a great place to grow your self individually and professionally. 
    Personally, this is the third month I have been apart of it, and I can tell you that as each month passes by I begin to knock out more goals and develop habits that will only improve my life and my Brand.  Ex. I was encouraged to start podcasting every week and I am happy to say that I have completed my first month doing just that.  Additionally I created my first ever product.
    Here is the best part, it’s only going to get better.  It has definitely been the best decision I have made for my brand 168 Opportunities.  I am happy to say that I am a Charter Member of the Podcast Mastermind, and I know that this is going to be THE group to be a part of Online for Podcasting (but it is so much more than Podcasting).  If you want to take Your show to the Next Level, you really want to be a part of the Podcast Mastermind.  It is worth the money and it is definitely worth your time.  So much information will be at your fingertips that you will be able to save a lot of time and money on just avoiding mistakes and finding quicker (and cheaper) ways of improving your Brand, mission, or Ministry. 
    Where ever you are in your Journey of Podcasting, the Podcast Mastermind will bring you’re Podcast to a new Level.   Don’t miss out!

  • [email protected] Aadahl Peter, you are awesome my friend!  You know, I think of your brand, 168 Opportunities, all the time.  As I continue to work out how to best make use of the 168 hours that I am blessed with each month, I’m reminded of just how powerful your message is and I desire for you to succeed even more!
    I thank you so much for this glowing testimonial of the Podcast Mastermind.  It’s a joy to have you and your enthusiasm in the organization.  Thank you!

  • Brian Wallace

    Today I posted episode 11 of my podcast!   I have been producing content consistently for several months now.  Every week I have more listeners and more viewers.  I am just beginning to get started in social media.  In every measurable way my brand has been making great progress
    Before joining the Podcastmastermind maybe I would do a post every 2-3 weeks.  I had no podcast or podcasting equipment.  In fact the first bit of motivation I had from joining the group was to purchase a microphone and a mixer.  I was concerned that it wouldn’t be good enough.  Suddenly I didn’t have a choice.  I was in a podcastmastermind group for goodness sakes.  I ran out and got started that very first weekend.  I had been listening to Cliff for over a year.  I had been considering my own podcast, but just couldn’t get over that hump get past my fear to purchase the equipment and get started.  The podcastmastermind gave me the courage I needed to get started.  The courage I needed start shipping. 
    The podcastmastermind has been a great experience so far and it continues to grow and evolve each week.  Any piece of the group is probably worth the price of admission.  
    1.  The forum for communicating between members has been so helpful.  Everyone moving in a positive direction with great ideas and different incites.  
    2.  The meetings really hold you accountable and the feedback from the small group has been instrumental in shaping my show and my brand.  Clearly it would be a very different show today without their help.
    3.The resource center is great!
    4.  All of Cliff’s video tutorials and the webinars for the mastermind group.  (Initially this is what clinched my decision.)
    I doubt very much that I would have a show at all today if not for joining the podcastmastermind.  I would have found reason after reason why the timing wasn’t right.  It has really been a great experience and I can’t wait to see where we are headed.  

  • goatmilkstuff

    I joined the podcast mastermind prior to launching my first podcast.  Within the first 3 months I have branded my podcast, launched my podcast, produced 9 episodes, and have over 5000 downloads.  I am thrilled with the progress that I have made and attribute most of it to the support of Cliff and the Podcast Mastermind members.
    The accountability that comes from the group is tremendous.  Committing to something every month really motivates and pushes me to continually grow my podcast and my business and to spend my time in the most profitable areas.
    I also save tons of time because when I have a question I need answered I can take it right to the group and get it answered quickly and intelligently.
    But the best part of the group is being able to brainstorm ideas on how to take my business and my podcast to the new level.  We are constantly challenging and encouraging each other.  The give and take of ideas and perspectives have been invaluable.
    If you are truly looking to take your podcast or your business to the next level, then you need to invest in yourself. The Podcast Mastermind is an investment that truly pays off if you take advantage of all it has to offer.
    PJ Jonas
    Goat Milk Stuff.com
    Busy Mom’s Survival Guide Podcast

  • [email protected] Wallace Brian, I’m just so excited to see how far you’ve come in the past three months.  Thank you so much for sharing feedback on how you’ve found value from the group.  I look forward to seeing you get some great tracking for your http://www.physicianassistantexamreview.com site!

  • Albert_Hathazi

    When Cliff announced he was going to be starting a Podcast Mastermind I just knew I wanted to be involved. Having just completed the podcasting AtoZ course and experiencing the high quality training Cliff offers, I was certain the mastermind would only add to it. After the first 3 months I can say my hunch was right….and then some
    We have just begun our journey in the MasterMind and I can say it has already been a great experience. The people, the interaction, the membership portal and all of it working toward a common goal of improving so much more than just our podcasts makes me thrilled to be involved.
    I recommend the Podcast MasterMind for folks who want to improve their business AND their personal lives.
    You will be inspired, just like I am.

  • [email protected]_Hathazi Albert, Thank you so much sir!  I am so thrilled to know that you have found the Podcast Mastermind to be even more than you had anticipated.  I think you are correct! We’ve only just got started. 😉  Looking forward to continuing the journey with you on board!

  • I am also a charter member of the Podcast Mastermind group. I can’t express enough how amazing the group and its members are! I think that is a testament to how helpful Cliff has been to all of us in our journeys, not just to create podcasts, but in our personal and professional development.
    I am an orthopaedic surgeon and sports medicine specialist. When I started blogging, and then added a podcast, I never thought that it would lead me to pursue writing and media as a career. It will be a long transition, but I am so excited by the challenge.
    The PMM group has been so helpful to me in my efforts. I have met so many people making similar career transitions and facing similar challenges. The stories inspire me, and the advice from members has led to incredible opportunities.
    On top of Cliff and the network of members, the discussion forums and resource center have been so helpful. I really can’t say enough!
    [email protected] Ravenscraft has really done something remarkable, and I am proud to participate.

  • [email protected] you so much David!  I am excited to see the progress you are making, especially in light of the obstacles that have been thrown in your path.  Your determination to push forward demonstrates that you have the type of passion to succeed.  Looking forward to seeing where this path takes you!

  • I too am a charter member of the podcast mastermind and I was sold as soon as Cliff mentioned he was starting a mastermind group.

    After three months, I have benefited way more than I could have even imagined: I’ve had my first webinar, created videos that I wanted to create months ago and strategically mapped out my income streams so I know how to focus my time. The 90 minute calls twice a week have given me the motivation to complete the work that I say that I’m going to do, plus building relationships with people around the world has been awesome as well.

    One of the biggest benefits I have found is the other things that come up outside the mastermind calls. Discussion forums, shared resources and of course a place to brag about your accomplishments gives us lots of ways to learn about each other and our businesses.

    Thank you Cliff for creating this group and connecting all of us who probably would have never met. I look forward to our bi-monthly calls and even though I am in Europe on vacation, the first thing I am going to do when I return is catch up on all the conversations I have missed in the last three weeks.

    I’m excited to see how my business (and of course my income) increases!

  • [email protected], I am so excited by just how much you’ve invested yourself into relationships with other members of the Podcast Mastermind.  There is no doubt that what you’ve experienced so far is a direct result of these relationships and the effort you’ve put into “making things happen.”  I love having you in the organization and I look forward to  seeing where your journey takes you when you get back from you European Tour! .;)

  • I’m Cesar Abeid, host of the Construction Industry Podcast (http://constructionindustrypodcast.com)
    The Podcast Mastermind has had me so busy achieving goals and grabbing life by the horns that it has been hard finding time to give it a proper review!
    I’m a charter member of the Podcast Mastermind.  Having worked with Cliff before and being very familiar with his material and content, it didn’t take much for me to decide to join.
    It is turning out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made when it comes to taking my business to the next level. 
    In The Podcast Mastermind, you are able to exchange information with other podcasters on equipment, workflow, best practices, audio/video setups, and basically what works and doesn’t work when it comes to producing and promoting a podcast.
    I am also able to network with other influential individuals who take their podcast and entrepreneurship seriously.  In it we are able to promote each other’s shows (I was even interviewed for a fellow mastermind’s podcast) and be exposed to each other’s networks of influence. We basically stand beside each other as podcasters and entrepreneurs as we “crush it” and conquer our slice of the world.  Cliff’s application process ensures that only positive, like-minded, success-oriented individuals are accepted.  I am absolutely astounded at the level of the members of the Podcast Mastermind.  
    The Podcast Mastermind will have you set up goals for yourself and help you get them done.  The group will encourage you to set up smart goals and they will provide accountability as you achieve them.  I can count on the support and help of an amazing group of successful individuals.  I honestly have accomplished more in these three months than I would all year on my own.
    As a member of the Podcast Mastermind, I also have access to my friend Cliff and his resources.  Cliff is undoubtedly the authority when it comes to podcasting and has helped thousands of podcasters take their show to the next level.  I can also say that he has been over-delivering on his promises when it comes to his engagement in the Podcast Matermind community.  It is clearly a priority in his busy schedule and I’m grateful to be able to get to know him better and call him a friend.
    In the Podcast Mastermind, you will make new, amazing friends.  I have been able to connect on a personal level with great new friends who are encouraging and cheering me on as I continue to improve my podcast and create new opportunities for my business.
    Take your podcast and your life to the next level.  I have. See you in The Podcast Mastermind.  

  • [email protected], You are so awesome my friend.  Thank you so much for taking the time to share all these wonderful words about how much you’ve gained from your participation in the Podcast Mastermind.  I am so thrilled that we’ve had the chance to get to know each other on a deeper level though the mastermind group meetings and the virtual book club.  I’m very happy to call you a friend!

  • [email protected] you so  much PJ for this awesome testimonial.  There is no doubt that you have taken the bull by the horns when it comes to launching into the world of podcasting.  Of course, after seeing how you and Jim built your business from the ground up, I knew that you had what it takes to succeed in the online space.  It is a true honor to have you as a member of The Podcast Mastermind.  Thank you for the value you bring to the organization!

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