Meeting Leo Laporte

by Cliff Ravenscraft on November 7, 2011

It has been a dream of mine to get to meet Leo Laporte of the TWiT Network for several years. In the Wikipedia article on GSPN, you’ll read that it was Leo who first introduced me to the world of podcasting and who has been my greatest source of inspiration.

This dream was fulfilled on Sunday November 6th, 2011. I was blown away by the fact that Leo already knew who I was, that he had been following my story over the past several years, and even knew that my greatest passion has been to help people follow their dreams and to get their messages out through podcasting.

I felt like a little kid meeting a super hero. You can see that quite clearly in the following video.

I would have been happy with nothing more than the opportunity to get to meet Leo personally and to have him already know who I was. That alone would have been the single best thing that has happened here on my trip to the West Coast. However, this video is ONLY THE BEGINNING!

I encourage you to listen to episode 234 of Podcast Answer Man to here what all happened during my trip to BlogWorld LA and my visit with Leo Laporte.

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  • Cliff this is so awesome! i know that meeting you was for me the same way that meeting leo was for you! you inspire me. So i know how awesome this is for you. congrats again

  • Anonymous

    This is just so exciting! Dreams really do come true. And I’m jealous you got to spend such quality time with Anne! 

  • Cliff, of course he knows who you are.  He birthed you (kinda).

  • I saw this live on and started recording the stream just in time after I saw Cliff’s tweet of him going to interview him NOW. The stream was sadly not perfect, small lag issues, but I could not believe what I was seeing on the screen and that this was happening right now, live. It has also been one of my greatest dreams to meet Leo Laporte one day, so I can only imagine what it must have felt like being there and shaking Leo’s hand, Cliff. I am uploading the recording of the stream as I type this. This was EPIC!

  • So awesome Cliff! Congrats again and again!!!

  • Cliff.  This is SO AWESOME.  I could tell you were just simply awestruck.  I am very happy for you.

    But here is the thing that you need to remember.  I listen to you all the time.  I seldom listen to Leo.  He is awesome, yes, but you totally ROCK.

    Very happy for you!

  • That’s very cool Cliff – I’m really happy for you. I hope it was everything you wanted it to be and more.

  • Congrats, Cliff! I know this was a big day for you.

  • Cliff, you were gushing! 🙂

  • Jeremiah Panhorst

    How exciting Cliff! That is so cool that he knew who you were.

  • So happy for you brother! Amazing!!!!

  • That’s awesome Cliff. Congratulations

  • Thank you Andy. It was fun having you come visit me in my studio and hanging out for a bit.

  • The cool part is that I shared an hour of that quality time with you in Podcast Answer Man episode 234!!!

  • LOL. Yep.

  • Epic indeed Lee. Hey thanks for recording and uploading. No worries on the lag issue. I had a friend who did get all of the video while I was there the whole time and he’s going to be shipping it to me on a drive. It’s all good. Thanks my friend.

  • Thank you Brad.. I am so glad you came out to visit while I was there. Thank you!

  • Thank you Mark. I have had so many people tell me that I am to them what Leo Laporte is to me. That just blows my mind.

    I am so blessed!

  • It was WAY MORE than I had hoped for. I can’t wait to share more video and stuff.

  • Thanks Justin!

  • I was gushing. Like a little kid! My mind was blown that he had known who I was, that he had been following my story, and that he knew the type of message I was trying to bring to the world.

  • It blew my mind!

  • Thank you so much Evan. So happy to have been able to share all this with the community.

  • Thanks David. I am still on a high from the excitement.

  • Ms.Wendy

    I’ve been listening to you since the beginning of this journey ( and had the pleasure of meeting you and Stephanie at the LOST finale party ) . It truly is amazing listening and  seeing it all unfold over the years. Congratulations and much continued success. 🙂  Ms. Wendy

  • Thank you so much Wendy. It is so hard to believe that all the dreams I had ever set for myself had come true. I look forward to sharing my new dreams with the community and seeing where the next five or six years takes us.

    Thank you so much for being such a valuable part of the community.

  • Greg Allen

    That is really cool Cliff! It is fun to see you in “starstruck” mode.. 🙂 As I was surfing videos about the Heil PR-40 I ran across this interview by Loe Laporte speaking with Bob Heil of Heil Sound. If you haven’t already seen I believe you will thoroughly enjoy it!

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