440 – What Am I Using To Do My Online Courses? A Few Snapchat Tips & Thoughts On Being Approachable.


What Am I Using To Do My Online Courses?
My friend, Beth Spellacy, reached out to me via a private Snapchat message. Her husband is a web developer and he is interested in putting together an online course about website accessibility and was wondering what software I use to put together my online courses. I decided to devote a good portion of this episode to answer that question.

Also in this episode, I share a few snapchat tips and thoughts on “being approachable.”

Links Mentioned In This Episode:
Basecamp.com/2 (Important: I use Basecamp 2)

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How I Can Track 80% of My Income Back To 10 to 11 People.

In episode 42 of my vlog, I mentioned that I could track 80% of my income, over the past eight years, back to 10 to 11 people that are within my community.

One person commented… “Ok, so 80% of your sales stem from 10 to 11 of your business network referrals – not organic sales created by your Podcasting. Kind of surprised you divulged this level of inside privy details.”

The reality is that nearly 100% of my income is generated by organic sales created by my podcasting efforts. In this vlog post, I explain how this and what I said previously can both be true.

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Who Is Cliff Ravenscraft? [VLOG]

I recently had a significant number of new folks start following me on Snapchat recently and I decided to introduce myself.

It was pretty interesting trying to come up with a way to explain who I am given that I'm in the midst of a transitional season of life. This is what I came up with for now.

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Did I Just Screw Up By Rebranding My Podcast? – [VLOG]

In today's vlog, I share my thoughts about why I'm confident that I made the right decision about rebranding my podcast. Unfortunately, I had to re-record my thoughts due to a technical glitch that happened today.

What I shared the second time around is nowhere close to the awesome insights that came out the first time. However, perhaps those thoughts were mostly meant for me.

At any rate, I tried to recapture some of the heart of what was on my mind today. I hope you find some value in me sharing this part of my journey with you.

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439 – I Am The Podcast Answer Man, But This Is Now The Cliff Ravenscraft Show


Renaming This Show:
In this episode, I share why I've decided to rebrand this podcast as The Cliff Ravenscraft Show moving forward. I plan to continue adding valuable content here on the Podcast Answer Man website. I plan to continue creating new products and services related to podcasting. I plan to continue offering Podcasting A to Z sessions for the foreseeable future. I even plan to continue hosting this podcast here on this website. However, moving forward, this show will simply be known as The Cliff Ravenscraft Show. To learn why, click the play button.


438 – Why I Have Fallen In Love With Snapchat


Why I Have Fallen In Love With Snapchat
In this week's episode, I talk about how Snapchat has quickly become my number one social network of choice. If you want to see an example of some of my snapchat stories, check out my YouTube VLOG where I'm archiving my stories each day. I highly encourage you to check out my free Snapchat tutorial found at PodcastAnswerMan.com/snapchat.

A Few Important Notes
This week's episode of Podcast Answer Man is a bit raw, unfiltered and unedited. I just returned from my trip to New Zealand where I spoke at the Asia Pacific Podcast Conference.

While I was away, Apple announced that they have a new system for managing podcast rss feed submissions called iTunes Connect. I've only had time to take a quick glance at the new system. I will be prepared to share more about this in next week's episode.

Also, while I was away, a brand new social network, called Anchor, started to take off. It's still too soon to tell if this will be a passing fad or if it has the power to stick. I'm playing around with the service and will share more thoughts on it in a future episode within a few weeks.

I also share that from this point forward, I have changed my username on Twitter and Instagram to “cliffeotc.” If you want to learn more about why I made this change, the story behind “cliffeotc” and what I learned about myself and my identity moving forward, then I encourage you to check out episode 659 of The Cliff Ravenscraft Show titled “Year of Identity Part 3.” (Note: As of the publishing of this episode, I have not yet recorded this episode. However, I will be recording it within the next couple days.)


437 – Podcasting As A Tool To Help You Clarify Your Thoughts On Important Topics – An Interview With Leary Gates


In this week's episode of Podcast Answer Man, I share an interview with Leary Gates from the Reinventure Me podcast. Leary is another graduate of my coaching program that has produced well over 100 podcast episodes.

I'm always interested to learn what motivates others to create a podcast and what keeps them coming back to the microphone, week after week, even after producing 100 episodes. It is my hope that you may find inspiration along with a few valuable takeaways as I ask Leary to share some thoughts from his podcasting journey over the past two years.


436 – Why Do I Still Use Feedburner Today?


What Is Feedburner? Why Do I Still Use It Today?
Every now and then, someone will reach out to me and ask me why I still use Feedburner. I created this podcast episode to share the story of how and why I started using Feedburner many years ago and why, in spite of a few possible drawbacks, I still thing it is the best solution for myself and for training other people on how to successful launch a podcast.


435 – The Podcast Is The Thing We Love Most Out of Everything! An Interview With Scott Stratten


Scott Stratten
ssonlineIn this week's episode, I'm delighted to share an interview that I did with Scott Stratten, president of UnMarketing. He is an expert in Viral, Social, and Authentic Marketing which he calls Un-Marketing. It’s all about positioning yourself as a trusted expert in front of your target market, so when they have the need, they choose you.

Scott is also an alumni of my Podcasting A to Z group coaching program. In the past two years, Scott has produced over 100 episodes of the UnMarketing Podcast, along with his wife Alison. I invited Scott to share what he's learned from his podcasting journey so far.

I'm certain that you'll come away from this episode with many valuable takeaways. Below, you will find a list of notes that I took while listening back to the interview for myself.

– Scott says he was seven years late to the party, but he jumped right in and took bold action with his podcast.

– Scott viewed blogging as a chore and found that, as a public speaker, a podcast was a natural fit for him to remain consistent when it comes to providing valuable, ongoing content for his community.

– Scott loves doing the podcast together with his wife Alison. It is something that they still get “giddy” about doing even two years into producing the show.

– Out of all the things that they do in their business, Scott says that podcasting is the thing that he and Alison love most.

– Scott rents a professional studio and full production crew once a month to record a month's worth of content in one day.

– Scott's production costs are just under $1,000 per episode.

– Scott shares how and why he partnered with CBS for the audio distribution rights of his podcast.

– Scott shares a lot of detail regarding his $150,000 per year podcast sponsorship.

– And much more…


My SnapChat Tutorial

I have recently fallen in love with the stories functionality of SnapChat. I've been using it to record a daily vlog. I encourage you to follow me on SnapChat. Username = cliffeotc. If you are on your mobile phone, you can click here to add me.

The SnapChat App Is Confusing: This was my first reaction to SnapChat and it is the same reaction that I hear from everyone who is trying out SnapChat for the first time. The app is not intuitive at all. I've decided to create a free tutorial that will help you understand the ins and outs of the SnapChap App.

434 – How Do You Know If Your Idea Will Succeed? An Interview With Pat Flynn

hdykiyiws copy

Market Validation
WIFBI've seen people spend months working to bring a product or service to the market only to find, after they have put all the work into creating that product or service, that there wasn't enough interest to make that product or service a profitable venture.

I have personally created a service that I knew would be highly valuable to those who signed up for it, where I had successfully sold that service to its full capacity, only to find that the work in delivering that service did not align with the type of lifestyle I desired for myself.

In this week's episode of Podcast Answer Man, I share a conversation with my great friend, Pat Flynn, where we talk about his new book titled “Will It Fly? How to Test Your Next Business Idea So You Don't Waste Your Time and Money.

I know that this book will a valuable resource to those of you who are looking for a great strategy to test the market viability of the next big idea that you consider going after.


433 – Year of Identity Part 2


The Year of Identity – Part 2
This week's episode is part two of my “Year of Identity” story. This is one of those rare times that I will tell you that you do not want to listen to this episode before you listen to the episode previous to this one. So if you haven't done so, already, go and listen to episode 432 first.


A Few Brief Announcements


This is not officially an episode of the podcast. Instead, I simply needed to drop in a few announcements for you.

You see, I'm currently a few weeks ahead when it comes to producing this podcast. However, when I had recorded, edited and scheduled the two part series titled “The Year of Identity,” I didn't think to put any sort of reminder about the events that I'll be speaking at.

So I decided to record and publish this brief audio update simply to make the following announcements.

Asia Pacific Podcast Conference
I want to remind you that I'll be doing a keynote address for the Asia Pacific Podcast Conference in just a few short weeks from now. This event is being held in Auckland New Zealand on February 12th and 13th.

If you are in New Zealand, Australia, or any other countries within that geographic region, I'd love to have this opportunity to meet you face to fact. You can learn more about the event at AsiaPacificPodcastConference.com.

If you would like to get a special discount on the cost of your tickets to this event, simply use my affiliate link, PodcastAnswerMan.com/NewZealand which will take you directly to the shopping cart with my discount code applied.

Social Media Marketing World
I want to let you know that I will also be speaking at Social Media Marketing World again this year. That event will be held in San Diego on April 17th through the 19th. My affiliate link for this event is PodcastAnswerMan.com/socialmedia.

Podcasting A to Z
I've opened the registration for my 24th session of Podcasting A to Z. This next session will launch on Monday, March 14th and is your opportunity to have me as your personal coach for a total of four weeks as I walk you, step by step, through every part of the process in successfully launching your podcast. Register today at PodcastingAtoZ.com.

432 – Year of Identity – Part 1


The Year of Identity – Part 1
This week's episode may end up being one of the most confusing episodes that I have ever produced. This episode is a crossover episode between The Cliff Ravenscraft Show and Podcast Answer Man.

As you'll learn from listening to this episode, I have been contemplating several significant changes to my professional identity and the types of products and services that I feel led to create moving forward.

For those who are interested in a little backstory to what led up to this episode, you might be interested in checking out the episodes listed below.

– PABL Episode 623 – The One Thing – Full Book Review
– PABL Episode 624 – What Do I Want My Life To Look Like In 10 to 20 Years?
– PABL Episode 625 – My Modified Mission Statement & More
PABL Episode 633 – The Dark Days of December 2015


431 – Creating A Podcast To Interview People You Want To Build Relationships With – An Interview with Todd Uterstaedt


An Interview With Todd Uterstaedt
35b116dI'm so excited to share a recent interview that I did with Todd Uterstaedt who produces the From Founder To CEO podcast. Todd is an alumni of my Podcasting A to Z Group Coaching Program. In fact, he's gone through the program twice. However, the reason why I'm excited to share this interview with you is due to the large number of value bombs he dropped with every single response to each question that I asked him.

In fact, I came away with pages of notes with the valuable takeaways that I think you'll find in this episode. I'll list a just a few of the notes that I took while listening back to the interview a second time.

– One of the reasons why Todd created his podcast was so that he could interview people that he wanted to build a relationship with.

– Todd genuinely cares about each and every guest that he invites to come on to his podcast.

– Todd makes it a point to follow up with each guest. Not just once to ask them to promote the show, but even months later to ask if there is anything that he can do to help them in their business pursuits.

– Todd does a great deal of research on each guest he brings onto the show. He'll read and watch any previous interviews the person had one in the past so that he can best understand them and their business.

– Todd goes out of his way to make sure that he creates an episode of his podcast that can be used to advocate for the business of his guest.

– Todd provides each guest with a THREE PAGE DOCUMENT that helps them learn how to effectively market their interview in a way that will help them.

– Todd spends about five to six hours per episode. He originally wanted to do five episodes per week. However, after my advice, he decided to start with only three episodes per week. Soon, he found that too overwhelming and decided to drop to only two episodes per week.

I genuinely hope that you found this episode extremely valuable. If you decide to check out Todd's podcast, please be sure to let him know that you heard him on Podcast Answer Man.


430 Facebook Live Streaming Vs Periscope | Become An Author With Kary Oberbrunner


Facebook Live Streaming Vs Periscope
In the open of this episode, I share my initial thoughts on Facebook's new live streaming service that is now being rolled out to personal Facebook accounts. Stephanie and I tried out today while we recording our Family From The Heart podcast.

Become An Author With Kary Oberbrunner
KO-Headshot-Square-e1444683320979This week, I'm happy to share a conversation with my friend, Kary Oberbrunner. He and I talked about his journey into becoming and author. In our conversation, Kary shared three mistakes he made that slowed his process of leaving his day job.

Also, Kary shares the 15 streams of income that he's built around the books that he's published.

WEBINAR: Become an Author in 2016
Do you dream of becoming an author? Want to share your message with the world? Publishing a book the right way can bring you more freedom, finances and fulfillment.

Kary Oberbrunner and I are hosting a free webinar this Tuesday, January 5th. On this webinar, Kary will show you insider tips and tools how to write, publish, and market your book successfully.

Sign up for this free webinar by clicking here.


429 Podcasting As A Hobby That Pays For Itself – An Interview with Serena Travis


Podcasting Focused On A Geographic Region
In this week's episode of Podcast Answer Man, I am delighted to share a conversation that I had with Serena Travis. Serena hosts the podcast called Good Morning Scott Valley, which is show that she created five years ago, focused on her hometown in Northern California.

I love stories of podcasters who continue podcasting for years, driven by a passion to have a positive impact on the lives of others. I am confident that my community will be inspired by what Serena has been up to with her show.


428 Ten Tips For Dealing With Depression As An Entrepreneur


An article I recently read quoted a study that found that one out of every three entrepreneurs lives with depression. In this week's episode of Podcast Answer Man, I share three types of depression that I have struggled with over the past ten years. I also share twelve tips for dealing with depression.

The twelve tips:
1. Spend more time in the Sun. (Philips goLITE BLU)
2. Go do something enjoyable.
3. Take a “guilt-free” break.
4. Watch what you are eating.
5. Get some exercise.
6. Become more socially connected.
7. Don't spend time comparing yourself to others.
8. Take time to express gratitude.
9. Look for ways to help/serve others.
10. Know that you are not alone.
11. Remind yourself that this will pass.
12. Seek therapy if necessary.


427 Should I Charge Hourly or By The Month? & I Share My Must Have Mac Desktop Apps


Billing By The Hour or By The Month?
Jonathan Gaby submitted a question for the podcast, asking advice on whether he should bill his social media consulting work by the hour or at a monthly flat rate. This is a very interesting topic as I've heard several people, including one of my most trusted business mentors, say things like “only apertures bill by the hour, everyone else bills by the project.” In this episode, I share my thoughts on three types of billing.

My Must Have Mac Desktop Apps
I recently purchased a new computer. As I was getting ready to set it up, I made a long list of the apps that I must install before using this as my primary computer for my business. Most of these apps are only available for Apple (Mac) computers.

Time Machine
Better Snap Tool
Screen Float
– Calendar App (Built into Mac Computers)
Skitch (Part of Evernote)
ScanSnap iX500 Scanner
Dymo LabelWriter 450 Twin Turbo Printer
Endicia Stamps / Postage Software
PDF Pen Pro 6
I am going to miss Total Finder
ScreenFlow 5
Day One Journal App
Adobe Creative Cloud (Audition and Photoshop)
Kindle App
QuickBooks Online Desktop App
Memory Monitor


426 Asia Pacific Podcast Conference – In New Zealand |Thoughts On A Fixed Vs A Growth Mindset


Asia Pacific Podcast Conference
I can't begin to tell you how excited I am to announce that I will be headed to New Zealand this February to deliver a Keynote for the Asia Pacific Podcast Conference. In this episode, I talk to Paul Spain who is the founder of the event to give you all the juicy details.

It has been a dream of mine, ever since I saw the very first Lord of The Rings movie, to visit New Zealand. It's crazy how a dream to become a paid, keynote, speaker just a few years ago is going to make my dream of visiting The Shire a reality.

I am very much looking forward to meeting all of Kiwis who have been a part of the Podcast Answer Man community as well as anyone else who might be enticed to travel to New Zealand for this event.

The event is going to be February 12th & 13th, 2016 in Auckland New Zealand.

Here are the links mentioned in the episode:
– Main Conference Website: APacPodcasts.com
– My Affiliate Link For Tickets: PodcastAnswerMan.com/NewZealand
– Paul's Twitter Profile: @PaulSpain
– Paul's Facebook Profile: Facebook.com/PaulSpain

Fixed Mindset Vs. Growth Mindset
My great friend, Dan Miller, recently recommended that I check out the book MINDSET by Dr.Carol S. Dweck. This is a book that focuses on the power of people’s beliefs and discusses the two main types of mindset that one can have, a fixed mindset or a growth mindset. In this episode, I talk share my initial thoughts on the book and how it relates to my dream of becoming a paid, keynote, speaker.


425 How Podcasting Led One Man To The Bond Woman of His Dreams – An Interview With Shane Whaley of Juicing Radio


An Interview With Shane Whaley of Juicing Radio – 00:07:46
In this week's episode, I am honored to feature a conversation that I had with my friend, Shane Whaley, from JuicingRadio.com. Shane is an alumni of my Podcasting A to Z Coaching Program and launched his podcast, Juicing Radio, on October 30th, 2014. Since the launch of the podcast he's published a total of 156 episodes and has had some amazing experiences as the result of his podcasting journey.


While listening back to the conversation that I had with Shane, I took a total of two pages of notes with insights. Below are just a few things that we covered.

– Feeling socially awkward at conferences.
– Have you imagined anyone listening to your podcast while in the tub?
– The decision to add value to others from your own life experiences.
– Shane's inspiring story of how he lost a total of 80 pounds.
– The results of Shane's decision to make drastic lifestyle changes.
– Shane ran a blog about juicing for three years before launching a podcast.
– Why Shane emails his audience every single week day.
– Shane's amazing logo created by Jenny Hamson.
– Impostor Syndrome.
– The mistake of immediately going after A-Listers.
– Why Shane turned away his first sponsorship opportunity.
– Shane's decision of whether or not to pursue podcasting as a full-time career.
– Shane's advice: Don't chase the money!
– Shane's advice: Let your guest talk!
– How podcasting led Shane to the Bond woman of his dreams.

One Year Update On Taking My Health To The Next Level – 00:00:58
I spent two minutes, at the open of this episode, to share an update on my focus to take my health and physical fitness to the next level. On November 14th, I celebrated the one year anniversary of my decision to drastically change my lifestyle. I'm going to keep my coverage of this topic, here in the show notes, brief as well. I'll simply post the before and after photo below that shows how much progress I've made after my first full year into this journey. If you want to learn about what I've done and how I've achieved this, check out my blog post at PodcastAnswerMan.com/sixmonths.

One Year Later

Consistent Weekly Episodes of Podcast Answer Man Moving Forward – 00:03:03
I've given a great deal of thought about the consistency of this podcast lately. We're currently in our 48th week of 2015 and this episode is the 40th episode that I've produced so far this year. That means that there have been a total of eight weeks where I did not publish an episode of Podcast Answer Man. Yes, I do have my reasons and excuses for this. However, I know, first hand, just how important consistency is to maintain a loyal community of folks who will make you a part of their weekly listening routines. From this point forward, I will release an episode every week, publishing the episode to the feed on Friday mornings at 5am Eastern Time.


424 Do You Want To Become A Paid Public Speaker?


Webinar: How To Get Booked & Paid For Public Speaking
In this episode of Podcast Answer Man, I introduce you to my great friend, Grant Baldwin. Grant and I are hosting a very special webinar this Wednesday, November 11th at 3pm Eastern Time. The webinar is devoted to helping you get booked and a paid for public speaking.

The webinar will cover…
– A proven process for getting booked and paid to speak.
– 3 secrets that lead to massive confidence as a speaker.
– 3 myths about public speaking.
– How to avoid the biggest mistake when contacting potential event hosts.
– How to find speaking engagements that are the perfect fit for you.
– Plenty of Q & A.



423 – Google Will Official Support Podcasting


It is official. Google is going to officially embrace the world of podcasting in a big way. Google recently announced the launch of their new Podcast Portal where podcast producers (initially only those from the United State) can submit their podcasts to the new Google Play Music Podcast Directory.

What is Google Play Music?
Google Play Music is a platform made of of several components. They have a free music streaming service, a paid music streaming service, a store where you can buy music, a locker service for you to store any .mp3 file you have in the cloud (Up to 50,000 .mp3 files for free!) and… coming soon… Podcasting.

Google Play Music is available across many platforms. It is available on Android. It is available on the Web. It is available on iOS. It is available on a number of other consumer electronic devices.

Once podcasts are fully integrated into Google Play Music, they too, will be available cross platform. Podcasts will be made available on their Android platform first and then rolled out to their iOS and web versions.

Google Play Music’s goal is to help curate audio content for people to serve them just the right thing for them to listen based upon what they are doing or what mood they are in. They plan to bring podcasts to these recommendations.

How will podcasting be integrated into Google Play Music?
Podcasts will be built right into the Google Play Music service. You will be able to search the directory for a specific podcast. You will be able to browse podcasts by category. I’ve heard that they support the same main categories as iTunes, but I’ve also heard that they will not have sub categories. Also, podcasts can be suggested using their audio recommendation engine.

How do podcasters get their podcasts into the Google Play Music Podcast Directory?
Google has created a “Podcast Portal.” At this time, to add a new podcast on the Google Play Music Podcast Portal, you need to be located in the United States. The podcast portal can be found at http://g.co/podcastportal or podcastanswerman.com/submitgoogle.

It’s a pretty simple process:
1. You click “Add A Podcast”
2. Accept the Terms of Service
3. Paste your rss feed url and click submit
4. You’ll verify ownership of the feed.
5. You’ll click “Publish” to their system for review.
6. Your feed will show up as “Pending Review.”
7. You’ll get an email notifying you when you are approved.
8. You can now add additional podcast feeds if you have more than one.

Your artwork must be at least 600×600. You can use your 1400×1400 or 2048×2048 if that is what you already are using for iTunes.

When will podcasts be available in Google Play Music?
Podcasts aren’t available to Google Play Music listeners yet, but you can add a podcast to the Google Play Music Podcast Portal now. By adding a podcast before they’re available for listeners, your podcast can be one of the first podcasts available on Google Play Music once podcasts are available to listeners in the coming months. If you add a podcast on the Google Play Music Podcast Portal before podcasts are available to listeners, it will be reviewed and processed for publishing.

At this time, even if your podcast is labeled as “Published” on the Google Play Music Podcast Portal, it isn’t available or visible to users. You’ll be notified before your podcast becomes available on Google Play Music.

Will Google Play Deliver our original file?
No. Google will pull one copy of your file from your rss feed and then cache it on their servers for reliability reasons. They will not be splicing the file and not adding ads into the content. However, THEY WILL RE-ENCODE THE FILE just like Stitcher does.

How will I get stats?
Your stats with Google Play Music will be displayed within the Google Play Music Podcast Portal. I think I heard that those stats will also be forwarded to Libsyn like Stitcher is now.

Special thanks to Rob Walch & Elsie Escobar for sharing this valuable information with the podcast community through their Libsyn Podcast.

Special Thanks to my Patreon Supporters
I am so incredibly thankful for those who have decided to show their support the podcast content that I produce by becoming a Patreon supporter. Your support helps me in my mission to create content designed to help others take their message, their business and their life to the next level.



422 – Creating A Resource Knowledge Base


In this week's episode of Podcast Answer Man, I share a recent idea that I to create a special notebook, in my Evernote account, to keep track of all the valuable insights that I gain from either my own experiences, the books I read, the podcasts I listen to, etc.

The idea is that I wanted to create a knowledge base where I can store these valuable insights for later use, as a resource, when teaching on topics that I routinely address in my own coaching, content creation, and development of other products and services.

Have you ever tried retelling an inspirational story that had a profound impact in your life, that you heard years ago, only to forget half of the details and where you originally heard the story? It is my hope that this new resource knowledge base will help me track and easily retrieve such valuable insights down the road.

As an example of the type of notes that I'm taking, I shared some insights that I recently gained from listening to Season 5 Episode 9 of Michael Hyatt's This Is Your Life podcast.

Also, I shared two audio clips that I pulled from an interview that Michael Stelzner did with Seth Godin on his Social Media Marketing podcasting.

I hope that this episode may inspire to you consider creating your own system for tracking the valuable insights you gain from the content that you consume.

Special Thanks to my Patreon Supporters
I am so incredibly thankful for those who have decided to show their support the podcast content that I produce by becoming a Patreon supporter. Your support helps me in my mission to create content designed to help others take their message, their business and their life to the next level.



421 – Changes To This Podcast, iTunes Ranking Algorithm & Copywriting Tips to Persuade and Profit from Ray Edwards


Changes To This Podcast
I spent twenty minutes of this episode talking about changes that I had made to my production of Podcast Answer Man from episodes 409 through 418, the results of those changes and my content strategy for this podcast moving forward.

Check out my Pursuing A Balanced Life podcast (00:20:06)
In this episode, I shared a request for you to take a listen to three recent episodes of my Pursuing A Balanced Life podcast. Below are the links to the three episodes I mentioned.

Episode 623 – My Full Review of the book “The One Thing”
Episode 624 – What Do I Want My Life To Look Like In 10 to 20 Years?
Episode 625 – My New Mission Statement

iTunes Ranking Algorithm (00:24:03)
Today In Podcasting is a podcast that was very consistent from February 2006 through February 2008. Since that time, the hosts of the show have occasionally released a new episode. Recently, I was honored to do an episode of this podcast with Gary Leland, Rob Walch and Paul Colligan. During the episode, Rob had shared some research that he had done that revealed the algorithm that iTunes uses for its ranking of the top podcasts in each category of iTunes. That algorithm is given and broken down here in this episode.

Copywriting Tips to Persuade and Profit from Ray Edwards (00:32:00)
I was looking for ways to take my email and written marketing to the next level. I often struggle with writing great emails and crafting compelling sales messages in written form.

In the past, I've simply relied on the simple,“Here’s what I have; it’s good; buy it if you want to.” The fact is that this has worked with some mild success. However, I know that I could get my valuable products into the hands of more people if I were to take my copywriting skills to the next level.

The cool thing is that I happen to be very close friends with one of the masters of Copywriting. Ray Edwards has worked as a communications strategist and copywriter for some of the most powerful voices in leadership and business. Some of his clients include New York Times best-selling authors Tony Robbins, Jack Canfield and Mark Victor Hansen (co-authors of Chicken Soup For the Soul), Jeff Walker and many more.

I had Ray join me in this episode to share some tips that will help you write copy that persuades, promotes and boosts the sales of your products and services.

Also, as a bonus, Ray has agreed to give my community two free gifts when they sign up to watch the free training mentioned in the interview.

First Gift – 3 Email Templates that will help propel your email marketing into overdrive…

Second Gift – 100 Headline Templates that “grab your readers by the eyeballs” every time!

Click here to get those free gifts now

Special Thanks to my Patreon Supporters
I am so incredibly thankful for those who have decided to show their support the podcast content that I produce by becoming a Patreon supporter. Your support helps me in my mission to create content designed to help others take their message, their business and their life to the next level.



420 Ten Podcasting Tips From Mike Wendland – A Podcaster Who Gernerated Over 1 Million Downloads Within Ten Months


I recently received an email from Mike Wendland that said… “I bought your equipment package, worked through many of your tutorials and have listened to most, if not all of the Podcast Answer Man episodes. I also follow the Pursuing a Balanced Life podcast.

I wanted to write you and let you know that my Roadtreking podcast: The RV Podcast just hit the one million download mark on Libsyn. This happened in a little over 10 months. As you know, very, very few podcasts ever reach that level and for those that do, it usually takes many years to accomplish. Our doing it in 10 months is a major milestone.

In addition, the podcast has sold out in sponsorships. I now have four major sponsors, all committed to a one year program. I have two others on a waiting list, if and when another sponsorship opens.

This all came from following your advice of following my passion, delivering weekly, consistent content of high production quality that is useful to my audience.

Although I am now earning a full-time income from this show, it is a labor of love and I would do it even if didn’t make a cent. I truly enjoy putting every episode together and it is such a joy as we travel around the country to find people who follow the show and come up and introduce themselves to us.

I feel your tutelage is a major reason for the success. Thank you all so much for making this happen!!!! – Mike”

The 10 Podcasting Tips Mike Shared In This Episode:

1) Do not focus on making money. Make friends. Don't think audience. Think individuals. Share, teach, help, serve, connect.

2) Content is and always will be king. Have fresh content every day if possible. Make the podcast the highlight of the week for you and your audience but have fresh content on blog to keep in contact.

3) Build relationships by answering every email, engaging on Facebook, helping to answer questions. Commenting on the posts. Sharing photos. Tell them where you are and what you are doing.

4) Make it easy for the audience to listen by having a show notes page with links and resources. I embed the time of each segment or feature so they can go right there.

5) Develop systems with Apps and plugins. I use Text Expander, Evernote, the new Apple notes to organize notes and to have templates of standard answers. Pretty Links to shorten urls. Speakpipe for listener questions.

6) Think of your platform as an integrated ecosystem. Blog, newsletter, videos, podcast, social media. All work together. All feed each other. When one grows they all grow.

7) Get help. Form a team. I have a virtual assistant who helps with newsletters and show notes. I use Edgar for my social media management. I have a team of a dozen volunteer moderators who keep things civil on my Facebook group and page. I have a handpicked team of seven volunteer writers who help with the blog.

8) Expand your circles of friends. Use LinkedIn Groups. Pinterest. Share your material there. Look for posts on Facebook that address a topic you've already covered and link to it use Twitter with how to links or to ask questions.

9) Get better. Work on audio quality. Try new things like Blab. Be enthusiastic. Genuine. Relentlessly positive. Transparent. Ask for suggestions and help. Be willing to change. Keep learning!

10) Keep this all in proper perspective. Get rest. Take care of your most important off screen relationships first. Balance work and personal time. Be spiritually grounded. Eat right and exercise. Work smart but don't be afraid to take a day off.


419 – Four Questions That Will Help Grow Your Business

Four Questions That Will Help Grow Your Business (00:23:49)
While I was in the UK for the New Media Europe Conference, I ran into several people who told me that they were working really hard to grow their business and with little results to show for it. When I asked them what they were doing to grow their business, I found a common theme. I found that nearly all of them were hyper focused on growing the size of their audience. I'm all for growing the size of our potential customer base. However, I do believe that there are other important things that we should be focused on if we desire to grow our business.

In this episode, I talk about the four questions that will help you grow yourself, your influence in the world and your ability to serve others. For if you achieve this, I think you'll see your business grow as a result.

The questions:

1) What is the one best thing that I can do to make myself more valuable to my existing and future customers?

2) What is the one best thing I can do to add significant additional value to previous customers?

3) What is the one best thing that I can do to add additional value to my existing clients?

4) What is the one best thing that I can do to build a deeper relationship with someone who is within my target audience?

“The best way to help promote this show….” (00:02:23)
You have probably heard a number of podcasters out there begging people for iTunes ratings and reviews. I have seen a growing trend where podcasters are telling their audience that this is the single greatest thing that they can do to help get the word out about their show. This simply is not true. At the opening of this episode, I share what is the single greatest thing your audience can do to help promote your show.

New Media Europe Review (00:13:20)
Also in this episode, I briefly share some thoughts about my experience at New Media Europe this past weekend. It was a great event and I'm so thankful to Mike & Izabela Russell for inviting me to do the opening keynote for the event.


418 – Sharing Your Archives In Social Media & Field Interviews With The Roland R-05 Recorder


Why Aren't Podcasters Sharing Links To Old Episodes In Social Media?
Mark DeJesus recently sent me an email saying… “I notice a lot of people, including myself, bring up old blog articles to put into their facebook feed; to recycle them and expose past material to new followers. But I have not seen anyone do this with podcast episodes posts. Is there any reason for that? I think my followers would love to check out old episodes of my podcast, and may become listeners by catching a past episode they enjoy. Any reason why I don't see people doing this? ”

In this episode, I share four reasons that might explain why we don't see more podcasters sharing links to their older episodes in their social media channels. If you decide to make it a point to start sharing some of your more evergreen content, I encourage you to check out Buffer.com.

Field Interviews With The Roland R-05 (& R-09HR) Digital Audio Recorder
My favorite piece of podcasting equipment has always been the Roland Digital Audio Recorder. First is was the R-09HR, but when it was discontinued, I moved over to the Roland R-05 Recorder.

I’m personally responsible for the sale of literally thousands of these recorders. The number one question that I get from those who buy this recorder is… “How can I best use this recorder to do interviews out in the field?”

Most of my content creation has been done inside the studio. When I would do an occasional interview, out in the field, I would simply use nothing more than the onboard microphones built into the recorder.

In my Roland Digital Recorder Tutorial, I have always shown a cable that you could buy that would allow you to use a dynamic XLR mic. Recently, more and more requests came in from folks who wanted to know how they might be able to hook up two microphones to the Roland Recorder.

In this episode, I talk about my testing with the ART USB Dual Pre, Beachtek DXA-2T and Saramonic SR-AX101 devices and my thoughts on how they allow you to take the audio from two dynamic XLR mics into the Roland recorder.


417 – Live Streaming Your Podcast With Periscope – First Impressions of Blab.im – How To Link To A Specific Time Stamp Within Your Podcst


blabscreenFirst Impression of Blab.im
A few weeks ago, I heard about a service called Blab.im. This service allows you to stream live video from your iPhone just like periscope. However, it also allows you to stream live video from a desktop browser as well. Better than that, this service also allows you to have up to three guests join you in a group video conference call where all four video streams are broadcasted together to your live viewing audience.

In this episode of Podcast Answer Man, I share my first impression of Blab.im and why I think that this is something that every podcaster should check out.

Here's a video recording of my very first test with the Blab.im platform while I was out for a walk in my neighborhood.

Live Streaming Via Periscope
I've noticed that a lot of my podcasting friends have been using Periscope in some very creative ways. In fact, I love what I've seen my friend, Michael Hyatt, doing with the platform. Click here to see a sample.

Recently, Stephanie and I made the decision to bring our Family From The Heart podcast back to our weekly schedule. In the past, we had always live streamed the recording of this show using Ustream on our own custom built live streaming page. We've made the decision to move the live streaming of this show over to Periscope moving forward. In this episode, I talk about how I'm bringing audio from my mixer into my iPhone. I also share my advice to those of you who may be thinking about live streaming the recording of your podcast with Periscope.

Time Stamp Linking To A Podcast
My favorite app for managing my podcast subscriptions is the official Podcasts app made by Apple. However, I recently discovered a compelling feature of the Overcast podcast app. In this episode, I share how you can share link to any podcast episode, while sharing an exact time stamp within that link. When someone clicks the link you shared, the episode will play, automatically, starting at the very spot where you want them to start listening.

For example, If I wanted you to hear where I talked about the iJingle App in episode 416 of Podcast Answer Man, you could simply ask you to click here. This feature is not enough for me to switch to using the Overcast app as my full-time podcast management solution. However, I do plan to use this feature of the app from time to time.


Periscope Tip: How to bring in audio from your mixer into your iPhone or iPad

periscopeimgI am so excited to announce that I have found a solution for bringing audio from my mixer into my iPhone or iPad so that that I can stream live on Periscope using my Heil microphones while also being able to include sound clips and jingles.

To do this, I am using the iRig 2 from IK Multimedia and a 1/8″ TRS to 1/4″ TS adapter. Note: I'm bringing the audio out of the headphones jack of my mixer (actually, I use a headphone amplifer found on my equipment page.

When I done live streaming in the past, I was sending audio from my headphones amplifier into a camera that had a 1/8″ TRS microphone input via a 25 foot 1/8″ TRS Patch cable. To plug this cable into my headphone amp, I used a simple 1/8″ TRS to 1/4″ TRS adapter.

Now, instead of plugging the other end of that cable into my camera, I am plugging it the adapter and the iRig 2 mentioned above, which is connected to my iPhone or iPad.

I'm so excited that I was finally able to find this solution as Stephanie and I recently announced that we were going back to a weekly schedule for our Family From The Heart podcast and that we plan to stream the recording of the show via Periscope. We'll be doing this each Thursday at 11am Eastern Time if you want to check out the show, I'm @GSPN on Periscope.

I tested the setup on Periscope earlier today and it worked great. I took the recording from my iPad and uploaded it to my YouTube channel. Check out the video below.

416 – My New Favorite iPad App For Playing Sound Clips & Why I Advise Against Doing A Daily Format

iJingle Pro – Play All Your Audio Clips From Your IPad
iJingleLogoAfter many years of searching, I have finally found a solution for playing audio clips and jingles from my iPad. Actually, I have Fr. Roderick Vonhogen to thank for introducing me to the iJingle Pro App for the iPad.

Yes, there have already been a number of iOS apps that were designed to do this. However, my experience has been that most of them have suffered from one, or more, of the following three issues.

1) There is a slight delay between when you press the button and when the audio clip actually starts playing.

2) Getting audio clips from your computer to the iPad app is simply too complicated and/or time consuming.

3) The application simply has a terrible and/or ugly user interface.

Well I'm happy to say that the iJingle Pro has overcome all three of these core issues.

Screen Shot 2015-08-18 at 9.49.35 PM

First, the app pre-loads the audio clips into the iPad's memory when the app is running so that it will “instantly” play the audio clip the second that you press the button assigned to that clip.

Second, the app has DropBox integration. I simply created an “audio clips” folder in my DropBox account. I drop my audio files in that folder and it is simply a breeze to pull them in from DropBox right inside the app.

Third, the app is beautifully designed, it looks elegant and it is feature rich.

Simply put, I  feel that this is the best designed app of its kind.

iJingle Pro is currently priced at $10.99 in the App Store and worth every single penny, and then some. I now use this application for playing all audio clips in my all of my own podcast productions.

Note: There is a slight learning curve that comes with using this app.  It is not immediately clear how you get the audio clips from DropBox to display within the columns of buttons in the app.  However, once I was able to figure it out, it is now a breeze to load new audio clips. 

I recently made a step by step tutorial for my Podcasting A to Z students that shows the basics of how the i-Jingle Pro app works.

I've made decision to go ahead and share this tutorial here on my site as well.

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Why Do I Advise Against A Daily Format? (Starts at 00:14:12)

One of the students in my current session of Podcasting A to Z asked the following question…

Cliff, I have heard all about being in New and Noteworthy in iTunes as a way to get noticed by people and that iTunes tends to rank your podcast based on downloads. It would seem to me that shorter, more frequent episodes, would help me rank higher in iTunes. I know you don't concentrate on numbers and I don't plan to either but getting found is half the battle and it seems like this might be a good strategy towards that goal.

I also know that the podcasts I love to listen to, I wish were produced more frequently and sometimes I wish they were shorter. I wish I had new content from Amy Porterfield every day.

Sometimes, I need to listen to Podcast Answer Man or Pursuing A Balanced Life with many interruptions as I squeeze in 15 minutes when I shower, 15 minutes when I walk the dog, 15 minutes while I drive to work, etc.

Obviously, these are my personal experiences but I am an ordinary guy and imagine there are many people just like me. I figured that if I produce an hour to an hour and fifteen minute show once a week, why not split it into 5 pieces and give content in smaller bites all week long? Ultimately, I trust your opinion (which is why I am in this class!) and will follow your guidance but I wanted to share my logic and see what you thought of these points.

I shared my full response to this student's question in this episode of Podcast Answer Man. The topic starts at 14 minutes and 12 seconds into the episode.


415 – The Places That Ten Years of Podcasting Can Take You – An Interview With Greg Willits

I have had the privilege of following the podcasting journey of my friends, Greg and Jennifer Willits over the past ten years. In this episode of Podcast Answer Man, I invited Greg to come onto the show to share a few highlights of some of the amazing things that have happened for his family directly as a result of their podcasting efforts. I hope that you are inspired by hearing about the things that can happen when you are not only committed to creating consistent content for your audience, but also committed to building a deeper relationship with those who listen to your show.

2012-08-30 13.27.30-Processed

Links you may want to check out after listening to the interview:
Greg & Jennifer's Website
Greg & Jennifer's iTunes Listing
Greg & Jennifer's Patreon Page
That Catholic Show Website


414 – How To Build A Deeper Relationship With Your Existing Audience


In this week's episode, I share the recording of the talk that I gave at Podcast Movement 2015. In this talk, I share why it is so important to focus on building a relationship with those who are already listening to your podcast and then I give you ten tips on how to build those relationships.

1. Engage with their content.
2. Ask many questions.
3. Shine the spotlight on your audience.
4. Prioritize your mailing list.
5. Create online community environments.
6. Reach out and touch someone (call them).
7. Set yourself reminders.
8. Collaborate with your closest community members.
9. User services like Periscope for live interaction.
10. Host community meetups.


413 – Nine Tips For Better Online Security


Below are the Nine Tips that I shared in this episode that will help you achieve a greater level of online security.

1. Consider it your #1 Priority To Secure Your Email Account!

2. Don’t use the same password for more than one service on the internet.

3. I recommend the use of a secure password management system like LastPass or 1Password.

4. Come up with unique and crazy answers for Security Questions for each service that asks for them.

5. Use Two Factor Authentication Wherever Possible. Check out TwoFactorAuth.org.

6. Consider the Google Authenticator App

7. Consider using a Google Authenticator Plugin for your WordPress installs.

8. Make sure that your WordPress installation, plugins and themes are all up to date when updates are released.

9. Activate “Login Notification” on all accounts that offer this service.


412 – Advice To GIve Your Interview Guests Before The Call And So Much More


The questions that I address in this episode of Podcast Answer Man are as follows.

1) What is needed to hook up two sets of headphones to our mixer? If I plan to interview an in studio guest, do you recommend that I provide them with headphones as well? (00:05:15)

In response to this question, I mentioned the Hosa GPP 359 Headphone Splitter and the Behringer HA4700 Headphone Amplifier.

2) Do you think podcasts will always be free to listeners? (00:14:45)

3) Assuming we already have GoToMeeting or GoToWebinar. Is it ever a good idea to do an interview with GoToMeeting or GoToWebinar instead of Skype? This would be if the person being interviewed doesn't have or want a Skype account? Would the audio quality be good?(00:26:24)

4) What internet speeds are required for a good skype connection? (00:32:42) You can see the official recommendations at http://gspn.tv/skypespeeds.

5) Do you give any pre-advice to your interviewee before you start? (00:35:51)

6) Over the years how have you been successful with consistency. I listen to a few podcasts that do not follow their schedule. (00:42:07)


411 – When Should I Start Promoting And Marketing My New Podcast? Plus Other Questions New Podcasters Ask


This week's episode is part three in a three part series called “Questions That New Podcasters Ask.” For this series, I have pulled actual questions that were asked by students in my Podcasting A to Z online training course.

The questions that I address in this episode are as follows.

1. I know you said that before considering promotion, you need to have a good show to promote. What is a good set of prerequisites/criteria BEFORE promoting. Is it a matter of having a certain number of downloads per month? Getting into a “groove” with your show? A certain level of engagement, etc.? (00:03:53)

2. What is the difference with line in and mic on the roland 05? Also, with any device does it mean the same? (00:36:33)

3. Do you happen to have the greatest hits on your website for podcastanswerman? I want to listen to all 400 plus episodes, but in the meantime a top 100 would be great. (00:39:45)

4. I had an issue setting up the boom because the attachment is small. Can you address this? (00:46:36)

5. For tagging, why would we purchase ID3 Editor from pa-software for $15 when iTunes is free? Does ID3 Editor have some extra features/benefits than iTunes? (00:49:48)

6. When naming your episode, do you have advice? I ask this because I thought that search option only looks for title keywords. Any advice here would be super appreciated. (00:54:11)

7. Do you recomend that have at least three episodes, or more, before launching? (00:57:46)