Periscope Tip: How to bring in audio from your mixer into your iPhone or iPad

by Cliff Ravenscraft on August 22, 2015

periscopeimgI am so excited to announce that I have found a solution for bringing audio from my mixer into my iPhone or iPad so that that I can stream live on Periscope using my Heil microphones while also being able to include sound clips and jingles.

To do this, I am using the iRig 2 from IK Multimedia and a 1/8″ TRS to 1/4″ TS adapter. Note: I’m bringing the audio out of the headphones jack of my mixer (actually, I use a headphone amplifer found on my equipment page.

When I done live streaming in the past, I was sending audio from my headphones amplifier into a camera that had a 1/8″ TRS microphone input via a 25 foot 1/8″ TRS Patch cable. To plug this cable into my headphone amp, I used a simple 1/8″ TRS to 1/4″ TRS adapter.

Now, instead of plugging the other end of that cable into my camera, I am plugging it the adapter and the iRig 2 mentioned above, which is connected to my iPhone or iPad.

I’m so excited that I was finally able to find this solution as Stephanie and I recently announced that we were going back to a weekly schedule for our Family From The Heart podcast and that we plan to stream the recording of the show via Periscope. We’ll be doing this each Thursday at 11am Eastern Time if you want to check out the show, I’m @GSPN on Periscope.

I tested the setup on Periscope earlier today and it worked great. I took the recording from my iPad and uploaded it to my YouTube channel. Check out the video below.

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  • Great info, Cliff! I did something similar but went about things differently when I set my audio podcast up some basic YouTube Episode Preview Videos – I use my IPhone as my camera, and wanted to go from my mixer into my phone for the audio, sound board clips, etc. I put “Y” adaptors on my mixer tape out with my digital recorder on one set of outputs of the Y so I still am able to create audio backups (if I want to include them in my audio podcast), and with the other ends, I found a cable through KV Connection that would take my line level output and feed it into the mic level input of the iPhone. The cable has a built-in attenuator so that I didn’t have to change my gains/levels. Monoprice sells similar cables, but without the attenuator, so they are a bit cheaper, but you have to fiddle with levels, and I think they don’t sound quite as good. I do keep one on hand as an extra in case of emergency. Seems like your method does just about the same thing, but it a few steps easier. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Nice find man, that’s awesome!

  • Hi Cliff – Great idea to bring the audio from your mixer into Periscope. Another option is to connect through the Lightning port. The ART USB Dual Pre has two 1/4-inch (or XLR) inputs. It connects to the iPhone using a USB-to-Lightning adapter.

  • Ryan, cool. I don’t see my iPhone as an option when I do this.

  • Yep, I ordered the lightning to usb adapter from Apple. It just hadn’t arrived yet. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Thanks

  • Awesome. I love how Periscope is making live streaming so much easier for podcasters.

  • I does need to be USB’d in – you could probably use a USB extension to get some distance.

  • Ah. That makes sense. Thanks again for the tip.

  • Cliff I bought the Irig 1 which is much cheaper. It works great through my mixer to the phone recording via Twisted Wave app. Tried to do a broadcast on Periscope & you can’t hear anything at all. Any ideas?

  • Rob, I don’t have an iRig 1 to test. Though if it works with one iOS app, it doesn’t make sense that it wouldn’t work with another. Sorry I’m not more help to you here.

  • Tonight I’m using an iRig Pro that I’ve had around. My end goal is to take the stereo output from my computer and input into the iPad. Naturally the iRig has a mono input; any discoveries here?

  • I haven’t had any luck getting Periscope to use the iPad’s “system audio” or anything coming from the 30-pin or lightning port – only the built-in mic. Am I missing something?

  • Luke Thompson

    Hi Cliff, thanks so much for this great tip. I bought an iRig2 and tried it yesterday on Periscope with my mic/Mac all going into my phone via the mixing desk. Brilliant. The only issue I had was that my phone caused a lot of electromagnetic disturbance during the recording. I don’t know if others have experienced this too. The answer was to remove the power supply to the phone, just by unplugging it. Apparently the Lightning port can cause interference when charging the phone. Thanks so much for your podcast, your audio quality is the best!
    (Luke’s English Podcast)

  • Yeah, you have to watch out for “ground loop noise.” So glad you figured it out though!!!!

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