A Proven Podcast Workflow

by Cliff Ravenscraft on July 18, 2013

Many of you know that I teach a four week Podcasting A to Z course where I have helped hundreds of folks launch extremely successful podcasts.

I wanted to share a quick video tutorial that I created for my Podcasting A to Z students. In this video, I show you my step-by-step podcasting workflow.

When you see me demonstrate my process for step 2 (Record Audio), you will see how I eliminate most of the post production work of including the audio for my intro and outro by simply recording those elements directly into my audio file.

Please know that it took me a lot of practice to get it down just right. If I made it look easy here, understand that I’ve literally done this THOUSANDS of times. Don’t give up if it takes you some time to get it down just right.

Here’s the video showing my Podcast Production Workflow.

Many people have asked about the application I use, on my iPad, to queue up my audio clips. I use the iOS application called Sound Byte. There are many different versions of Sound Byte applications out there. If you want this specific application, I recommend that you click here. (Not an affiliate link)

Here’s are the steps I shared in the video
1. Show Prep
2. Record Audio
3. Post Production / Editing
4. Save As An MP3
5. Tag Your MP3
6. Upload To Libsyn & Get Direct Download Link
7. Log Into WordPress & Add New Post
8. Add Title
9. Add Show Notes In The Post Area
10. Choose Podcast Category
11. Paste Libsyn Download Link & Click Verify
12. Click Publish

Note: A lot of people who see this video ask me about the software used on my iPad.

For playing audio clips from my iPad, I use a program called SoundByte. You can purchase this application by going to http://gspn.tv/soundbyte. There are several applications that go by the same name, so it is important that you get the one that I’ve linked to here.

Now using this application is not exactly what I would call intuitive. Also, the company that created it must win the Ugliest Website On The Internet Award every single year. With that said, they do have a FAQ that teaches how to use the iOS app at http://gspn.tv/soundbytefaq.

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  • Have already sent a few people here to check this video out…as evidence that this isn’t beyond the ability of the average bear. Then again, I’m proof that very below average bears can do it. Good stuff.

  • RandyCantrell Thanks Randy!  This workflow has served me well for so many years.

  • arfanq

    Hi Cliff,  I love your content.  Thanks for all that you do.
    I have a question regarding monitoring my audio through the Mackie 1402-VLZ3 headphones jack.  Do you only get audio from the left channel?  I am using regular headphones with a 1/8th to 1/4th inch adapter.
    I would like to monitor in stereo, if possible.  Thanks!

  • arfanq Yes, you should get audio in both channels.  You may have a bad adapter.

  • arfanq Make sure, also, that it is a stereo to stereo adapter.  Or 1/8″ TRS to 1/4″ TRS

  • arfanq

    Cliff Ravenscraft arfanq AHA!  
    mine was TS.  Thank you Cliff!

  • The workflow is something I still struggle with a bit so thanks for posting! 
    Cliff what app are you using on the iPad for your sound board stuff?

  • Chris Langille It’s this app here: http://gspn.tv/soundbyte
    Heres’a n FAQ on it.  http://gspn.tv/soundbytefaq

  • I recently launched my own podcast (ChasingProduct.com) and had a pretty tight workflow figured out from day 1, mostly thanks to this post.  If not, there’s no way I’d be able to bang out 5 episodes a week while still running my consulting practice.
    A few of my guests have been people who run their own podcasts and they commented on how organized my show was.  Clearly the advice you’re giving is a better way to do things than most podcasters are probably doing.  I’m glad I found this blog.
    So, thanks, Cliff!

  • IThinkNaught

    I’m using a Eurorack UB802 mixer and audacity. Do you recommend saving files to an external drive when editing?
    Thanks for your help-

  • IThinkNaught I recommend having backups of your files, if that is what you mean.  As for the files, during the editing process, I do all that with the built in drive.

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