Podcast Training Products

Since, 2005, I’ve personally produced well over 3,600 of my very own podcast episodes and I have helped thousands of podcasters through one on one consulting and my Podcasting A to Z Coaching Course.

After years of answering the same questions over and over and teaching people how to do exact same thing week after week, it occurred to me that I should create in-depth tutorials that would contain all the in-depth information that I share in my training sessions which would allow for the added benefit of re-watching the training material as often as desired, all at a fraction of what it would cost to hire me one-on-one to provide the same information.

I encourage you browse through the list of training materials below to see if there is a tutorial that will help you take your message, your business and your life to the next level.

WordPress For Podcasters
WordPress For Podcasters Tutorial
Only $100

Buy Now

This one tutorial is typically the missing piece of the puzzle for those who have been struggling with the technical aspects of how to get their podcast into iTunes and the other podcast directories.

Over the years, I have had hundreds of people hire me to walk them through the process of launching their audio podcast using the WordPress platform. I’ve created this tutorial with step-by-step instructions that will allow you to setup and configure your podcast using WordPress at a fraction of the cost that others have paid me in the past.

The Following Topics Are Covered:

  • Setting up a web hosting account, if you don’t already have one.
  • Installing WordPress, if not already installed.
  • Configuring WordPress for Podcasting.
  • Setting up your Podcast RSS Feed.
  • How to submit your podcast to iTunes and other podcast directories.

    Equipment Options For Any Budget & Audio Mixer Basics
    Equipment Options For Any Budget
    & Audio Mixer Basics

    Only $100

    Buy Now

    Two tutorials for the price of one!

    Equipment Options For Any Budget was created to help you make educated decisions about the right equipment to meet your specific needs. With this tutorial, you’ll get the right equipment, the first time. You’ll also learn the basics of how to hook up the various pieces of podcast gear.

    Audio Mixer Basics is a tutorial that will help you understand the basic concepts of the most common audio mixers used in podcasting. It’s a tutorial that will finally help you make sense of all those buttons and knobs.



    Podcaster’s Guide To Recording Co-Hosts, Guests & Podcast Interviews
    Only $100.00

    Buy Now

    This tutorial was created for those who are planning to produce a podcast with a regular co-host or those who are looking to include podcast interviews as a part of the format for their show. Whether the other person is in the studio with you or if you need to connect to someone in a remote location, this tutorial will explain several recording options that are available to you.

    Things covered in this tutorial:

  • What is the difference between a Co-Host, a Guest and an Interviewee?
  • What are the different audio quality levels that are acceptable coming from each of these people that we may bring into our show?
  • Recording in the same studio – Equipment setup options for doing so.
  • Tips for recording in studio.
  • ISDN Audio Codec. What is it and who would use it?
  • Skype To Skype Connections – Tips for getting the best quality from Skype.
  • What equipment are the equipment options for the person on the other end of Skype need?
  • Skype to Telephone Connections.
  • Recording Skype Calls On Your Computer.
  • Equipment options for you if you are recording Skype calls into software on your computer.
  • Recording everything, including Skype, into your digital audio recorder.
  • What is a MixMinus and how does it work?
  • What is a Digital Hybrid (Telephone Interface) and when might you need it?
  • What is a Double Ender and how does it work?
  • The free Telephone conference call recording option.
  • In the field recording and interviews.

    Roland R-05 Tutorial
    Roland R-05 Digital Audio Recorder Tutorial
    Only $49

    Buy Now

    I’ve recorded well over 3,500 of my own podcast episodes onto a Roland digital audio recorder. I have never had an issue with my audio levels and I’ve never lost any recordings due to crashed software.

    This tutorial is designed to walk you through everything you need to know about the Roland R-05 Digital Audio Recorder. I walk you, step by step, through each button on the recorder and through each of the menu settings as I explain how I am able to use this recorder to get perfect audio levels 100% of the time.

    Note: This tutorial now includes a bonus video tutorial that demonstrates six different options for doing interviews out in the field with the Roland recorder.



    Behringer MDX-4600 Setup Tutorial
    Only $49.00

    Buy Now

    The Behringer MDX-4600 Compressor/Limiter/Gate is the only piece of equipment that I did not put to immediate use. I was immediately overwhelmed by trying to figure out how to set this unit properly. As someone who hates to read owner’s manuals, I simply allowed this to sit and gather dust for months.

    When I finally learned how this one piece of equipment could eliminate the ambient background noise in my recording when I’m not talking, as well as make my voice sound a little more “powerful,” I decided I would finally dig in and figure this thing out. After a few hours of reading the description of every function of the unit and how every knob and button on the device affected the audio signal, I finally found the perfect settings that allowed me to do everything that I wanted to do with this unit.

    While there are many other Compressor/Limiter/Gate options out there. This is the only one that I’ve taken the time to learn how to set up. As a result, many of my clients end up purchasing this exact unit just so they can copy the wiring setup as well as all my knob and button settings. Now, instead of hiring me for an hour of consulting to help you set this up, you can simply buy this video tutorial that I put together that walks you through the entire setup process.



    Adobe Audition 101 Tutorial
    Only $100.00

    Buy Now

    Adobe Audition is, by far, my favorite piece of podcasting software that I use on my computer. This tutorial was created with those who have never used audio editing software before. However, this tutorial will also be helpful to those who are simply transitioning from another audio editing software solution to Audition.

    This is the program I use to do all my audio editing. There are a few features that this software has that is found in no other alternative software. Also, there is a certain “process” that you can run on your audio files that turns your recordings into something that sounds like they come from the best of radio broadcasting stations. In this video training product, I walk you through EVERYTHING you would need to know as a podcaster and even share my “Secret Sauce” for the settings of the “Multi-Band Compressor.” This course will take what appears to be a very intimidating software and make it as easy to use as a Fisher Price child’s toy.



    Audacity 101 Tutorial
    Only $100.00

    Buy Now

    Audacity is a wonderful audio editing solution for those who are looking for a free software solution. I, personally, got my start in podcasting using Audacity. While, I have since upgraded to using Adobe Audition, and prefer it, many podcasters today still find that Audacity allows them to do everything that they require without having to pay a monthly fee to use the software.

    This tutorial was created for those who have never used audio editing software before. However, this tutorial will also be helpful to those who are simply transitioning from another audio editing software solution to Audacity.


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    • Just testing something here.

    • I own all these and am very pleased with them. Special thanks to Cliff for helping us get our business set up at http://www.PursuingMeaningfulWork.com. Thanks Cliff!

    • Thanks Brent. Glad you found value in your purchase of all the products!

    • Thank you so much Carolyn. I am blessed to get to do what I do.

    • Jasonrasset

      Hi Cliff,

      I just discovered your podcast a few weeks ago and have been consuming them rapidly, it is a pleasure to listen to you info packed podcasts… you really do a great job. I want to mention that I found you via the Internet Business Mastery Academy, well, indirectly from searching on itunes… so cheers to Sterling and Jay for that!
      My question is in trying to grasp why you only use 30 hours a month for VA’s, I realize you are very passionate about your work and put in a lot of time yourself, but that one particular episode where you mention the whiteboards with 30+ passive income ideas, my head just started spinning….and I, of course had to compare that with guys like John Jonas or Sterling and Jay who use several full time VA’s , then I have recently heard of this guy, James Schramko, who has I think 12 different businesses and makes over 300K a year, just a thought!

      Hey , thanks again, I am so excited to listen to you and all the other great podcasters out there that really spark my imagination.

    • Thanks for the comment Jason. I share my full VA Journey over at http://VirtualAssistantPodcast.com. The reason I don’t do more is because I’m in a special phase of building up to something. I plan to have a full-time VA or two in the future. Won’t be too far off. 😉

    • Hey Cliff! I was looking for a product that has some advanced techniques to podcast with Garageband. If you offer that I would love to buy it. Here are some pointers to what this product could have:

      >> Eliminating the hiss sound
      >> Right levels of pre-amplifications
      >> Importing a skype recording and splitting tracks
      >> Ducking of the music track while speaking or on certain portions of a recorded voice track

      Keep doing the great work! Enjoyed your 200th episode! You are my inspiration to be starting a new podcast soooon! 🙂

    • BA Coach. First off, thank you so much for your kind and encouraging words about my podcast. I am thankful to have you as a listener.

      Please note: This GarageBand Tutorial “IS NOT” what you are looking for the following reasons.

      1) I don’t spend any time talking about his removal. My process has been to eliminate hiss sounds in the production process rather than post production. I don’t even teach out to record in GarageBand, only how to use it for post production editing.

      2) I do not show how to import Skype recording and how to split a track. My preferred method for Skype conversations has been to record on the same track as my own using a Mixer MixMinus technique recording into a digital recorder.

      3) The tutorial totally lives up to the “101” Just the BASICS that a brand new podcaster would need to be able to edit their podcast audio recordings. I show how to include music at the front and end of the show and to fad music in and out. I’m not a fan of the “ducking” feature that is built in.

      If you are looking for advanced techniques, this isn’t the product. It’s very basic. 🙂

    • Adam Bagwell

      Hi Cliff – will you be updating the Webinar Workflow videos to include Aweber into the workflow?


    • Adam, my previous email marketing provider, MailChimp, was not in my workflow process. At least, I don’t recall it being there. Please let me know if I’m forgetting something.

      We talk about Mailing Lists pretty extensively in the Passive Income Strategies For Podcasters tutorial found at http://PodcastAnswerMan.com/help.

      In that tutorial, Pat Flynn mentions that he uses AWeber and I mention that I use MailChimp. I may include an update, just by post on that product’s page, that I have moved to AWeber and provide a PDF of my http://PodcastAnswerMan.com/aweber blog post.

    • Brian, thank you so much for the encouraging feedback. I am so thankful that my information has been so valuable to you.

    • Shorter126

      Purchased the MDX4600 training product and found it helpful in improving my podcast at http://www.tsquareg.net. Thanks a million Cliff !

    • Thank you so much for the feedback! So glad you found the tutorial helpful!

    • Hi Cliff- Do you have a training product for creating a Video podcast? Doyou use something like PowerPoint? You have been a great help.

      Tim Flynn

    • shorter126

      Hi Cliff

      I purchased a second one of your products and I can honestly say that it has been instrumental in improving the quality of my podcast on tsquareg.net in a big way.

      Thanks again for the Roland R-05 product !

    • shorter126

      Hi Cliff

      Your products continue to make a massive impact on the quality of the podcast I produce on the tsquareg.net website. I recently purchased the Roland R-05 training product and found it very useful indeed. I do have a question about mixer settings. I have the Mackie Profx and was wondering what are the optimum gain and volume settings for the mic to ensure pristine quality ?

      Keep up the excellent work !

    • @tflynn I do not “currently” have a video creating a video “podcast.” I do have a tutorial on how I create my Webinars and Digital training products It shares a little bit about who I use Keynote, PhotoShop Elements, ScreenFlow, etc.

    • @shorter126 I am so thankful that the products that I have created continue to help you increase the production value of your show. That is music to my hears and is exactly why I created them.

      As for your questiona bout gain and volume settings. These will be different for every mixer and every microphone that is out there. The most important thing is to keep your levels on the recorder in that -12 to -6 db range. Do that, any you should get perfect audio levels all the time.

    • acajudi

      Thank you Cliff!
      I will send you a nice tip, when I do my first podcast. You really care about newbies and not trying to pick our pockets,
      while we are trying to learn. We can smell that type a mile away! All of us have talents, and we should get our incomes from jobs, and share our talents for free or donations. I have shared my talents free, and was so happy, when my student
      was able to fly solo. God rewarded me. I have to thank you and others for getting me to this point, and you have been the BEST for a newbie! God bless you my friend.
      Judith Grace
      [email protected]

    • [email protected], I only have agree with you.  You are correct that I care about newbies.  You are correct that I am not simply into this for the money.  I am happy to offer my http://LearnHowToPodcast.com tutorial for free with no strings attached as well as my audio podcast with well over 250 hours of free content to help people take their content production to the next level.
      I would even agree that we should get our income from our jobs (or I prefer to say the work that we do).  However, I believe that more people should be doing the work for which they were created.  I believe that there is a greater chance of success in life when we do work (or find a job) that works well with both the natural talent that God has gifted us with and the talent that we have been blessed with the ability to groom through our experience and education.
      I am a very strong proponent of getting paid based upon the value you provide to others.  What I love best is that the more I seem to get paid for creating more value for more people (using my talents), the more I am able to do for free, with no strings attached, for others.   You’ll notice that there is no mention of a way to “donate” to anything I am doing through Podcast Answer Man.
      I am so thankful that you have been blessed by the information that I have provided for free.  Blessing to you as well!

    • DawnFord31

      Hello Potential Customer your search is over!!
      You have finally found a site that will not only teach you what you need to know, but Cliff will stay with you through the entire process.  I purchased his WordPress for Podcasters tutorial.  Not only is the tutorial first rate, Cliff’s customer service is amazing!! In an age were you can’t get a human on the phone 90% of the time, let alone the internet, Cliff not only answers his own emails, but is very prompt with his reply!! 
      Stop search and driving yourself crazy.  I would highly recommend this site and Cliff’s products.  I will definitely purchase from Cliff again.  
      Thank you Cliff!!!

    • [email protected] you so much Dawn for the glowing testimonial for the products.  I am so thankful that they have been so valuable to you. 🙂

    • amymiyamoto

      [email protected] Ravenscraft Hey Cliff, I just finished listening to your lively discussion about all the ins and outs of podcasting on The Rise To The Top.  Great exchange.  I am currently a student in David’s Create Awesome Interviews course and between you, David Siteman Garland  , and Pat Flynn 
      , I am gleaning a ton of top notch value about how to do things right from the start! 
      I appreciate your comment above and definitely see you as a prime example of someone online who is receiving abundance on many levels as a direct result of your desire to be of joyful service. 
      I look forward to learning more from you via your podcast.

    • [email protected] Siteman Garland  Pat Flynn Amy, I can’t thank you enough for this very encouraging feedback.  Honestly, it is feedback like this that really does mean more to me than the $$$ I generate from what I do.  Thank you for taking the time out of your day to share these thoughts with me.
      Very Sincerely,

    • BenCurry

      Hi Cliff,
      I’m looking for some WordPress membership spftware that handles protected RSS but am struggling to find one that I’m completly happy with.  Do you have any recommendations/afiliate links that I can check out.
      Thanks in advance,

    • Salaam (peace) Cliff, I just purchased using your affiliate link and intend to purchase the tutorial as soon as it arrives, thanks.

    • @BenCurry I don’t have any that I recommend.  Never found any I’m happy with yet.

    • @mujahidabdullah Thank you so much!

    • BenCurry

      @Cliff Ravenscraft I heard John Dumas interview the guy from Wishlist Member. Was a great interview and he ounces like a nice guy so I went for Wishlist.
      Thanks for the reply. I heard you latest ep already, just so you know, I have not had any break in service from livefyre.

    • @BenCurry  Yeah, I solved my LiveFyre issue.  I just had a spam filter issue which I’ve fixed.  So I am back in business. 😉
      Glad you found a plugin that is working for you.

    • Cliff- Simply outstanding products and customer service. I’m impressed with the time you’ve already shared with me and will continue to recommend your products and services to my clients and friends. Also just gave you a Friday afternoon “shout out” over on Chris Brogan’s “The Secret Team” Facebook Group! If you’d ever like to Spreecast about all the exciting reasons we all need to being podcasting (I’m starting to see the light 🙂 , just give me a holler!  Mitch

    • @jacksonwilson Thank you so much for the encouraging feedback and for the shout out.  Will keep you in mind if I have some free time to jump on spreecast!

    • I loved this email that I just received….
      Sir Cliff, 
      Just finished going through your adobe audition tutorial. I have to say when I first purchased audition for my podcasting project I was extremely intimidated by it.
      To liken it to a starwars type display would be understating the obvious. Thus my podcasting plans came to an abrupt halt.
      Thank the Father above I learned about your tutorial on this subject and decided to spend the money in an attempt to salvage my adobe purchase and use.
      Your style of teaching is excellent. Your layed back–straight talk–personna is ideal for such an intimidating subject matter and I now have at least half the courage of David to face the Goliath Audition.
      Thank you for your excellent work.
      I am trusting in the Lord to launch my first full-podcast episode in March.
      Blessings to you. 
      A loyal follower and client, 
      Rodney Thomas

    • StringNikolic


    • kenneth_burke

      I just finished the WP tutorial and I have to say it was great. I got my entire podcast set-up over the course of the program and it is a time saver. Also, your instruction is clear and complete so it’s easy to follow your suggestions. You have saved me an incredible amount of time and as we all know time is money.

      This is one of the best training programs I’ve purchased hands down. Thanks for the help and I’m looking forward to purchasing additional programs. The studio set-up is next!

      Thanks again!


    • kenneth_burke Thank you so much for the encouraging feedback Ken!  I wish you continued success in your podcasting efforts!

    • Otis Woodard

      Cliff, I want to use Adobe Audition as you suggest (on my Mac), and buy your video on how to use it. I’m a little confused. I follow your affiliate link for Au and it takes me to a place I don’t understand. I don’t want to pay a recurring $30 a month (I don’t think so, anyway). Is it possible to just buy the software, and is the software Audition CS6 Version 5 for Mac? What do you recommend, paying each month or just buying outright?

    • Otis Woodard Adobe changed the way they sell their software. They now only allow for monthly subscriptions. I think this is a bonehead move.  However, they do have a $19/mo option for only one piece of software.  That would be the road I would go if it were me.

    • Otis Woodard

      Cliff Ravenscraft Otis Woodard Thanks so much for the reply, Cliff. I will do that. Looking very forward to using your videos to get myself up and going. While I am tempted to do the free versions of stuff initially until I get kicking on this stuff, my consulting business is so business right now I don’t want to have to relearn anything. So off we go. Thanks for the support, great products and being the example and hence exemplar for what is possible in podcasting. A fan from Oregon, Otis

    • clankorbit

      Cliff Ravenscraft I believe the subscription service is the best move ever made by Adobe Systems. I use 9 Adobe apps for only $29/mo (qualified). This would literally cost me a fortune if I bought everything outright. Plus you never have to hassel with upgrading apps, everything is already included with the membership. I can have access to ALL Adobe titles for a small monthly fee. Buying all their apps outright and paying for upgrades would cost me thousands yearly!
      With that said, if you only want ONE Adobe app then yeah it’s not so great. But who only wants one Adobe app? Anyway, I disagree with it being a bonehead move.

    • clankorbit For folks who use multiple Adobe products, then it makes a lot of sense.  
      However, there are a ton of people who would never need anything more than PhotoShop Elements ($80) and Adobe Audition ($350).  Not only that, but whichever version they purchased would probably work for them for at least five to ten years without a need to upgrade.
      There are just a few people who prefer to “own” their software. 😉
       I’m in a very unique situation now, though.  I am at a place where I will likely sign up for the cloud version so that I can update my tutorial.  Though, I am really thinking about signing up for a single month at $20, recording my tutorial, and then cancelling and going back to using my Audition CS5.5

    • fitfathers

      @Cliff Ravenscraft Hey Cliff, curious why you went from Mail Chimp to Aweber?

    • fitfathers Full explanation is written in a blog post I did about this at http://PodcastAnswerMan.com/aweber

    • fitfathers

      Cliff Ravenscraft fitfathers Great explanation thanks 🙂