213 Podcast Answer Man – BlogWorld NYC 2011 Interview With Rick Calvert – Co-Founder and CEO of BlogWorld #BWENY

by Cliff Ravenscraft on June 5, 2011

Hey folks, I was happy to get a chance to interview Rick Calvert who is the CEO and Co-Founder of BlogWorld & New Media Expo. The interview runs about 12 minutes and includes great information regarding how BlogWorld got started, how the Podcast & New Media Expo got rolled into BlogWorld, and why BlogWorld left Las Vegas.

Most important is the information related to the future focus on podcasting at BlogWorld. Have a look at this video and see the list of highlights I have posted below.

Topics that I thought were important enough to highlight:

00:00:10 Rick’s response to my session.

00:00:33 How long ago did BlogWold get started?

00:00:53 Rick’s prior expo experience

00:01:30 Was the show always in Vegas until this year?

00:01:35 New Media / Podcasting is important enough fir the big stage.

00:02:04 Now the conference is in NYC & LA each year. Why?

00:03:38 Is BlogWorld coming back to NYC again next year?

00:03:51 Does BlogWorld Expo get you full access to BookWorld Expo in NYC?

00:04:28 How did Podcast/New Media Expo get rolled into BlogWorld Expo?

00:06:40 I don’t understand why more Podcasters aren’t blogging, using YouTube, etc.

00:06:48 Why do you think Podcasters should come to BlogWorld LA?

00:07:16 There is a segment of the Podcast Community that feel like they are different from bloggers.

00:09:16 More sessions devoted to the “Art” of content creation coming to BlogWorld!

00:09:23 We are going to have a massive amount of content in LA For Podcasters.

00:09:36 We made a mistake by changing the name of the track to The Digital Broadcasting Track last year.

00:10:16 By all of us coming together, it raises the profile for all of us in New Media. It creates more opportunities for all of us.

00:10:34 Podcasters are welcome to Email Rick at [email protected], they can send Rick a message on Twitter using @BlogWorld, and they can even call him at 858-309-4747 ext. 102. Tell him what you want as a podcaster, and he will do it!

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  • Thank you Cliff. We were honored to have you join us in NYC and I really appreciate you taking so much time with me to do this interview.

  • Thanks for the comment Rick. I look forward to BlogWorld LA. Looking forward to bringing many of my podcasting community folks with me. I have a ton of West Coast folks in our community that I have yet to meet face to face. Talk to you soon.

  • That is awesome. No, the camera angle was totally my lack of experience with video interviews. So excited about the one camera interview tips that Zen Runner shared in episode 214 of Podcast Answer Man.

    Also, very delighted to know that this interview is what tipped the scale for you to come to BlogWorld LA. See you there!

  • It’s a great world of technology that we live in!

  • Great interview, Cliff. As a conference organizer myself, this was very valuable to get Rick’s perspective. I’m excited to be following in his footsteps. I’m also excited that you’ll be in Chicago with me in October.

  • Thanks! Looking forward to the conference in October!

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