Pat Flynn Shows How To Recover, With Style, When Your Slides Are Messed Up!

by Cliff Ravenscraft on November 8, 2011

My great friend, Pat Flynn, and I had the awesome privilege of speaking at BlogWorld Expo LA. What could have turned into a disaster for many speakers actually worked in Pat’s favor because of how he responded to the situation.

Imagine spending hours on your presentation, carefully choosing the perfect fonts, colors, and sizes for each and every aspect of your presentation slides, only to have it all jumbled up and not even displaying half of the content on the screen behind you. This is what happend to Pat.

What is most important is what Pat DID NOT DO. Pat did not lose his cool. Pat did not attempt to place blame on the staff. Instead, Pat was wise to make light of the situation, to use it to his advantage for a few minutes, and for the rest of his presentation, even though 80% of his slides were completely messed up, he spoke as if nothing was wrong.

Pat did an amazing job. If I ever run into a situation where this happens to me, I hope that I can play it off half as cool as he did. Check out the video below.

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  • Kudos to Pat for a smooth delivery. 

  • LOL.  This was a great example of “not losing your cool”.
    Pat did a great job.
    Great meeting you at Blogworld finally, too, Cliff.

  • That is because he is a great guy, and a  professional but I bet inside he was jumping somersaults…
    Well done Pat, you did a really great job

  • Indeed. The whole presentation was amazing and I believe the slide issue brought out the “authentic” Pat that I have come to admire so much! He Rocked it!

  • Indeed Scott! Great meeting you!

  • He was. It took us a while to convince him that it rocked and that the slide issue made the whole thing so much more enjoyable. He totally delivered!

  • Anonymous

    I was there at Pat’s session and I didn’t realize anything was wrong.

    When the slides got messed up I assumed it was his way of being humorous and different – I thought it was hilarious. I’d have liked to come up and talk to him but the line was too long. Quite frankly that was one of the best sessions I attended at BlogWorld (I even blogged about it yesterday).

    Because of that session I have highly recommended both of you to an event organizer who is looking for speakers with the kind of skills/expertise you displayed.

  • Wow! That is awesome. Thank you so much for recommending us. We both really enjoy speaking.

  • Not to bad for a kid from San Diego.  🙂

  • Indeed. 😉

  • Cliff, thank you for sharing this, and even more so for beautifully capturing this moment of my life. As I do when I speak or perform or things like that, I didn’t even consciously know what I was doing while it was happening, but after watching how I responded to the situation I can’t really believe I played it cool like that. 

    Much love to you Cliff and the rest of the GSPN and PAM community. Thanks again for sharing this buddy, and I’ll be mentioning it on my next podcast episode for sure. Cheers!

  • You bet Pat. I was just so happy to have been able to capture that moment for you. Dude, your Double Take could not have been any better. It was CLASSIC.

    You totally rocked it my friend!

  • Well, now we know Pat has some AMAZING improvisation skills! LOL 😉

  • Indeed!

  • EricBeaty

    I remember seeing this when Pat first posted it to his site.  He couldn’t have handled it any better.  If I’m not mistaken, this was his first experience speaking.  What an inspiration to keep moving forward even when the unexpected occurs, because at some point in life it’s bound to!

  • @EricBeaty I couldn’t agree more.  I’m looking forward to Pat’s talk at NMX in just a few short weeks.

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