VLOG – New Home Construction Update March 2014

by Cliff Ravenscraft on March 24, 2014

Every day, I thank God for the opportunity to create a business that serves others, makes a positive difference in the lives of people all over the world and that brings a great deal of personal satisfaction and fulfillment into my own life. I am incredibly blessed.

On my ABOUT PAGE, there is a video that describes our journey (my wife and I) of how we got into the world of podcasting. If you have seen that, you know that my story is not one of “overnight success.” That video, however, was recorded on May 2011.

While things were really starting to take off when I gave that talk, I never could have imagined all the blessings that have come our way over the years since that time. To get just a glimpse of what I am talking about, feel free to read the blog post that reveals my personal income from 2010 through 2013.

The following images show some of the evolution of my podcast studio over the past few years.

There was the time when I used to set up all my equipment, once a week, in the floor of our living room.

There was the time when I actually talked my wife into giving me a dedicated corner of our family room for my podcasting efforts.

Over the years, my studio space grew quite a bit.

Many of you are already aware that Stephanie and I are building a new home. Our entire family is extremely excited about all the new space that we will have.

One of the things that I am most excited about is that the entire finished lower level (basement) of our new home will be 100% devoted to my business. The square footage of the basement, alone, in the new house is actually larger than the square footage of our entire existing home.

In this VLOG post, I give you a walk through of what our new home looks like as of March 23rd, 2014, after I had just finished wiring all the rooms with RG6 and Cat5e cabling.

If you want to continue following the progress of our new home and my new podcasting studio, I encourage you to check out my New Home Facebook Photo Album.

Again, I want to say how incredibly thankful I am to have chosen the path that I did to leave my career in insurance to pursue the work and life for which I truly felt that I was created. It has never been easy. However, one of my greatest friends, David H Foster, once said… “I don’t need easy, I just need worth it.”

Thanks for taking the time to watch my VLOG post above and for reading this accompanying post.

Until next time, I encourage you to take everything you do to the Next Level!

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  • Donovan Adkisson

    Looks good, Cliff!  Can’t wait to see the completed home.  🙂

  • KentFaver

    This is so awesome Cliff.  The door you refer to downstairs is a pocket door.  As I tweeted to you a few weeks back, I would encourage you to work with your builder and go as “next level” as you can afford on insulation and energy efficiency.  Regardless, and I know you know this, it is imperative to add batt insulation in the walls and ceilings in your studio area – don’t let him forget that!  The sheetrockers won’t care – they will go faster than the speed of light once they show up.  Awesome!

  • John_Dennis

    Very cool, Cliff. Congratulations to you and your family!

  • MikeWilkerson1

    Looks spectacular, Cliff. What’s the overall square footage when you’e done there going to be? Looks MASSIVE! Talk about “next level” – that’ a next level home/office/studio for sure! Thanks for sharing it! That sliding door is also called a “teacup door.” I have several in my house and they’re wonderful for saving space. I would have them on many of my doors and would recommend them to anyone for really great space saving, but also just a general impression. Can’t wait to see it as it comes to life.

  • Looks awesome Cliff. I agree about the insulating your studio walls and ceiling to the max especially those drain pipes down the studio wall. Get the contractor to make sure you won’t hear water running down those drains. I know you and your family will enjoy the new digs. You guys deserve it!

  • Donovan Adkisson  Thanks Donovan.  I can’t wait to start working in this new space.  It will be nice to have some much room to be creative.  I can’t wait to hold some “LIVE EVENTS” as well. 😉

  • KentFaver  Thanks Kevin. Yes,… Pocket door… That’s what it’s called.

    And yes…. I have all walls and ceilings fully insulated in the ENTIRE LOWER LEVEL. 😉

  • John_Dennis  Thank you John!

  • MikeWilkerson1  The total square footage is 4,362.  Should be plenty of room for our family plus give us the room to host some cool things in our home as well.

  • Teleios  Thank you Jim.  Yes, there will not be any open space in any of the walls or ceilings in the lower level.  I wanted to sound proof it as much as possible since this will be my studio space.  Exciting stuff ahead for sure.

  • Paul Potter PT

    Hey Cliff,
    I couldn’t more happy for you!  The house looks awesome!  The throwback picture is a hoot.  It doesn’t look much like a dedicated corner.  You’re right out there.  Your wife is a winner.

  • diynuru


    You’re usually the one offering the great advice. Maybe I
    can help you this time. I watched your latest podcast and heard you talking
    about decorating your new studio. Well, I’m a radio/television news reporter/anchor/news
    director AND a podcaster/blogger at http://www.DIYNuru.com.
    So, here’s how I would handle the studio. Don’t worry much about décor. Have
    you ever been to a television studio? It’s all smoke and mirrors (if you’re
    ever in Oklahoma I could show you). It’s all about the lighting. You’ll need
    light coming at you from all directions.. above, below and behind. If you have
    a window, you can use that too. But, you’ll have to think about time of day and
    possibly a white balance. For the walls, I would do modern sound absorbing
    rectangles (picture what’s on the walls in the newer movie theaters). You
    mentioned that you have several monitors. That needs to be included in the look
    of the studio. Show people what you’re looking at (think Shepard Smith on FOX
    News). Hope this helps.

  • diynuru  April, first.. Thank you for the video you sent.  It prompted me to go over to my LifeFyre commenting system control panel to check for comments that were sent to my “pending” or “potential spam” folder.  

    Unfortunately, LIfeFyre is a little O V E R  A G G R E S S I V E !!!! when it comes to auto moderating comments and I have little control over what they throw into my pending folder.

    If you include ANY links in your comment, you immediately get thrown into the pending folder.  Something I check about once every few weeks, or more often if I’m prompted by someone who tells me that they are having hard time getting a comment to show up on my site.

    Also, I have believe that there are a few oddballs who go in and FLAG completely appropriate comments just because they seem to have a hard time finding anything more valuable to do with their lives. I wish I could see ip address of all those who click the “flag comment” button.  I’d love to ban a few people from seeing my site.

    Anyway. All that to say that your comment had been received and was waiting for me to manually approve it.  Which I just did.

    Now, I’ll do a separate reply via your comment.

  • diynuru  I am very familiar with the smoke and mirrors of the tv studio.  I’ve been to a live taping of the Jimmy Fallon Show and I was recently on Good Morning San Diego two months ago.  I had also had a tour of the Catholic Channel tv studios in Boston a few years back.   I love how a quality set can be built in such a small space.   I have big plans to do something exciting with only one corner of my 900 sq ft studio space.  (The rest will be used for a live workshop training in my studio space.)

    I am thinking about the decor of my desk, the back drop (or background) and the lighting.  

    I will use the desk found in the image I am about to link to as the inspiration for the desk I will have in my new studio space (the one corner).  Link: http://share.gspn.tv/Vc0I

    I saw the background of this next image.  I am not crazy about the rock wall, but this is similar to the “vibe” I’ll be going for in my background – http://share.gspn.tv/VcW7

    I also like what I see here: http://share.gspn.tv/VbVR

    And yes, there will be lots (I DO MEAN A LOT) of lighting in my new studio.  I have even added electric outlets in the ceiling for some of the lighting panels that will hang from above.  Some to add many light accents to the background and many to shine on the set from all directions. 😉  (I intentionally put no windows in that area of my studio space.

    I do have plans to line a majority of my wall space with acoustic sound absorbing panels.  In fact, i’ve been on the following site for many hours looking at the many options.  Link: http://www.audimutesoundproofing.com/acoustical-panels-acoustic-panel-acoustic-sound-panels-Audimute.aspx

    I appreciate your feedback.   I have a good grasp of what needs to be done.  I’m just eager to get into my new space (about 3 to 4 weeks away now) and then I can “FINALLY GET STARTED” on the project.  🙂

  • diynuru

    Cliff Ravenscraft That’s hilarious! I made an embarrassing video to grab your attention for nothing (kind of). Your responses made my day/week. Still another great lesson from my podcast guru. Aw, thank you so much. 
    Watched your interviews on the news. #fabulous
    Please keep up the good work. I listen to every single episode. Thanks, Your Friendly DIYNUru

  • diynuru

    Cliff, That is hilarious! I made a cheesy video to get your attention and
    didn’t have to. Oh well, it ended with your wonderful response and I had a good
    Love the ideas on the home studio. Can’t wait to hear more about it…what
    works and what doesn’t. #trailblazer #mademyday

  • diynuru I saw your video.  #LovedIt 🙂

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