Last weekend, I had the most amazing opportunity, as I was invited to speak at the CNCM in Boston. One of the greatest highlights of my trip to Boston was that I finally had the opportunity to meet my long time friend, Fr. Roderick, face to face.

Some of you will remember back in January of 2009 when I released an interview that I did with Father Roderick in episode 92 of Podcast Answer Man. If you want to hear all about my weekend trip to Boston, I would encourage you to start with Pursuing A Balanced Life episode 475 which is the first episode in a four part series titled “My Catholic Weekend.”

In this week's episode, I cover the following topics:
* BlackBerry Launches Official Podcast Application (Link)
* Submitting Your Podcast To BlackBerry Podcast Directory (Link)
* Tech Specs PDF from Blackberry (LINK)
* Short interview with Avery Grant from the Live Out Loud Podcast. (iTunes Link) (Website Link)
* Blue Host Podcast Hosting (Blog Post With Affiliate Link)
* Wanna Sponsor Our Trip To Podcamp Boston 5? (Email Me)
* Ron Nutter Shares a testimonial for WordPress for Podcasters (More Info Here)

Here are the links to the CNMC talks that I did with Fr. Roderick:
Session 1 Recorded on Ustream
Session 2 Recorded on Ustream
Session 3 Recorded on Ustream

Here are some photo highlights from my trip: (CLICK HERE FOR A FULL SLIDESHOW)
CNMC Highlights

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