442 – Please Don’t Snap And Drive


This week's episode is very brief and to the point. It contains a message that I am very passionate about. If I have any amount of influence in the lives of those who listen to this show, I hope that I might influence others to make a commitment to never “Snap and Drive.” Beyond that, it is my hope that folks will also use whatever influence they have to spread this very important message.


430 Facebook Live Streaming Vs Periscope | Become An Author With Kary Oberbrunner


Facebook Live Streaming Vs Periscope
In the open of this episode, I share my initial thoughts on Facebook's new live streaming service that is now being rolled out to personal Facebook accounts. Stephanie and I tried out today while we recording our Family From The Heart podcast.

Become An Author With Kary Oberbrunner
KO-Headshot-Square-e1444683320979This week, I'm happy to share a conversation with my friend, Kary Oberbrunner. He and I talked about his journey into becoming and author. In our conversation, Kary shared three mistakes he made that slowed his process of leaving his day job.

Also, Kary shares the 15 streams of income that he's built around the books that he's published.

WEBINAR: Become an Author in 2016
Do you dream of becoming an author? Want to share your message with the world? Publishing a book the right way can bring you more freedom, finances and fulfillment.

Kary Oberbrunner and I are hosting a free webinar this Tuesday, January 5th. On this webinar, Kary will show you insider tips and tools how to write, publish, and market your book successfully.

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