436 – Why Do I Still Use Feedburner Today?


What Is Feedburner? Why Do I Still Use It Today?
Every now and then, someone will reach out to me and ask me why I still use Feedburner. I created this podcast episode to share the story of how and why I started using Feedburner many years ago and why, in spite of a few possible drawbacks, I still thing it is the best solution for myself and for training other people on how to successful launch a podcast.


312 Do You Take Advertisers On Your Podcast And So Much More!

Do You Take Ads On Your Site Or Podcast?takeads
In this week's episode, I focus a great amount of time answering many questions that have come in on the voice mail feedback hotline.

One of the questions that seemed to get the most time was whether or not I take on advertising on my website or in my podcast episodes. I share my thoughts as to why I've turned down offers of $1,000 per episode for sponsorship offers of Podcast Answer Man. I also share just how important relationships are to me when it comes to deciding what I choose to promote to my audience.

Here's a list of questions that I answered in the episode. I've also provided you the time stamp of where each question can be found in the episode.

00:04:48 What sound board app do you recommend?
00:13:53 Why do I have missing episodes in iTunes?
00:20:02 Do you take advertising on your site or podcast?
00:35:00 How can I remove some of these background noises?
00:38:35 Do you sound proof your studio space?
00:48:19 I heard Feedburner may go away, what should I do?
00:54:33 How can I set up password protected feeds?

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