482 – Consistency For The Sake of Being Consistent

Earlier this year, I made a commitment that I would publish a new episode of this podcast by 5am on Friday, every week in 2016. I am happy to report that I have made good on this promise. Recently someone suggested that this type of commitment might come with problems, that for some, it might be better to go a week without an episode than to put out something that is “crap.” I processed my thoughts out loud in this episode.

Also in this episode, I share a breakdown on how I did on the goals that I had set for 2016, why I haven't been very “social” over the past few weeks and two gadgets that I'm excited about.


384 – Celebrating Nine Years In Podcasting


This week's episode is a bit out of the norm for Podcast Answer Man. I just retruned to the studio after being away for two weeks. I had a great Thanksgiving holiday followed by an eight day family vacation to Orlando, Florida.

Unofortunately, I brought a case of bronchitus back home from my trip and my head was feeling a bit foggy this week. Rather than take the week off, I decided to share just a few things that I've been thinking about since the last time I recorded.

Topics included in this episode
– While I love the Yosemite OS for MAC, I don't suggest that you upgrade.
– The OmniDazzle software (Note: No longer supported)
– Celebrating nine years of Podcasting.
– My first ever podcast episode. http://gspn.tv/firstepisode
– My thoughts on what my priorities will be for 2015
– Michael Hyatt's Best Year Ever Program
– Patreon Update

Special Thanks to my Patreon Supporters
I am so incredibly thankful for those who have decided to show their support for Podcast Answer Man by becoming a Patreon supporter (list of supporters here).

A few folks had suggested that I create a Patreon account because they wanted another way to financially support the content that I created here. They mentioned that as a result of the free content that I've created, they've been able to launch a successful podcast and/or take their business to the next level without neededing to purchase any of the products or services that I have offered.

Special Thanks to Ana Melikian from the Mindset Zone Podcast for being the first Patreon supporter at $25 or more per episode.


Video Recording of this episode
The following video is an UNEDITED version of the Behind The Scenes Recording of this episode of Podcast Answer Man. Join me for a future live broadcast of Podcast Answer Man. Click here for details.


382 Journaling For Blog Content Strategy And How To Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever – Interview with Michael Hyatt

Happy Thanksgiving
I wanted to take a moment and tell you that during this Thanksgiving holiday, I am extremely thankful for each and everyone of you who have been a part of the Podcast Answer Man community.

I was originally going to take the week off this week, due to Thanksgiving, and next week due to the fact that I'll be on vacation with my family. However, I know that I recently took a week off, just two weeks ago, while I was out of town speaking at the Platform Conference. This on top of the fact that there isn't an episode of the Serial Podcast, I thought I'd go ahead and put together and episode for you.


Journaling For Blog Content Strategy
In this episode, I shared how beneficial journaling has been to me over the years. Recently, I've fallen in love with the Day One App for iOS and Mac computers. I've been journaling like crazy and publishing nearly everything I've written on my Tumblr account at gspn.tumblr.com.

I share how I've also been using this content in my social media channels like Twitter and Facebook. More importantly, I've shared how this app has actually got me back into the habit of blogging as well.

In fact, here are the links to the three blog posts I mentioned in this episode:

  • The Quick Question Blog Post
  • Creating Content That You Feel Called To Create
  • A New iTunes Description for Podcast Answer Man
    michael-hyattAn Interview With Michael Hyatt
    Also in this episode, I share a conversation with my great friend, Michael Hyatt. Michael shared his thoughts on journaling and the benefits that he has seen as a result of the practice. We also discussed how he, also, is asking himself the question “What do I want to be when I grow up?” Michael shared his process for how he's moving forward during this time of seeking clarity for the future direction of his brand. We also talked about the upcoming launch of his Best Year Ever Program.