371 How Do I Balance My Business Life And My Faith?

How do you balance your business life and your faith?
I'm often complimented on how well I consistently share my faith through the content that I create for Podcast Answer Man without ever sounding “too strong” or “preachy.” These comments tend to take me by surprise as I feel that I rarely talk openly about my faith in the content that I am creating.


How Do You Balance Your Business Life & Your Faith?

Recently, Jared sent me a message stating that he's now entered the entrepreneurial world after having been employed in a traditional professional ministry position. He wanted to know how I was able to find a balance between my business life and my faith.

He went on to state that through his business endeavors, he now has a lot of new friends, acquaintances and business partners that he would like to share his faith with. However, he is concerned about potentially ruining those relationships by going in too strong and sounding too preachy.

In forming his question to me, he also stated that he has invested in these relationships and now wants to know how he can leverage these relationships so that he can introduce his faith through his personal witnessing, in an effort to share the gospel with them.

A majority of this episode is devoted to my response to Jared's request for advice in this area. The topic starts at 16 minutes and 43 seconds. (00:16:43)

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Here's a list of topics covered in this episode. I've also provided you the time stamp of where each question can be found in the episode.

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