353 Can I Make Money If My Podcast Is Not A Business? How Long Can I Still Answer Every Email? Why Do I Not Recommend Using Your Media Host’s RSS Feed? And How To Avoid Interrupting Your Co-Host

IsThereAMarketWhy Do I Not Recommend Using Your Media Host's RSS Feed?
Several people have been emailing me, recently, telling me that they have been getting a lot of conflicting advice regarding which rss feed they should use. Specifically, there have been many folks that have been told that the best option for new podcasters, who are hosting with Libsyn, is to allow Libsyn to not only host their media files, but to also allow them to host the website and their rss feed for their podcast.

I have been a supporter of Libsyn since 2006 and I am personally responsible for sending hundreds, if not thousands, of clients to their service. However, I have always, and still do, suggest that podcasters only use Libsyn for media hosting and stats alone. In this episode, I share exactly why I feel so strongly about this.

How To Avoid Interrupting Your Co-Host
Gina wants to do a podcast with a co-host that is in a different location, via Skype. She wanted to know if I had any thoughts on how they can do this without constantly interrupting each other since they will not have the normal visual queues to go off of. I share my thoughts in this episode.

Can I Make Money If My Podcast Is Not A Business?
Jeff called in and asked… “How can a sports talk podcast and website, which isn't a business, actually dive into the entrepreneurial aspects that you consistently talk about? IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE?” I certainly had a few thoughts to share, on this topic, in the episode.

How Long Can I Still Answer Every Email?
Finally, my good friend, Butch Gibson, called in on the voice mail feedback hotline and left a 3 minute and 18 second voice message. His main point was how much he appreciated the fact that, even with the success that I have achieved, I still manage time to read the emails he sends to me and to send back a cordial response to each.

Butch even made a point to say that I'm a “good guy” and that he's noticed that some other folks out there seem to go out of their way to be rude in response to some of the correspondence that he sends their way.

The thoughts that I shared, in response to Butch's feedback, may shock some of my listeners. Listen to this episode to hear the thoughts that I shared.


331 Facebook Page or Personal Profile? And Much More!

fbhashFacebook Page or Personal Profile (00:24:41)
In this week's social media segment, Erik Fisher and I respond to someone who asked our thoughts on promoting our brand with a Facebook Page vs. a Facebook Personal Profile.

Call Recorder May Continue To Work! (00:01:12)
In last week's episode, I shared that Pamela, a software that is made to record Skype conversations on the PC, is no longer going to work after December of this year. I had read, from a support page on their site, that when Skype removes their desktop API, it would break all of the other software plugins made for recording Skype Calls. From this, I made the assumption that this meant that Call Recorder would be affected.

Special thanks to Christopher Wright and Ryan Jacobi who each gave me evidence that ECAMM's support department and development engineers are confident that the removal of the desktop API will not impact their software. In fact, they went so far as to say that their software worked for recording Skype calls before Skype ever made the desktop API available. This is good news for podcasters on the Mac Platform who have come to rely on Call Recorder for recording their Skype calls.

Platform Conference (00:06:47)
I am gearing up for my talk at Michael Hyatt's Platform Conference. The conference will be held in Dallas, TX November 3-5. If you are interested in hearing me speak, simply go to PlatformConference.tv and use promo code “Cliff” to save $150 off the cost of registration!

Stephanie coming to Dallas with me and we are hosting a Podcast Answer Man community meetup on Tuesday November 5th. Full details can be found at PodcastAnswerMan.com/meetup.

Should I Upgrade My Equipment Or Go To NMX? (00:13:49)
Jeff called in to say that he has saved up enough money to either attend New Media Expo or spend that amount of money on upgrading the equipment for his podcast. He wanted to know which I would suggest that he choose. Listen to this episode to find out why I suggested that he sign up and attend New Media Expo.

How Can I Get My Archives of Content Onto Libsyn? (00:19:10)
Ken called in to say that he is thinking about moving away from the free hosting at archive.org and moving his previous content over to Libsyn. He wanted to know if there was a way to upload all those previous episodes since the total of all previous uploads would be more than the monthly allotment upload space. I shared that, for an initial opened account, you can import your “back catalogue” for .05 per MB.


324 Podcasting As An Occupation? How Long Before My Podcast Will Start Generating Income? My Thoughts On This And More!

cashsnShow Me The Money! (Topic starts at 00:03:44)
There are times when I feel like Jerry Maguire in this scene from the movie (WARNING: Strong language in clip). Okay, so this is a bit of an exaggeration. The fact is that I have made it a point to not yet enter into a relationship where clients are expecting me to “show them the money.”

I've stopped counting the number of times that folks have come to me, expecting me to teach them how to turn their podcast into their full-time career or how to create a podcast that will begin providing them a significant income. The common theme among all these requests has been that these individuals see their podcast as “a product” or “a service” and that they can turn their podcast into a lucrative business.

One person sent me an email asking, “Does a well-done, interesting daily financial podcast have the potential to generate perhaps $3k per month of income within 12 to 24 months if I hammer it and work my butt off on it?”

Another person, who was thinking about signing up for my Podcasting A to Z course, asked “What the payback period is for the investment in your course?  On average, how long does it take for your students to earn their investment back?”

Yet another person wrote to tell me, “I've lost my job. So naturally, I want to figure out a way to make the podcast and my youtube channel more lucrative and make it my occupation.”

Please understand that I do believe that it is possible to generate income directly from your podcasting efforts. In fact, I did a lengthy blog post back in August 2011 where I shared some very personal details about how much income I was generating from my own podcasting efforts. You can read that post by clicking here.

I also gave a one hour presentation at BlogWorld LA 2011 (Now known as New Media Expo), titled “Proven Strategies For Generating Serious Income From Your Podcasting Efforts. I'll post it below.

As you can see, I do not shy away from the topic of monetization and I have no issues with folks generating income directly from their podcasts. However, in this episode, I share some pretty strong feelings on putting too much pressure on your podcast to directly generate income.

I do not believe that a podcast should be looked at as a business or a career. Are there exceptions to this? Yep! However, I have found it easier to succeed when you actually develop a genuine business where you offer products and/or services that provide value to your target audience. As people come to know, like and trust you, they can then make a decision to purchase your products and/or services, or the products and services of those you recommend.

I do directly generate a few thousand dollars a month from sponsorship of a few podcasts and from affiliate commissions that I earn from recommending products and services in my podcast. Only a very small percentage of my income, however, is generated in this way. I want to point out that I've been podcasting since 2005 and have produced more than 3,100 podcast episodes and have a following that is in the hundreds of thousands of people at this point in my journey. This is not something I built within 12 to 18 months.

Even today, I do not see any of my podcasts as my “business.” Instead, I have a business model that is made of of many different streams of income from many different products and services that I offer. Here are a few things that I do that generate income for my actual business.

– Coaching & Consulting, Including Podcasting A to Z.
– Facilitating The Podcast Mastermind which I founded in March 2012.
– Equipment sales made at https://PodcastAnswerMan.com/equipment.
– Video Training Tutorial Sales made at https://PodcastAnswerMan.com/products.
– A referral network where I earn commission on referring clients for podcast artwork, one-on-one consulting, etc.
– Public Speaking. I started out speaking for free. However, I am now paid well to speak at events.
– Joint venture projects where I partner with friends on one off projects.
– Affiliate sales – Where I recommend products and services that I trust and earn a commission.
– Webinars – High value online training events that meet the needs of my community.
– And very soon, I plan to start doing my own live events and conferences.

I am extremely blessed to have a business that does provide me with a rather nice six figure income each year. There is no question that my podcast is responsible for generating a majority of the sales in my business. However, it's not the the only thing that generates sales. I do a significant amount of marketing and relationship building through social networks, face to face networking at conferences, speaking a conferences, etc.

Also, I want to point out that I still work approximately 10 to 12 hours a day, a minimum of five days a week, this includes several hours each week spent studying on how to improve my sales and marketing efforts. If I am preparing to go out of town or just returning from a trip, you will often find me working 12 to 14 hours a day all seven days of the week. However, When you love what you do, it's really not that bad to work from 5am to 5pm (or 8pm) every day.

So if you ask me to “show you the money” in podcasting, I'll simply point you back to this post and ask you to listen to this episode to hear my thoughts on this subject.

Other Topics Covered In This Episode
– New Media Expo Promo (00:36:25)
– Does replacing a file on Libsyn create a duplicate episode in iTunes? (00:41:13)
– How can I keep track of my stats if I use a single Libsyn account for more than one show? (00:49:08)
– What software do you recommend for recording Skype Calls? (00:54:09)

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Audio Branding from Music Radio Creative
Check out the Veronica Mars Fan Podcast
Episode 241 about more than one podcast with Libsyn
Pamela For Recording Skype on Windows
Call Record For Recording Skype on a Mac


241 Podcast Answer Man – Not A Fan of Feed Validator – More Than One Podcast With A Single Libsyn Account – iPad For Business? – And A Conversation With Todd Clift

Not A Fan of FeedValidator.org
Gordon called to say that when he ran his rss feed through FeedValidator.org, he found that it was reporting errors with his rss feed. He wanted to know if I had any thoughts on what might be causing some of these issues.

In response to Gordon, I pretty much shared that I am not much of a fan of this feed validation service as it's really not that relevant to whether or not your rss feed is configured properly to produce your podcast. In fact, a quick look at the validation report for my Podcast Answer Man rss feed will show you that I also have plenty of “recommendations.” The only thing that matters is whether or not your feed is “valid” and whether or not it is delivering your content to your subscribers.

More Than One Podcast With Libsyn? (Time Stamp 00:09:30)
Michael called in to say that he heard me, in the past, mention that it is possible to use a single Libsyn account to host the .mp3 files for multiple shows and was wondering if I was wondering how that works. I do my best to quickly answer this question in the epsisode.

Blue Host Hosting
This week, I quickly mentioned that I have an affiliate relationship with Blue Host Hosting. I've had a relationship with Blue Host for several years now and have hundreds of clients who are hosting their WordPress powered podcast on their hosting platform. If you want to read my full thoughts on podcast hosting, I encourage you to check out https://PodcastAnswerMan.com/hosting.

Should you invest in an iPad?
Mark called in to ask me how I am using my iPad in my business. He seemed like he was looking for me to convince him that it was worth pulling the trigger on his purchase. However, I'm not sure that he was expecting the answer that I gave in this episode.

In response to Mark, I did mention the iSoundByte app which is the app that acts as a remote to control the desktop version of SoundByte.

I also mentioned the Sound Byte app, which is made by the same company but, unlike the “iSoundByte” app, this app is designed to actually store the sound clips on the iPad and is connected to the desktop version of the app. I'm not a fan of this stand alone app as there is a “nearly one second” delay between the time you tap on the button to play a sound clip and when the sound clip actually starts playing.

Where Are They Now?
In this week's Where Are They Now interview, I talk with Todd Clift from MoonstoneCellars.com. In 2001, Todd was downloading audio recordings on radio shows before podcasting came about. By the time he needed to do a long commute to work, podcasting was available and he started to subscribe to his favorite shows. He tried Satellite radio first, but decided to go all in with audio podcasting and hasn't listened to anything else, while driving his truck, since.

Todd decided that podcasting would be be good for his business, a winery! And he created the podcast, Wine Word of the Day. Early in our conversation, Todd decided to purchase the WineWordofTheDay.com domain which is is simply forwarding to his podcast category on his business website.

Todd was so excited about his existing show, he was already thinking about creating additional shows. I had suggested that if the intended target audience is the same for the other shows, that he might consider combining all that content into a single show, producing it more consistently, rather than fragmenting his audience. If you listen to his December 23rd episode, you'll see that he actually took this advice to heart.

One of the most exciting things that I feel came out in this interview was that Todd had a mission/purpose for his podcast when he decided to launch it. He wanted to use his podcast to build a deeper relationship with his customers so that it would help foster greater customer retention.

About a week after we recorded this interview, I got an email from Todd saying…

Thanks again for offering up so much advice during the interview! It was like getting a free consulting service. And I just wanted you to know that I am using all of your recommendations!

It is my hope that our conversation will be of as much value to you as it was to Todd. If you have any thoughts or reactions to this episode, please do leave a comment in the comments section below.

PODCAST CONSULTING: I'm available for one on one podcast consulting and coaching. Whether you want someone to get everything set up for you or you just need a little help along the way, I'd love to work with you. I'm able to demonstrate using screen sharing technology during our call which makes it just like I was there sitting next to you at the computer. If you are interested, email me at [email protected].

PODCAST VIDEO TUTORIALS: I also have a growing list of video tutorials that I have created based up on the the top things my clients have hired me to help them with. See the full list of tutorials by clicking here.

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