444 – Live To Hard Drive Vs Heavily Editing – And Thoughts on Batch Processing


Have I Abandoned The Live To Hard Drive Approach To Podcasting?
In last Thursday's vlog post, I had shared that I spent a total of two hours editing last week's episode of this podcast. My friend, Riley Blanton, reached out to me, via Snapchat, to tell me that a while back, I had inspired him to go with the “Live To Hard Drive” approaching to podcasting. He wanted to know if I have abandoned this approach altogether and if so, why. In this episode, I explain what “Live To Hard Drive” means and I answer Riley's questions.

Batch Processing & Episode Schedule Deadlines
Also in this episode, I share my thoughts on why I feel that brand new podcasters should not batch process their podcast episodes. I share why I haven't been batch processing my episodes over the past few weeks. And to wrap things up, I share some thoughts about my setting a deadline of having new episodes every Friday at 5am Eastern Time.