454 – What I’m Doing To Take Things To The Next Level


In this week's podcast, I share some personal insights into what I'm going to be focused on over the next several weeks and months ahead to take my own message, business and life to the next level.

In the episode, I talk about the following.

– A Tony Robbins Live Event.
– A Tony Robbins Ten Day Program on CD.
– Three Months of One on One Mentoring for $3,500.
– Twenty six sessions of Podcasting A to Z.
– The software I'm moving toward for my online products.
– Two paid Mastermind Groups that I plan to launch.
– Plans for updating my website and mailing list strategy.
– A few fitness updates.


449 You’ve Got A Story To Tell & The Value of Being A Guest On Other Podcasts – A Conversation With Aaron Walker


Aaron_Walker_with_Cliff_RavenscraftA Conversation With Aaron Walker
I'm very excited to share a recent conversation that I have with my friend Aaron Walker. We talk about the difference between being a good story teller and understanding that you have a good story to tell. We also talked about mastermind groups and the value of being booked as a podcast guest on other people's podcasts.

Two Links Mentioned In This Episode
– My Affiliate Link For Interview Valet – PodcastAnswerMan.com/valet
– Free gifts from Aaron – ViewFromTheTop.com/podcastanswerman


400 – Advice For Creating Your Own Mastermind Group


I always love celebrating big milestones. I am excited to present this 400th episode of Podcast Answer Man. For this special occasion, I wanted to share the one thing that I believe can bring about the greatest potential for taking your business and/or your life to the next level.

I've talked, many times, in the past about my participation in mastermind groups. In this episode, I share my top advice for how you can go about creating your very own mastermind group.

Note: I mentioned that if you wanted to learn more about why I started the Podcast Mastermind organization, my experience with it and why I shut it down after two years, you can listen to episode 344.


367 What do you do when you know that what is needed to take your podcast to the next level is just outside your financial reach? And So Much More!

Next Level One Day Mastermind Event
I'm very excited to announce my very first one day LIVE EVENT. I will be hosting the first Next Level One Day Mastermind event on Friday, August 15th in Dallas TX in the Galveston Room at the Westin Galleria. (pictured below)

I describe this event in great detail starting at 52 minutes and 54 seconds into the episode. If you would like to be one of the ten people included in this intensive mastermind experience, please register now at http://NextLevelStudio.tv.

Topics Covered In This Episode:
– How can I create an introduction episode? (00:03:32)
– Have I considered going back to recording into software? (00:14:38)
– Why did Chad purchase a Samsung Washer & Dryer? (00:27:50)
– How do you incorporate video into an audio only production? (00:33:11)
– What do you do when you know that what is needed to take your podcast to the next level is just outside your financial reach? (00:40:10)
– How should I handle this potentially high risk interview request? (00:47:00)

Video Recording of this episode
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