385 Don’t Fall For The Latest Format Fad

What has made Serial and Startup so popular as podcasts?
photodune-7073493-bandwagon-this-way--xsI've heard a lot of conversations surrounding the popularity of the Startup and Serial podcasts. I've heard more than one person suggest that the main reason that these two shows are so popular is due to the format in which they tell a narrative story throughout each episode.

I'm shocked by the number of people who have already tried to incorporate this style of format into their own show or are contemplating doing so in the near future.

I'll admit, I'm just as hooked to these two podcasts as the other hundreds of thousands of podcast enthusiasts out there. However, I don't think it's the format of the show that has drawn everyone's attention. Yes, I do believe it is a part of the equation. However, I do there there is more to it than that. That is the main topic that I cover in this week's episode of Podcast Answer Man.

Other topics included in this episode

  • iTunes will be slow to process podcsts through January 5th, 2015
  • Audio Branding Package – https://PodcastAnswerMan.com/audio
  • Facebook Category for Podcasting (Details here)
  • Telephone calls via Facetime Audio Calling (Details Here)
  • Sending and receiving SMS via Yosemity (Details Here)
  • Use iPad as 2nd Display without latency (Details Here)
  • PBS News Hour Story on Podcasting
  • Slate article on Podcasting
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    361 The Next Level Studio

    I'm In My New Studio!
    I know that I've been talking about getting ready to move into my new studio for a very long time. We started the building process, of our new home, a full year ago. I've been dreaming of the day that I would actually have all this extra space for all my creative outlets and business pursuits. That day has finally arrived.

    I present to you, the very first stage of the NEXT LEVEL STUDIO!


    My desk/office setup that you see above is a temporary setup that I put together quickly so that I could get focused on serving the students who are going through my current session of Podcasting A to Z.

    In this episode, I explain that life has been extremely busy with the move and I have not had time for a lot of pre-show preparation lately. Rather than taking the week off to let the dust settle around here, I decided to go ahead and record and share some of the gear/technology that I've decided to use in the “Next Level Studio.”

    Here is a link to a few of the items mentioned in this episode:
    – Telehook Mobile Cart by ATDEC – http://gspn.tv/tvcart
    – LG 60-Inch Smart TV Model LB7100 – http://gspn.tv/lgtv
    – Netgear Nighthawk Dual Band Gigabit Router – http://gspn.tv/nighthawk
    – Phillips Hue Lighting – http://gspn.tv/hue
    – Sonos Wireless Speaker Systems – http://gspn.tv/sonos
    – Optical to Analog audio converter – http://gspn.tv/opticaltoanalog (Not yet tested)
    – Apple Airpot Express Router – http://gspn.tv/express