356 The Response To Last Week’s Episode & An Interview With Dane Sanders

Response To Last Week's Episode
Last week's episode of Podcast Answer Man prompted a large amount of feedback related to three items. First, I had made a point to produce the entire episode without a single audio clip included. Second, episode 355 was the longest episode, of Podcast Answer Man, that I have ever published, coming in at 1 hour and 52 minutes in length (Nearly 2 hours long).

Finally, there was the fact that I spent the entire episode sharing a passionate response to a blog post that I disagreed with, line by line. The first half of this episode is devoted to sharing the type of feedback I had received as a result of these three items.

1Interview With Dane Sanders
Also in this episode, I have a conversation with my friend, Dane Sanders from FastTrackCreative.com. Dane is an alumni of the January 2013 session of my Podcasting A to Z course and I thought it would be fun to catch up with him to see what his journey has been like since he launched his podcast.

In the conversation with Dane, we talked about an article he wrote, for Medium.com, titled “Photography is dead… long live the creative.” Dane thought that I might be interested in what he had written and sent me a link to check it out. When I saw the length of the article, I replied to Dane's email, thanked him for sharing it with me, but told him that I am simply not the type of person who enjoys reading any post on the web that's more than two or three short paragraphs. This prompted Dane to put his audio gear to work and create an audio version of the article. You can listen to that article by clicking here.

I hope you enjoy the conversation with Dane and the four tips he shared for telling stories in your podcast. I highly encourage you to check out Dane's Converge Podcast.