460 – That Time I Felt Like A Complete Fraud


I was recently invited to be a guest on Tammy Helfrich's Right Where You Are podcast. Over the years, I've been a guest on hundreds of podcasts. This interview was, by far, one of the greatest times that I've spent as a guest on someone else's show.

For those who are not familiar with how I got my start in the podcasting world, how I turned my love for podcasting into a full-time career and what has transpired since, this interview is a great overview of what has transpired over the past 11 years. After we were finished recording, I knew that I wanted to share the recording here in my own podcast and Tammy was gracious enough to agree to having me share it with you here.


424 Do You Want To Become A Paid Public Speaker?


Webinar: How To Get Booked & Paid For Public Speaking
In this episode of Podcast Answer Man, I introduce you to my great friend, Grant Baldwin. Grant and I are hosting a very special webinar this Wednesday, November 11th at 3pm Eastern Time. The webinar is devoted to helping you get booked and a paid for public speaking.

The webinar will cover…
– A proven process for getting booked and paid to speak.
– 3 secrets that lead to massive confidence as a speaker.
– 3 myths about public speaking.
– How to avoid the biggest mistake when contacting potential event hosts.
– How to find speaking engagements that are the perfect fit for you.
– Plenty of Q & A.



370 – Four Strategies For Changing The World With Your Podcasting Efforts – How you can make a powerful, positive, difference in the lives of those who listen to your show.

My Closing Keynote for Podcast Movement 2014 (00:06:25)
In this episode of Podcast Answer Man, I share the audio recording of the closing keynote address that I gave to those who attended the Podcast Movement conference on Sunday, August 16th and 17th, 2014 in Dallas, Texas.


Podcast Movement 2014 | Closing Keynote
(cc) 2014 giovanni gallucci, LiveLoudTexas.com

In my talk, I explained that if you have a clear message that people can grasp on to, if you genuinely care about other people, if you are intentional about creating environments of community and you are willing to just be yourself, you will have a powerful and positive impact in the lives of those who listen to your show. (Photo Credit: giovanni gallucci)


321 Six Steps To Communicating More Effectively With Your Next Public Speaking Opportunity.

scorresnIn this episode of Podcast Answer Man, I talk with Ken Davis from Dynamic Communicators International. Ken is one of the country’s most sought after motivational and inspirational speakers. He's also the business partner of my great friend, Michael Hyatt. (Interview starts at 00:11:20)

I know that many of you have a desire to do a little public speaking to help spread your message further into the world. I really enjoy public speaking and I have often been told that I am great at it. However, with each speaking engagement that came along, I found myself paralyzed with fear about the preparation process for each talk and never really felt comfortable with what I was going to say from the stage until I was already 10 to 15 minute into my talk.

In May of this year, I attended the SCORRE Conference, which had a profound impact on the way that I communicate. I know that many folks are not yet at a place where they can invest in attending the SCORRE Conference. This is why I am so thankful to have Ken share the six steps that provide a solid foundation for taking your public speaking to the next level.

I created the following image based upon the conversation I had with Ken in this episode.


The next SCORRE conference event is going to be held October 14-17 in Vail, CO. For those of you who would be able to invest in this conference, I encourage you to go register today at http://ScorreConference.tv and use promo code “CLIFF” to save $150 off the cost of your registration.

Here's a video that I created right after I returned from attending the event earlier this year.

And here's a video that I created where I actually did a bit of “practice” before hitting the record button.


How I Became A Confident Public Speaker!

250scorreOver the past two years, I have made a decision to put a great deal of focus on getting more involved in public speaking. In a short amount of time, I have made it to the place where I am being paid to speak at events. I have already given my first Keynote address, where I was the very first speaker that was given the opportunity to set the tone for an entire conference. As a result of my initial success, the opportunities for me to speak publicly have increased exponentially.

You would think that this is wonderful news right? It would be, except for one major issue. Until this past week, I have had no confidence in my technical skills of communicating in a public speaking setting. Don't get me wrong, I was confident that I would “do well” with my talks. However, I could never quite get the hang of how to start a talk powerfully, how to properly prepare for a talk, and I certainly had no clue what to do with my hands, or the rest of my body, when I was up on the stage.

For me, what I lacked in technical skills related to public speaking, I compensated with passion and the powerful stories from the life that I've been blessed to live. I knew that it was time for me to take my public speaking to “the next level.” This is why I chose to attend the SCORRE CONFERENCE.

Rather than writing about what I learned, the following video, alone, will demonstrate just how much of an impact the SCORRE Conference has had on my ability to communicate.

Do you desire to communicate more effectively?

Do you desire to have such a focus on what you are communicating that people will remember the points of your talks weeks later?

Would you benefit by having a simple outline that would assist you in the preparation of any message that you need to communicate?

Do you wish to become more intentional and at ease with your stage presence when speaking in front of others?

Would you like to become more confident in your ability to communicate in front of others?

Then you should sight up for the SCORRE Conference today!

Use promo code CLIFF to save $100.