375 – Slippery Slope

slope-clipart-slipperyMy Slippery Slope Moment
I did it. I think I may have stepped onto a slippery slope. At approximately 29 minutes into this episode, I used the phrase, “You can't see it if you are listening to audio.” I was doing something, that you could see in video, that would be of great interest to my entire audience. Using such a phrase, knowing that the audience knows that a video of this episode is available is like saying that it would have been more valuable, for you, if you were watching the video, at that moment, than if you were listening to the audio.

This is a road that I have seen a number of audio only podcasters go down when they decided to start streaming and releasing the video recordings of their podcast content. Before long, those podcasts had become so filled with “if you could see the video” references that it became frustrating to be an audio only listener. In most cases, I had transfered my subscription to their podcast over to the video version so that I wouldn't be “missing out” on these valuable moments.

Unfortunately, because I don't have as much time to consume video podcast content, I've eventually deleted all but two video podcast subscriptions. Part of me wonders if I've stepped onto this same slippery slope. I suppose only time will tell.

Topics Covered In This Episode:
– Video Camera Woes (00:01:30)
– Why don't you plug your mic directly into your MDX-4600? (00:17:13)
– If you had to use a headworn microphone, which would you use? (00:27:16)
– Is the title of my podcast too niched down? (00:34:38)
– Is it possible to replace a podcast episode with a new recorded version? (00:42:32)
– Can I release recent episodes as my podcast as new episodes with a new title?(00:50:28)
– How important is it to list your rss feed on your site today? (00:58:26)
– Initial thoughts on the Startup podcast. (01:04:47)

Video Recording of this episode
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353 Can I Make Money If My Podcast Is Not A Business? How Long Can I Still Answer Every Email? Why Do I Not Recommend Using Your Media Host’s RSS Feed? And How To Avoid Interrupting Your Co-Host

IsThereAMarketWhy Do I Not Recommend Using Your Media Host's RSS Feed?
Several people have been emailing me, recently, telling me that they have been getting a lot of conflicting advice regarding which rss feed they should use. Specifically, there have been many folks that have been told that the best option for new podcasters, who are hosting with Libsyn, is to allow Libsyn to not only host their media files, but to also allow them to host the website and their rss feed for their podcast.

I have been a supporter of Libsyn since 2006 and I am personally responsible for sending hundreds, if not thousands, of clients to their service. However, I have always, and still do, suggest that podcasters only use Libsyn for media hosting and stats alone. In this episode, I share exactly why I feel so strongly about this.

How To Avoid Interrupting Your Co-Host
Gina wants to do a podcast with a co-host that is in a different location, via Skype. She wanted to know if I had any thoughts on how they can do this without constantly interrupting each other since they will not have the normal visual queues to go off of. I share my thoughts in this episode.

Can I Make Money If My Podcast Is Not A Business?
Jeff called in and asked… “How can a sports talk podcast and website, which isn't a business, actually dive into the entrepreneurial aspects that you consistently talk about? IS IT EVEN POSSIBLE?” I certainly had a few thoughts to share, on this topic, in the episode.

How Long Can I Still Answer Every Email?
Finally, my good friend, Butch Gibson, called in on the voice mail feedback hotline and left a 3 minute and 18 second voice message. His main point was how much he appreciated the fact that, even with the success that I have achieved, I still manage time to read the emails he sends to me and to send back a cordial response to each.

Butch even made a point to say that I'm a “good guy” and that he's noticed that some other folks out there seem to go out of their way to be rude in response to some of the correspondence that he sends their way.

The thoughts that I shared, in response to Butch's feedback, may shock some of my listeners. Listen to this episode to hear the thoughts that I shared.