425 How Podcasting Led One Man To The Bond Woman of His Dreams – An Interview With Shane Whaley of Juicing Radio


An Interview With Shane Whaley of Juicing Radio – 00:07:46
In this week's episode, I am honored to feature a conversation that I had with my friend, Shane Whaley, from JuicingRadio.com. Shane is an alumni of my Podcasting A to Z Coaching Program and launched his podcast, Juicing Radio, on October 30th, 2014. Since the launch of the podcast he's published a total of 156 episodes and has had some amazing experiences as the result of his podcasting journey.


While listening back to the conversation that I had with Shane, I took a total of two pages of notes with insights. Below are just a few things that we covered.

– Feeling socially awkward at conferences.
– Have you imagined anyone listening to your podcast while in the tub?
– The decision to add value to others from your own life experiences.
– Shane's inspiring story of how he lost a total of 80 pounds.
– The results of Shane's decision to make drastic lifestyle changes.
– Shane ran a blog about juicing for three years before launching a podcast.
– Why Shane emails his audience every single week day.
– Shane's amazing logo created by Jenny Hamson.
– Impostor Syndrome.
– The mistake of immediately going after A-Listers.
– Why Shane turned away his first sponsorship opportunity.
– Shane's decision of whether or not to pursue podcasting as a full-time career.
– Shane's advice: Don't chase the money!
– Shane's advice: Let your guest talk!
– How podcasting led Shane to the Bond woman of his dreams.

One Year Update On Taking My Health To The Next Level – 00:00:58
I spent two minutes, at the open of this episode, to share an update on my focus to take my health and physical fitness to the next level. On November 14th, I celebrated the one year anniversary of my decision to drastically change my lifestyle. I'm going to keep my coverage of this topic, here in the show notes, brief as well. I'll simply post the before and after photo below that shows how much progress I've made after my first full year into this journey. If you want to learn about what I've done and how I've achieved this, check out my blog post at PodcastAnswerMan.com/sixmonths.

One Year Later

Consistent Weekly Episodes of Podcast Answer Man Moving Forward – 00:03:03
I've given a great deal of thought about the consistency of this podcast lately. We're currently in our 48th week of 2015 and this episode is the 40th episode that I've produced so far this year. That means that there have been a total of eight weeks where I did not publish an episode of Podcast Answer Man. Yes, I do have my reasons and excuses for this. However, I know, first hand, just how important consistency is to maintain a loyal community of folks who will make you a part of their weekly listening routines. From this point forward, I will release an episode every week, publishing the episode to the feed on Friday mornings at 5am Eastern Time.


326 iTunes 11.1 Now Syncs Podcasts With iOS – TimeTrade For Scheduling – PressGram – And Adding Contributors To Your Facebook Photo Album

pam-itunesiTunes 11.1 Now Syncs Podcasts With iOS
Yesterday, it seemed as though everyone was focused on the fact that Apple released iOS7. However, Apple also snuck out an update for iTunes bringing us version 11.1. One of the most interesting features, to me, was that you can now sync your podcast subscriptions, via iCloud, with your Apple Podcasts app on iOS. I share my thoughts on this in the episode.

TimeTrade For Scheduling
Years ago, I used to use a service called “Tungle” to assist me in setting appointments with a large number of individuals. That service was eventually purchased by RIM (Blackberry) and it quickly became less desirable over time. Recently, I found myself in need of scheduling meetings with a large number of folks for the NMX Podcasting Track as well as a number of fellow podcasters who wanted to schedule a time to interview me on their podcast. There are no shortage of online services that provide a solution for this. However, in this episode, I share why I chose to go with TimeTrade (Not an affiliate link).

Suzie Farthing & Reeger Cortell Discuss Podcasting A to Z
Suzie Farthing and Reeger Cortell are both alumni members of my Podcasting A to Z online training course. Both Suzie and Reeger are in the nursing profession and have both launched podcasts related to their professional field. Suzie's show is the One Love For Nurses podcast. Reeger's show is the Weight Loss Surgery Podcast.

The interesting thing about these two are that they were not in the same session of Podcasting A to Z. Instead, they met in the private Facebook group that is only available to alumni members who have gone through this four week course. After finding how much their show's had in common, Suzie invited Reeger to be a guest on episode 24 of her show.

I was not aware of this interview until after the fact, when Suzie emailed me to tell me that my Podcasting A to Z course became a subject of conversation in the interview. I was so thrilled to hear about their perspective on the course, that simply came out of a casual conversation. I was honored by what they had to say and I received permission to play 8 minutes of that interview in this episode of Podcast Answer Man.

Sharing Photos Online
In this week's Social Media Segment, Erik Fisher and I discuss two social media stories related to sharing photographs online. Erik shares his initial thoughts on the new PressGram service created by John Saddington. I share my thoughts on the news that Facebook now allows you to add up to 50 contributors to your photo albums and circumstances where such a feature may be helpful to building your brand.