355 Why You Should NOT Start A Podcast – My Thoughts Regarding Spencer Haw’s Blog Post On This Topic.

just-say-noThis week's podcast episode is unique in several ways. First, I made the intentional decision to not use any audio clips within the podcast from beginning to end. I did this as a means of motivation for brand new podcasters who may be struggling to find the right music or audio branding for their podcast. My thought is that if you have content that is worth creating, you should not let something as little as not having any music keep you from sharing that content with the world.

Also, I've never produced an episode of Podcast Answer Man that has gone this far over an hour in length. This episode is actually 1 hour and 52 minutes. However, I can't see a way that I would have been able to share what was on my mind without spending this amount of time on the topic.

On Tuesday, April 29th, 2014, I was notified that my name had been mentioned in a blog post titled “Why You Should NOT Start a Podcast,” written by Spencer Haws. In his blog post, Spencer shared his “very real and raw thoughts” about his own podcast and why he thinks many people shouldn’t start a podcast.

A majority of this extremely lengthy episode is my full reaction to what Spencer shared in that blog post.


Why You Should Create An Audio Podcast Within 90 Days!

pam-itunesAre you seeking clarity on which channel you should choose to launch your online efforts? Do you already have a loyal online following and seek clarity on what you can do to take your online efforts to the next level?

In this video, I will make it crystal clear that the single greatest investment you can make to take your online efforts to the next level would be to create an audio podcast within the next ninety days.

This video is from the talk that I gave at the Platform Conference in Dallas TX on Monday, November 4th, 2013. I hope you enjoy…

After watching this video, are you convinced that you need to create an audio podcast within the next 90 days? If so, I encourage you to start, right now, with my free Learn How To Podcast Video Tutorial.

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Update 01-08-2014 – Click Here For The Audio Only of The Talk!