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Dan MillerDan Miller, Author of 48 Days to the Work You Love

I've been a huge Dan Miller fan for many years. His book, 48 Days To The Work You Love has provided a great deal of inspiration which has led to me to find success in building a career around my passion. I had a dream/goal of having the opportunity of meeting Dan, letting him know how much he'd inspired me in my business and having him come on to my show for an interview.

I'm happy to announce that within just weeks of me speaking about this dream/goal in one of my podcasts, I had a call from Dan. You can now listen to my interview with Dan Miller by clicking here. Not only that, but you can hear the full story of how Dan Miller actually became my client by clicking here. On Tuesday, May 26th, 2010, Dan interviewed me for one of his members only teleseminar which you can listen to by clicking here.

Here's a sample from my interview with Dan where he tells me how he feels about podcasting.

Testimonial – Farnoosh Brock ProlificLiving.com

Testimonial – Glen Steinson StewardshipWeekly.com

Joe Lamp'lJoe Lamp'l, Host of Growing A Greener World on PBS Television

Please click on the play button above for Joe’s Audio Testimonial

Here's an email Joe has written to me:

Hi Cliff,

I just wanted to let you know, I spent about 4 hours today catching up on your podcasts while I drove to Virginia. I've said it before but you really do provide a great blessing to anyone that has the opportunity to know about you and your work and the passion you and Stephanie have for building community.

Your podcasts are incredibly informative, and refreshingly candid. I was particularly impresses with your talk you gave at Podcamp, Nashville. You delivered such a powerful message that was very well laid out in spite of the measly 20 minutes that allowed for your talk. That was a disservice to everyone.

I have a lot of exciting things on the horizon that will require your services in a significant way (if you still have time for me).

I just wanted to say thanks for enriching my life by your work and for helping me with mine.

Warm regards,


Dean SotoDean Soto, from ProSulum.com


Please click on the play button above for Dean’s Audio Testimonial

More About Dean:
Dean was very apprehensive about launching his first show. However, he has since gotten over his fear and has now benefited financially in his business directly as a result of his podcast. Oh, and if you listen to the audio testimonial above, you can check out where I was interviewed by Dean, on his podcast, by clicking here.

Dean SotoGene Roncone, from Highpoint Church


Please click on the play button above for a brief message from Gene.

More From Gene:
“I work really hard to make good content and brevity the core pillars of all my podcasts. Those are things that come easier to me than the technical side of podcasting. Cliff has helped me add a third pillar of success…sound quality. His practical coaching helps me strengthen my technical limitations while remaining focused on my strengths.”

Video Testimonial From Matt Register From Register Real Estate Advisors:

Dianne ShaddockDianne Shaddock, from EasySmallBusinessHR.com


Please click on the play button above for Diane’s Audio Testimonial

More About Diane:
Diane was initially very concerned about my hourly rate. However, her concerns about cost flew out of the window when she saw how quickly I was able to not only diagnose her podcasting issues, but also resolve them. Have a listen to her audio testimonial above for more details.

Susan BilheimerSusan Bilheimer, InvisibleIllnessPodcast.com
Your search is over! Cliff is one of the finest resources I've found on the internet. Click the play button above for my full audio testimonial.

Quotes from the testimonial:
“I learned more in that 2 hours than I have learned about podcasting and audio software editing in 2 or 3 years. He is unbelievable. ”

“In two hours, well actually in about 15 minutes, the hardware was set up. He explained the controls; he explained the concepts I had not been able to grasp and within an hour and fifteen minutes, I had completely learned how to do the proper recording, fades – doing anything I needed to do with manipulating the files.”

“He is so generous of his information and he's so talented as a teacher. It is a real art and a gift when somebody knows how to impart knowledge to people who are trying to learn seemingly complex material. And he just made it completely simple.”

“I can't say enough about him. He is absolutely one of the finest resources I have found on the internet since I have been doing anything on the internet which has been since 1999.”

Connie & SheilaConnie Williams & Sheila Tidwell, Hosts of ConnieAndSheilaTalk.com

Hey Cliff,
I just was thinking about things and you popped into my mind. So I am taking a few minutes to share my thoughts. I am not sure but I think Sheila and I were your first full day consulting clients.

I am so proud of you for believing in yourself enough to charge $2500, knowing someone will pay that. It isn't until we start to recognize how valuable our time is that we can start charging or paying higher prices. Good for you that you are doing what you are doing and helping others do what they want to do!

You have helped us so much, one way was by charging $2500. That is when we too admitted we are worth that. Our time is worth more than having to fumble around trying to figure out how to start a podcast, like so many people do. When you are hung up on the money aspect of it you might as well hang up the idea of ever becoming really successful doing this or anything else.

OK, that's all. Just wanted you to know we love you and think you are awesome! You my friend are helping a lot of people achieve their dreams.

All our best,
Connie (& Sheila)

Scott PriceScott Price with the Crouse-Kimzey Compnay

Scott Price is my equipment sales rep at the Crouse-Kimzey company. In my first two and a half years of podcast consulting, I have sold well over $140,000 in podcasting audio equipment, making it into Scott's top-50 all-time sales accounts. Scott's sales accounts, go back nearly FIFTEEN YEARS! Of course, working with such a great person at such a great company has made it easy for me to pull this off! I'd like to share with you text from an email he sent out to his sales team:

Hey Team,
If you are so inclined, take a look at this brief video from one of my customers. This fellow is a new media marketing genius. He went from a dull insurance job to doing something he loves, working from home, and increasing his income. From scratch, it took him only two years to make it into my top-50 all-time sales accounts. He is also a genuinely nice guy and someone I consider a personal friend. If you have anyone who is interested in his line of work or starting any type of online business I  would not hesitate to recommend him. Just thought I would share his terrific success story.

Continued success Cliff, and hope you and your family have a good 4th. Happy Birthday America!


Greg And Jennifer WillitsGreg And Jennifer Willits, The Catholic's Next Door Sirius/XM Satellite Radio
Greg and Jennifer Willits do a three-hour, daily show, Monday through Friday on Sirius/XM Satellite Radio called The Catholic's Next Door. This audio clip is short clip from their show where they had talked about some of the things I've done with podcasting and new media.

Mac And Katherine BarronMac And Katherine Barron, Catholic In A Small Town Podcast
Mac And Katherine Barron produce a podcast for SQPN, Inc. titled Catholic In A Small Town. I recently had the privilege to not only meet them for the first time, while attending a Catholic New Media Conference, but I also had the opportunity to have dinner with them. I was honored by the wonderful things they shared about me in their podcast when they returned home.

Dave Nelson, Founder of TalkShoe.com

“Cliff is perhaps the most talented social media expert I've come to know. He's achieved tremendous success with a wide array of different podcasts and talkcasts, and has helped many others launch and improve their own new media projects. Cliff has deep technical knowledge in both audio production and content distribution in this new social web environment. I highly recommend engaging Cliff if you are looking to create compelling social media content, or if you want to increase your audience/distribution for an existing program.”

Dan PattersonDan Patterson, Strategist and correspondent for ABC News Radio

“Cliff has independently and organically developed both a robust new media content network, as well as solid base of loyal, paying fans. Cliff understands both production and community development. On top of his professional strengths, he's an all-round great guy and a pleasure to work with. If you're involved with social media and not paying attention to Cliff Ravenscraft, you're not paying attention.”

Jason VanOrdenJason Van Orden, Co-Founder at Internet Business Mastery, LLC

“Cliff knows his stuff when it comes to podcasting and building community online. He has excelled in building a successful business and providing value to everyone that works with him. I always enjoy talking to and working with Cliff. I learn something every time. If you need help in implementing podcasting for your own business, you are in great hands with Cliff.”

Wayne HendersonWayne L. Henderson, MediaVoiceOvers.com

“I've hired Cliff Ravenscraft twice (so far) to help me customize a WordPress website template, set-up Feedburner podcasting feeds, as well as to guide me in organizing and streamlining my recording studio work flow. The results have paid off for me. Not only am I now able to record, edit and post podcasts and voice-over audition submissions more quickly, but updating my website and blog is so much easier. The amount I paid Cliff for his services, was more than made up for in time saved, in just the first 60 days! I recommend Mr. Ravenscraft without hesitation! Wayne”

Dina Henry ScottDina Henry Scott, PMP, Senior Manager – I&M Analytics

Cliff was such a crucial part of launching my podcast, Controlling Chaos, successfully! He provided me with great input on how to handle the technical aspects of producing a podcast as well as how to promote my podcast and connect with my audience. Cliff was there to answer any questions I had and graciously provided me with the time I needed to put out a great podcast.”

Corey KoehlerCorey Koehler, Singer/Songwriter

“Back when I was getting my feet wet learning about podcasting, I contacted Cliff after listening to his Podcast Answer Man podcast. I couldn't resist, considering how informative the show was plus I needed to sound as good as he did. When talking to Cliff over the phone, he was (and is) extremely knowledgeable about the equipment. He was able to help me select equipment that helped me to drastically improve the quality of my podcast, all without spending a fortune. In fact, since my consultations with Cliff, I continually get compliments on how well my podcasts sound.

Also, speaking to Cliff's honesty and quality customer service, he was very responsive to a piece of defective equipment I received. He was very apologetic and was in constant contact with me throughout the ordeal. He resolved the issue quickly and also took care of the additional shipping charges without batting an eye. Without hesitation, I would strongly recommend Cliff to anyone interested in getting into podcasting.”

Keith KolmosKeith Kolmos, Project Manager at Emerson Appliance Controls

“Cliff is a passionate and knowledgeable consultant who takes the time to make sure that he understands the root of your question so he can provide the correct answer. One of the nicest things that I like about Cliff is he is a consultant who will admit to not knowing the answer to every question rather than just making something up to try and bluff his way through it. If you need help with podcasting or new media, Cliff should be one of the first places you turn to.”

Jeff RoneyJeff Roney, RoneyZone Productions

“Whenever you dive into an endeavor that involves the internet or audio equipment, there are many, many questions to get answered and if you need answers, you need to talk to Cliff Ravenscraft. Not only has Cliff been a successful podcaster, blogger, and web community builder, but he has always had a desire to share his knowledge and help others learn along with him.

It's one thing to learn from someone who has book knowledge, but its another to learn from someone who reads, does it himself, and blends book and real world knowledge together. Cliff has both types of knowledge. He is a patient, creative, and knowledgeable professional who can explain the  most technical concepts in terms that anyone can understand.

If you need podcast consulting expertise or equipment recommendations, look no further than Cliff Ravenscraft.”

An email from Dr. Charles Reid Taylor

Cliff, As I waited for our consulting call last Tuesday, I was actually feeling a sense of apprehension. “I'll never get this,” I thought. “I bet I wasted a whole lot of money on a pipe dream.”

Well, I admit that after our telephone conference, I have been floating on air! Your ability to give ME confidence about a future in podcasting is astounding. I internalized the two hours of intense information AND retained it.

Guess what! Right after we disconnected, I recorded a sample podcast. That's right! I did it, AND I added a musical intro, following your directions.

I don't even have enough words to tell you how much I enjoyed our conversation. I woke up this morning thinking, “Cliff should go on the road as an inspirational speaker!!” Thank you for not only the podcast information, but for giving me a vision for a future that looks promising when one follows one's passion. Thank you.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and enthusiasm with me.

Chuck Taylor

An email from Scott Harpole from MyDadsBedtimeStories.com

I was flattered by this initial email from Scott, where he introduced himself to me.

Hey Cliff, I've been listening to your various podcast, over the past week, and now I have to make multiple life changes in the next 10 minutes! I need to work 18 hours a day until my business starts producing, get a virtual assistant, control my finances differently, I need to buy a MacBook and I've got to burn my bridges behind me.

I think I'm going to limit myself to just one Cliff Podcast per day until I get a handle on some of these things! LOL

I first heard of you when Andy Traub said that you were the best podcaster in America and that you started from scratch and would eventually make a million dollars a year. That seriously got my attention. I've told your story to everybody who will sit still.

Thanks for the inspiration,

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