482 – Consistency For The Sake of Being Consistent

by Cliff Ravenscraft on December 30, 2016

Earlier this year, I made a commitment that I would publish a new episode of this podcast by 5am on Friday, every week in 2016. I am happy to report that I have made good on this promise. Recently someone suggested that this type of commitment might come with problems, that for some, it might be better to go a week without an episode than to put out something that is “crap.” I processed my thoughts out loud in this episode.

Also in this episode, I share a breakdown on how I did on the goals that I had set for 2016, why I haven’t been very “social” over the past few weeks and two gadgets that I’m excited about.

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  • Paul Bryce

    Hi Cliff!

    I’m usually listening to your podcasts more than 4 weeks after they were published as I have been catching up after a hiatus of a couple of years. So, this is the first time I’ve had an opportunity to comment 🙂

    Love the idea of how you have reviewed your goals and that you don’t feel wedded to hitting 100%. It’s an inevitable fact that our lives evolve and what seemed an appropriate goal last year might not have worked out (for whatever reason). A perfectly valid goal is to test the waters, so to speak, and see if something is a good fit for your vision/mission in life.

    Which segues nicely… Do you also review a) you vision (life and business in all their forms) and b) your mission each year? I find that these also evolve as does our life and that it is useful to check in on them from time to time and even change them if that suits our “season of life”.

    Always love listening to your podcasts – and yes, sometimes it is for your voice rather than the content.

    Kind regards,


  • Thanks Cliff!

  • Paul, Thank you for the feedback. I do review my mission statement (personal only, I don’t have one for my business because my business was created as a means to fulfill a large part of my personal mission). I only review this statement when I feel that there is a shift or that I’m entering a new season of life.

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